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Network Bandwidth Monitor

If you have to pay per Megabyte transferred or only have a limited amount of free traffic until you have to pay for additional Megabytes transferred then you might want to use […]

visual tooltip

Visual Tooltip

I'm not a huge fan of those visual tooltip applications no matter if they are integrated in the operating system or in other applications like Opera. The main reason for me personally […]

internet explorer button

Add Buttons to Internet Explorer that launch programs

MakoButton is a small application that can create buttons for Internet Explorer that launch external applications or URLs when you click on them. While the second option is not that useful in […]

binary toys

Play around with binary toys

Yes, we could chuck a lot of ones and zeros at each other (which would probably be fun), but until I have those in production, let me show you a cool desktop […]

reserve screen space

Reserve Screen Space

Have you ever asked yourself if it is possible to add another horizontal or vertical barrier to the screen in Windows? With another I mean that the taskbar is already something that […]

display fusion 2

DisplayFusion 2

DisplayFusion 2 has just been released. The software can be used to manage multi-monitor systems with ease, the key areas are wallpapers and window management with a few extras thrown in. DisplayFusion 2 lets you easily set a wallpaper - either an image or solid color - for each monitor separately or one that spans across all monitors. Wallpapers can be set on timers to change after a certain amount of time has passed (pro version only) and the integrated Flickr search helps in finding new wallpapers. Images that are to large can be positioned to display the part of the image that the user wants.


Get rid of a huge programs list in the start menu

I was testing the software Tidy Start Menu which offers users a way to move start menu entries into several categories like Office, Games and Internet when it occurred to me that I did not need that program at all to do the same. The only advantage that I could see in using it was that I did not have to create the main folders in the startmenu by myself.

mouse windows customization

Configure Window and Mouse behavior with Pitaschio

I seldom come upon a software that is small and packed with so many useful features that should have been integrated in Windows in the first place. What I really do not understand is that Microsoft does not seem to look at those applications and put the most thought after functionality into their next Windows.

show desktop

Recreate the Show Desktop shortcut

The Show Desktop shortcut in the quick launch bar minimizes all open windows upon pressing the button. If you accidentally deleted that shortcut from the quick launch bar you might face a hard time getting it back there because there is no obvious way to create a Show Desktop shortcut.

Pin Folders to the start menu

While Windows XP and Vista offer a way to pin files to the Start Menu both operating systems do not offer a way to pin folders to it. You might have noticed that a right-click on a file on your hard drive does not give the option to pin it to the Start Menu as well, it only appears if you press the shift key while right-clicking the file.

DIVX All In One Fix

If you experience troubles playing movies using the DIVX codec that is installed on your computer you might want to take a look at a bundle of fixes for DivX that is called All In One Fix. This is not intended for users who use ffdshow for instance to play movies, only for those who are actually using the DIVX codec.

Blank out part of the screen

It is sometimes important to concentrate on a task at hand and blend out everything that is not related to it. This could be the case when reading an interesting article, editing a Microsoft Word document or playing a flash game. Everything around the needed area could be a distraction.

Manage Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Windows does not handle Wallpapers for Dual Monitors very well. If you ever tried to use different wallpapers on each monitor or stretch a wallpaper across both you know what I mean. We - again - have to rely on third party softwares to add functionality to Windows.

show winamp system tray

Move Winamp completely into System Tray

I like to move many applications that are currently running in the background into the system tray instead of the task bar to avoid that the task bar gets cluttered with applications that I do not need to access. One of the programs that I like in the system tray is Winamp. I listen to Internet radio most of the time which means I just let it play all day long without having to load playlists or song into Winamp. There is no need to have it open at all in the task bar.

Thunderbird Email Client News Archive

If you are an early adopter and don't want to wait a few more days to download and install the email client Thunderbird you could head out to the Mozilla ftp and download it for your operating system and language right away. The Mozilla team is usually upping the latest version of either Thunderbird or Firefox on their ftp mirrors to ensure that they can serve the server load when they publish the links on the official program pages. This is indeed a good way to download Thunderbird 2 fast because the servers will not be that populated at this time.

show desktop icons

Hide all icons on your desktop

I bet that you have many icons on your desktop. I do and I'm sure that the majority of users will have many icons on their desktop as well. It is convenient to have them there to be able to quickstart the programs right from the desktop. Some icons might be there because you forgot to disable the option to remove the icon on the desktop while installing the program.

rocket dock

Rocketdock review

Did you ever want an shortcut bar for programs you tend to use allot?
There are a few different programs that do this, and rocketdock is one of them.

auto window manager

Auto Window Manager

The freeware Auto Window Manager adds additional functionality to the way windows manages the windows it displays. You could for instance customize that whenever a program opens it opens in maximized, minimized or default state. This setting should work with most programs and windows, i tried it with firefox and thunderbird for example.