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tonido opera unite alternative

Tonido, an Opera Unite Alternative?

If you have found Opera's Unite feature particularly useful, you may be disappointed that the company decided to pull the plug on the technology and remove if from the browser in the […]

vlc media player 20

Get Ready For VLC Media Player 2.0

VLC is one of the most popular third party media players. If you check the download stats on portals such as Softpedia or Betanews, you will notice that it is always listed […]

Iran to create its own Internet... Part 1

The Internet is a fascinating place, especially when countries that don't embrace the concepts of freedom of expression and freedom of speech are involved. Each of these countries takes it's own view […]

internet explorer 9 windows update

Be Careful When Comparing Browser Download Records

Sebastian Anthony over at the Download Squad today looked at the total number of downloads of Internet Explorer 9 in the first 24 hours of release. He mentioned that the 2.3 million […]

Are Apps the New Websites?

I've written a lot about tablets over the last few months and indeed I now own a Windows 7 tablet myself, the ExoPC Slate.  It didn't take much use of this device […]


Creepy! Track Michael Arrington, Or Anyone Else, Via Geolocation

Creepy is a free program for Windows, Mac and Linux that can be used to track Twitter and Flickr users. Track how? Via the geolocation feature that both services make use of. […]

Tablets, Changing Travel Habits

There used to exist a time where travel meant devoting the entire time to your companions, be it family or friends. There was no TV to watch, no phone (I mean the […]

RSS Feed Reader RSSOwl

RSSOwl is a free cross-platform RSS feed reader featuring extensive customization options, search and filtering capabilities, and options to save articles for safe keeping. RSS feed readers can be divided into the […]

Opera 10 and earlier News and Release History

Note: This is a news and release history for all Opera browser versions that we have reviewed in the past here on the site. It covers all major versions of Opera as […]

Omnipresent Search Interface GNOME Deskbar

The GNOME Deskbar applet serves as a one-stop shop for all of your desktop searching needs. Deskbar manages this by using various plugins to interact with different Linux desktop search tools. But […]

Find Software Alternatives with

Alternative To is an interesting web service that suggests software alternatives for software and services on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux operating systems plus online services. Alternatives to software programs or […]

gOS Gadgets: An Operating System for the Google Generation

Over the years I have seen the operating sytem evolve into and out of various types of fads. Most recently the operating system has toyed around with the idea of the Cloud […]

Instantbird a Mozilla based Instant Messenger

Instantbird plans to be for Instant Messengers what Firefox is for web browsers. The first version with the number 0.1 does show a lot of promise but naturally lacks the stability of a software that has been developed for years. It uses the Mozilla rendering engine to render IMs and the Pidgin libpurple to connect to the various networks.

Thunderbird Email Client News Archive

If you are an early adopter and don't want to wait a few more days to download and install the email client Thunderbird you could head out to the Mozilla ftp and download it for your operating system and language right away. The Mozilla team is usually upping the latest version of either Thunderbird or Firefox on their ftp mirrors to ensure that they can serve the server load when they publish the links on the official program pages. This is indeed a good way to download Thunderbird 2 fast because the servers will not be that populated at this time.