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Syncmarx is a Xmarks bookmark syncing alternative

Syncmarx is a new browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome -- and web browsers that share the codebase with the two browsers -- that supports cross-browser bookmark syncing. The web […]

xmarks shutdown

LogMeIn to shut down Xmarks on May 1, 2018

LogMeIn, parent company of LastPass, announced today that it will shut down the cross-browser bookmark synchronization service Xmarks on May 1, 2018. Xmarks launched its service at a time when browsers did […]

firefox master password

Firefox's Password Manager has a flaw, but it will be fixed

You may save passwords in the Mozilla Firefox web browser; the functionality is enabled by default, and you are prompted to do so when Firefox recognizes that you typed a username and […]

dashlane automation password manager

Dashlane wants to automate passwords in 2018

Passwords are everywhere. You use them to sign in to operating systems and devices, web services, email accounts, computer games, audio and video chat services, or websites that you have user accounts […]

password manager web tracker exploit

How web trackers exploit password managers

Most web browsers come with a built-in password manager, a basic tool to save login data to a database and fill out forms and/or sign in to sites automatically using the information […]


TunnelBear makers launch password manager RememBear

The makers of the popular VPN solution TunnelBear, available as a free and paid version, have released a beta version of the company's upcoming RememBear password management service. Password managers and services […]


What's going on with Xmarks for Firefox?

Xmarks, once a popular solution to sync bookmarks between different devices, is not working correctly anymore for many users of the service. Xmarks (formerly known as Foxmarks) was released as a Firefox […]

commercial password managers

Commercial Password Manager Test: 4 out of 9 recommendable

German testing authority Stiftung Warentest looked closely at nine commercial password managers in its most recent print issue. The password managers that it reviewed and looked were: Dashlane Premium, McAfee True Key […]

chrome password export import

Google Chrome: password export and import

Google Chrome users who wanted to export or import passwords had to use experimental features or third-party tools up until now to do so. Chrome allowed users to import passwords during setup, […]

firefox 57 compatible addons

Firefox Add-ons WebExtensions State July 2017

Back in March 2017 and April 2017 we published two articles about Firefox add-ons and the progress that was made towards WebExtensions compatibility. This article is a follow up to those previous […]

lastpass 4.1.42 exploit

Full Last Pass 4.1.42 exploit discovered

Tavis Ormandy, a prolific member of Google's Project Zero initiative, revealed that he discovered a new security issue in LastPass 4.1.42 (and maybe earlier). Ormandy revealed that he discovered an exploit, but […]

firefox addons webextensions

Top Firefox Add-ons, and their WebExtensions Status

The following article looks at a list of top Firefox add-ons, and checks whether those add-ons are available as WebExtensions already, or are planned to be released as WebExtensions. Top Firefox add-ons […]

avira password manager

Avira Password Manager review

Avira Password Manager is a new security product by German company Avira which is probably best known for its antivirus offerings. The password manager niche is crowded, and if you want to […]

Humble Lifehacker Software Bundle offers great value

I'm keeping an eye on Humble Bundle, and while most of you may know the service from its regular game bundles, it has branched out some time ago to other items including […]


LogMeIn retires cloud storage service Cubby

LogMeIn announced today that it will retire the cloud storage service Cubby starting November 16, 2016 for free users of the service. Cubby was introduced to the cloud storage scene back in […]

password managers no storage

Password Managers that don't store passwords

Password managers are one of the best options to manage account information. The two major flavors they come in are local storage and remote storage solutions which both offer advantages and disadvantages. […]

install microsoft edge extensions

How to install Microsoft Edge extensions

One of the new features of Windows 10's Anniversary Update is support for Microsoft Edge extensions. Originally released in the Windows 10 Insider Build 14291, extension support is now available to all […]

true key by intel security

How to remove True Key by Intel Security

The following guide walks you through the steps of removing True Key by Intel Security from your operating system. True Key by Intel Security¬† is a password manager by Intel that is […]