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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

Ghacks Deals: The WordPress Elementor & WooCoomerce Master Class Bundle (97% off)

WordPress is powering a huge number of sites on the Internet. The WordPress Elementor & WooCoomerce Master Class Bundle teaches you Elementor skills, a WordPress plugin to create WordPress themes without coding, and […]

firefox 78.0

Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 78.0

Firefox 78.0 is the latest stable version of the Firefox web browser. It was first offered on June 30, 2020 and is the second major release of the browser in June 2020. […]

Windows File Recovery advanced options

Windows File Recovery app is a new app from Microsoft that can recover deleted files

Have you ever deleted important files accidentally? We've all been there, shift + delete can sometimes be a nuisance, or deleting the recycle bin and then realizing that you needed one of […]

spydish windows 10 feature updates block

Latest Spydish can now prevent the installation of major Windows 10 updates

The latest version of the Windows application Spydish introduces support for preventing Windows Update to offer and install new feature updates on the device. Spydish is a relatively new program for Windows […]

chrome clear site data

Chrome will soon warn you if too much storage is being used

Google plans to introduce a new feature in the company's Chrome web browser soon that will inform users if too much storage is being used. New web technologies give sites and applications […]

Visual Tabs button

Visual Tabs is a Firefox extension that places a scrollable list of tabs in a sidebar

I always have a couple of dozen tabs or more in Firefox. If you do the same, you can perhaps relate to how difficult it can be to scroll through them to […]

linux mint 20

Linux Mint 20 Final has been released

The team behind the popular Linux distribution Linux Mint has released Linux Mint 20, codename Ulyana, to the public on June 27, 2020. The new version of the distribution comes in Cinnamon, […]

windows 10 set target feature update version

You can now set the target Windows 10 version in professional editions

Microsoft removed the option to defer feature updates in the Settings application in Windows 10 version 2004 for professional versions of the operating system. The option was never there to begin with […]

Start Everywhere is a Start Menu replacement that has an optional floating icon

Start Everywhere is a Start Menu replacement with an optional floating icon

Open Shell (formerly Classic Shell) is one of the best Start Menu replacements that you can get for free. Start Everywhere is a freeware alternative that offers multiple ways to access the […]

firefox add-ons users

Here is why the user count dropped for nearly all Firefox add-ons

If you have been to Mozilla AMO recently, the main and official repository for Firefox add-ons and themes, you may have noticed that the "users" count of extensions that you checked out […]

windows 10 dns settings

Comcast is the first ISP that joins Firefox's Trusted Recursive Resolver Program

Comcast is the first Internet Service Provider that has been accepted into Firefox's Trusted Recursive Resolver Program. Mozilla, just like Google, Opera and other browser makers, started to integrate DNS-over-HTTPS in the […]

TreeNoote is a free and easy-to-use note taking program

TreeNoote is a free and easy-to-use note taking program

We've reviewed simple note taking programs, and some very complex ones in the past. TreeNoote belongs to the former, and it is a freeware application. You can check out reviews of the […]

Ghacks Deals: The Ultimate Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Bundle (95% off)

The Ultimate Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Bundle includes four eLearning courses that prep you for Six Sigma Certification. The entire bundle is available for just $29.99, and it includes the following […]

windows-10 2004 no defer updates

Microsoft removes Setting to defer feature updates from Windows 10 version 2004

Windows 10 administrators who upgraded devices to the latest feature update for the operating system, Windows 10 version 2004, may have noticed that the option to defer updates is no longer present […]

Firefox 79 makes some links more secure

Mozilla plans to introduce a change in an upcoming version of Firefox Stable that makes the handling of links more secure. The organization introduced an option in Firefox Nightly back in November […]

google privacy delete activity

Google is now auto-deleting some activity, but it is not enough

Google CEO Sundar Pichai published an announcement on the company's official Safety and Security blog yesterday about privacy changes for some Google products. Google introduced options to auto-delete some activity that the […]

DataNumen Backup is a simple data backup and restore software

DataNumen Backup is a simple data backup and restore software

Recently, we reviewed Personal Backup and jaBuT, which are good options for backing up important data to make sure that the data can be restored if disaster strikes. If you'd prefer restoring […]

Nvidia GeForce 451.48 driver introduces full DirectX 12 Ultimate support

Nvidia released a new GeForce graphics driver today that introduces full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and features other improvements. The new driver can be downloaded from Nvidia's official driver's downloads site; […]