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chrome web store rating extension

Google improves security of external extension installations further in Chrome

Some call extensions the bread and butter of a browser. While I'd say that other factors play a role here as well, it is undeniable that extensions can improve the usability of […]

opera bookmarks toolbar

Opera 19 Stable is out: find out what is new

Opera Software has released Opera 19 Stable today, or more precisely, Opera 19.0.1326.56. The company maintains three different versions of the Chromium-based version of Opera currently, with Next and Dev the other […]

vivaldi-net a new home for My Opera users

When Opera Software announced that it would change the Opera browser significantly by using Chromium as its core, it was not really clear to many what this meant. It meant that Opera […]

google chrome scroll bar arrows

How to restore scroll bar arrows in Google Chrome

Sometimes it is small changes that have a huge impact. Google rolled out an update to the stable version of Chrome recently which brought it to version 32. Along with the excellent […]

chrome pass autofill feature

Google Chrome's password autofill to receive new feature

I do not use the built-in password manager of web browsers that I use or online password managers that are added via browser extensions. There are several reasons for that: First, I […]

smooth key scroll

Smooth Key Scroll improves key-triggered scrolling in Google Chrome

There are three major ways to scroll web pages in web browsers. You can use the mouse-wheel for that, the keyboard, or, if you have a touch monitor, your hand to scroll […]


The Otter browser project aims to recreate the classic Opera web browser

When Opera Software announced that it would switch from the company's own -- developed and controlled -- Presto engine to Webkit / Blink, many Opera users felt as if a world had […]

Chromebook update will bring camera improvements

Those with a Chromebook know that updates are fairly regular, and spotting the improvement can sometimes be tricky. Unless it's a major change to the web browser, chances are you're going to […]


Google Chrome to encrypt HTTP cookies on desktop systems: what it means

All web browsers store cookies in plain text, or in databases, that can be read with the right tools. That requires local access to the system, which means that the chance of […]

web browser memory use

Chrome 34, Firefox 29, Internet Explorer 11: Memory Use 2014

I bench marked the memory use of popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera back in 2012, and a lot happened since then. Back then, […]


Chrome vs. Firefox: where Firefox beats the Google browser

If you look at desktop computers, you will notice that there are three core Internet browsers left for those¬† systems. There are also forks of two of those browsers available that increase […]


The most useful experimental features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome, just like the Mozilla Firefox web browser, ships with a set of features that are not turned on by default. This is usually the case for features that are not […]

Get Canary on your Chromebook in a few simple steps

Google's operating system has been on the rise recently, with new hardware debuting on a regular basis, and seemingly endless updates to the platform. Despite a few speed bumps, such as the […]

Google's new Chrome extension policy is a step backwards

When it comes to customizing the browser user interface, Chrome was always one of the browsers that did not allow many changes. In fact, it is one of the least modifiable browsers […]


How to get rid of YouTube's new Google+ comment system

If you have been on YouTube recently you may have noticed the new commenting system that Google implemented on the site recently. Basically, if you want to comment, you need to have […]


How to disable privacy sensitive features in Google Chrome

It is likely that one of the core reasons for creating Google Chrome in the first place was a desire to use it to collect user data. While Google has already services […]

chrome apps developer tool

Google Chrome Apps Developer Tool launches

Developers of Google Chrome extensions or web apps -- and interested non-developers as well- know that it is possible to enable a Developer Mode on chrome://extensions to display additional extension management options […]

Google to block third party extension installations in Chrome Stable and Beta on Windows

If you are trying to install a browser extension for the Chrome web browser that is not offered on the official Chrome Web Store but a third party website, you will receive […]