opera browser music player

Opera browser gets Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music support

Opera Software released a new version of the company's Opera desktop browser to the public today. Opera 72.0 Stable is all about music, or more precisely, integrating some of the most popular […]

ebay port scan

eBay is port scanning your system when you load the webpage

Have you been to eBay lately? The auction site is a popular destination to buy new and used items. It may surprise you that eBay is running a local port scan when […]

Tox is a peer-to-peer instant messaging protocol with end-to-end encryption, voice calls, video calls and file transfers

Tox is a peer-to-peer instant messaging protocol with end-to-end encryption, voice calls, video calls and file transfers

Instant Messaging is one of the most popular forms of electronic communication. You don't have to pay extra fees (not counting data charges) for chatting with family members, friends or colleagues regardless […]

microsoft font cascadia code

Microsoft releases new open source font Cascadia Code

Microsoft released a new open source font today on the company's GitHub website. The new font, called Cascadia Code, was announced at Microsoft's Build event in May. It is a monospaced font […]

vlc media player critical issue

Confusion about a recently disclosed vulnerability in VLC Media Player

Reports started to emerge on the Internet about a critical security vulnerability in the popular multimedia player VLC Media Player. Update: VideoLAN confirmed that the issue was not a security issue in […]

steam-linux-windows game compatibility

Steam and Ubuntu: support until 2025 and 20.04 LTS

Steam customers who run the gaming client on Ubuntu machines were in for a shock when Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, announced that it would not support 32-bit packages on Ubuntu going forward. […]

windows 10 sets

Windows 10's Set feature is Dead, it appears

Remember the Sets feature that Microsoft revealed back in 2018 and even included in some Insider Builds back then? That feature seems to be dead and buried even though you find conflicting […]

powershell 7

PowerShell 7 announced: cross-platform, new lifecycle, Windows changes

Microsoft announced the next version of PowerShell Core this week. The next version will be PowerShell 7 and not PowerShell Core 6.3 as many expected. It signals a significant change in the […]

How to install Progressive Web Apps in Google Chrome

Google launched a new feature in Chrome 70 that allows users of the web browser to install Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in the browser. Broken down to the core, Progressive Web Apps […]

opera 51.0

Opera 51 Stable is out

A new version of Opera browser, Opera 51.0 Stable, is out. The new version features performance and usability improvements such as the handy "back to top" action or an automated backup of […]

cortana camera roll insights

Windows 10 Build 16215: usability improvements across the board

Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16215 yesterday, and it ships with a massive list of usability improvements. Windows Insiders who are on the Fast Ring can check for […]

windows 10 fall creators update

What we know about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft announced the name for the next feature update for Windows 10 during the first day of the Build 2017 conference: It is the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It is not […]

new google earth

Google makes the new Google Earth Chrome exclusive

Google unveiled a redesigned version of Google Earth today which, unlike its predecessor, is a web application. While that sounds good on first glance, as you may run Google Earth now without […]

thunderbird 52.0

Thunderbird 52.0 released: find out what is new

Thunderbird 52.0 is out. The new version of the desktop email client for Windows, Mac and Linux devices was released on April 4, 2017 to the public. The new version of the […]

windows cloud chrome

Windows 10 Cloud hacked to run Win32 programs

That did not take long! Windows 10 Cloud has not been revealed officially yet, but someone managed to hack the operating system already to run legacy Win32 programs on it. Windows 10 […]

teamviewer log

TeamViewer Service Outage and hacking claims

TeamViewer, the company behind the popular remote desktop software of the same name, experienced a service outage caused by a denial of service attack on the company's DNS server infrastructure on June […]

greader feed reader

gReader Review (Android Feed Reader)

GReader is a free and commercial feed reader for Android devices that supports Feedly, the Old Reader, and local feeds. I read a lot of feeds throughout the day, and most of […]

Ten software trends that are (or should be) dying

Let’s pretend that you’re a tech savvy individual who’s always been interested and followed software, and that you had gone into a coma about ten years ago and just woken up. You’d […]

firefox privacy security preferences

A comprehensive list of Firefox privacy and security settings

Mozilla Firefox is without doubt the web browser that gives the most control to users in regards to privacy and security. Firefox users find some of those options listed in the graphical […]


Top alternatives for Windows Media Center

Now that Microsoft confirmed that Windows Media Center won't be part of Windows 10, it is time to look at suitable alternatives for the build in program. Microsoft called Windows Media Center […]

screenshot captor

Overview of the Best Screenshot Software

Welcome to the best screenshot capture software overview. Please note that this guide looks solely at screenshot taking tools and not at video capturing programs. If you are interested in the latter, […]


Hubic review: France-based file storage solution with competitive pricing

One of the suspected outcomes of the NSA spying revelations was that many assumed that services hosted in the US would be negatively affected, while services hosted in other countries would see […]

browser in the box

Browser in the Box: safe browsing solution for critical Internet activities

Most Internet users on the desktop make use of a web browser for all Internet related tasks. They hang out on Facebook or Twitter, browse shopping websites, download files to their system, […]


Postbox email client review

I have the feeling that many companies have been pushing towards web-only services in the past two or so years. While there have been online services before, like Gmail or Yahoo Mail […]

mediafire desktop

A first look at MediaFire Desktop, a new synchronization client for Windows and Mac

The file hosting business is a tough one. Not only do you have to compete with some of the largest tech companies in the world -- Microsoft and Google are in the […]

internet explorer 10 scan website screenshot

Scan websites for Internet Explorer 10 compatibility

As a webmaster, you need to make sure that your website displays in the most popular web browsers correctly. While you can install a selection of browsers on your system to test […]

opera 12.13

Opera 12.13 with auto-update and settings protection improvements

I have been waiting for the first Opera release of 2013 impatiently and was wondering what was going on up there in Norway and if everyone involved in the development took a […]

opera 12.01

Opera 12.01 security and stability update released

Opera Software just a few minutes ago has released an update to the desktop version of the Opera browser. Opera 12.01 is a security and stability update that falls in line with […]


ProXPN: VPN Provider with user friendly policies, good free offering

Just yesterday I reviewed the Hideman VPN service and found its free offering to be limited by a number of factors. Today it is a review of proXNP, a service that is […]


With Meebo Shutting Down, Here are some alternatives

News broke a few days ago that Google hat acquired yet another company. The company this time was the popular web instant messaging service Meebo, and it quickly was announced that most […]

tonido opera unite alternative

Tonido, an Opera Unite Alternative?

If you have found Opera's Unite feature particularly useful, you may be disappointed that the company decided to pull the plug on the technology and remove if from the browser in the […]

vlc media player 20

Get Ready For VLC Media Player 2.0

VLC is one of the most popular third party media players. If you check the download stats on portals such as Softpedia or Betanews, you will notice that it is always listed […]

Iran to create its own Internet... Part 1

The Internet is a fascinating place, especially when countries that don't embrace the concepts of freedom of expression and freedom of speech are involved. Each of these countries takes it's own view […]

internet explorer 9 windows update

Be Careful When Comparing Browser Download Records

Sebastian Anthony over at the Download Squad today looked at the total number of downloads of Internet Explorer 9 in the first 24 hours of release. He mentioned that the 2.3 million […]

Are Apps the New Websites?

I've written a lot about tablets over the last few months and indeed I now own a Windows 7 tablet myself, the ExoPC Slate.  It didn't take much use of this device […]


Creepy! Track Michael Arrington, Or Anyone Else, Via Geolocation

Creepy is a free program for Windows, Mac and Linux that can be used to track Twitter and Flickr users. Track how? Via the geolocation feature that both services make use of. […]

Tablets, Changing Travel Habits

There used to exist a time where travel meant devoting the entire time to your companions, be it family or friends. There was no TV to watch, no phone (I mean the […]

RSS Feed Reader RSSOwl

RSSOwl is a free cross-platform RSS feed reader featuring extensive customization options, search and filtering capabilities, and options to save articles for safe keeping. RSS feed readers can be divided into the […]

Opera 10 and earlier News and Release History

Note: This is a news and release history for all Opera browser versions that we have reviewed in the past here on the site. It covers all major versions of Opera as […]

Omnipresent Search Interface GNOME Deskbar

The GNOME Deskbar applet serves as a one-stop shop for all of your desktop searching needs. Deskbar manages this by using various plugins to interact with different Linux desktop search tools. But […]