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Gom Mix Max Video Editor

GOM Mix Max: Is the new video editing software any good? (Read till the end for a special giveaway!)

As I anticipated a few days ago, GOM Mix Max's brand new video editing software has been launched on November 30th, 2021. Developed by GOM & Company, GOM Mix Max aims to […]

linux mint 18 first look

Linux Mint 18 Final First Look

Linux Mint 18 is the latest version of the popular Linux distribution that is a long term support release that is supported until 2021. Linux Mint 18 is offered in two versions, […]

What will the new GNOME desktops mean for other Linux desktops?

It's almost time. Soon a new paradigm of GNOME is going to drop onto the desktops of suspecting (and unsuspecting) users. When this does there is going to be reaction. As with […]

Ubuntu 10.10: Get it while it's hot

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Ubuntu 10.10 is officially out and officially hot. With plenty of features to make everything ooh and ahh as well as stability built upon the 10.04 release, […]

Extend Thunar's "Send To" menu and media tags

In my recent exploration of various file managers I realized that my favorite of the lot hadn't received the attention it deserves. Here on Ghacks I have shown you how to do […]

Dock any application in the notification area with AllTray

There's a line between closing an application and leaving it open. That line generally lies within the notification area. This is where small apps usually hang out waiting to be quickly re-opened. […]

Configuring Fvwm's Wharf

In this series we are discussing the Fvwm window manager for the Linux operating system. This little gem isn't a full-blown desktop the likes of GNOME, KDE, or Xfce4, but you will […]

Mousepad: A variation on the Leafpad theme

If you've been following my series on Linux text editors you have read about a number of different variations on this theme. Some editors have been very GUI friendly, some have been […]

Bulk renaming made easy with Thunar bulk renamer

To many Thunar is just a file manager. But if you've played around with it you know it is much, much more. You may remember my previous article "Create custom actions with […]

Create custom actions with the Thunar file manager

The Thunar file managers is one of the best graphical file manager available for the Linux operating system. Thunar is the file manage of choice for the Xfce 4 desktop as well […]

Get to know Linux: Enlightenment E17

I have been recently covering various Linux desktops. So far you can read about Fluxbox, Xfce 4, Window Maker, and IceWM. I also touched on creating dropshadows with xcompmgr and transparent windows […]

Get to know Linux: IceWM

So far, in this series, we have taken a look at FluxBox, Window Maker, and Xfce 4. We've even examined adding a little eye candy to these old school window managers with […]

Adding dropshadows in Fluxbox with xcompmgr

In my recent articles I have been covering various window managers and desktops for Linux. So far you can read about Fluxbox, Window Maker, and Xfce 4. These desktops and window managers […]

Which Ubuntu Derivative Is Right For You?

If you're interested in Linux then most likely you have taken a look at Ubuntu. And if you have taken a look at Ubuntu then you know there are a lot of […]

Get To Know Linux: Desktop Environment vs. Window Manager

Ever since the inception of GNOME and KDE there has been confusion among new Linux users which is which and which is best to use. The former question is fairly simple to […]