Get to Know Linux: File System Hierarchy

The Linux file system hierarchy is much different than that of Windows. So much so that it becomes a show stopper for many new users. I hope to clear up a lot […]

Thoughts on Linux migration

It's been quite a while since I managed to write something here, partly because of work and study, and partly because I didn't know exactly what to write about. But the muse […]

Fun Things to do with PuTTy and Linux-Routers

If you set up some kind of SSH Connection on a windows computer over the past few years, be it to connect to the university's network or to secure a line for an insecure FTP Transfer,you have probably encountered the program PuTTy on the way to salvation. It's easy to use, free and OSSish powerful. What many people don't know about PuTTy though, is what other powers aside from or better in addition to SSH slumber inside the little executable.

What sam.bak can tell you about Users of a system

SAM ? What's that again ? SAM is the Security Account Manager and part of the Windows Registry. Unfortunately though it is not possible to access that part of the Registry directly even if you are logged in as an administrator. It is however possible to analyze the file sam.bak which can be found in the directory system32/config/ of your Windows installation.

NullDC a new Dreamcast Emulator for PC

Many gamers think that the Dreamcast was the best gaming system of the last generation. It featured many unique games that never made an appearance on other systems. I sold my Dreamcast a while ago but still have a few games here that I did not sell with the system. Games like Samba de Amigo or the incredible Soul Calibur made a big impact on the gaming community. Yesterday NullDC was released which is a Dreamcast emulator for PC. It is supposed to be the emulator with the most playable titles running Dreamcast games at full speed.