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Vivaldi says no to Google's FLoC as well

Microsoft Windows Security Updates April 2021 overview


microsoft windows security updates april 2021

Microsoft Windows Security Updates April 2021 overview

Microsoft released security and non-security updates, including KB5001330, for supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products such as Office on the April 2021 Patch Tuesday. Our guide provides administrators and […]

windows update error 0x80070422

Solution: how to fix the Windows Update 0x80070422 error

Windows operating systems may display error code 0x80070422 during updating operations. In this guide, we provide background information on the issue and solutions on how to repair devices that show the error […]

paint app windows

Microsoft Paint and Snipping Tool are now on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft announced plans some time ago to move some of Windows 10's applications to the Microsoft Store. It moved the popular plain text editing app Notepad to the Microsoft Store in 2019, […]



linux mint update notification

Linux Mint will inform users about important security updates but not enforce them

Last month, the Linux Mint team announced that it wanted to do something about systems not being upgraded to newer versions. Systems that were not supported anymore were vulnerable to attacks, and […]

microsoft edge sync linux

Microsoft Edge 91 will be the first to support syncing on Linux

It took Microsoft quite some time to release the first versions of its Chromium-based Edge web browser for Linux. One thing that was not implemented in the initial releases was support for […]

7-zip 21.01

7-Zip 21.0 alpha introduces native Linux support

Each year, the free archiver 7-Zip gets updated to a new version. The developer of the application has released two alpha previews of this year's 7-Zip 21 version. Reason enough to take […]


Manage your tasks efficiently with Todour, an open source, cross-platform client for Todo.Txt

Manage your tasks efficiently with Todour, an open source, cross-platform client for Todo.Txt

While I use SimpleNote for storing long notes, flash cards, etc, I've always been a fan of Todo.Txt. It was about the time when Wunderlist was shut down, that I opted for […]

LF is a terminal file manager inspired by Ranger, with Vim-like shortcuts

LF is a terminal file manager inspired by Ranger, with Vim-like shortcuts

Command-line file managers on Windows are quite rare, the only one I have used in the past year or so was broot. I've had my eye on a few like Camelot and […]

Shutdown Timer Classic lock options

Log out of your computer, lock, restart, or turn it off on a schedule with Shutdown Timer Classic

Want to automatically shut down your computer at a specific time? Windows can't do it, it'll annoy you with forced restart after updates, but you can't set a timer to execute shutdown […]


check facebook data leak

Find out if your email and phone number were in Facebook's latest data breach

In April 2021, a large set of Facebook user data was published on the Internet. The data included information on 533 million Facebook users and included dates of births, email addresses, phone […]

thunderbird donations financials

Thunderbird Financial Report 2020 shows strong year-to-year growth

MZLA Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation, released the financial report 2020 for Thunderbird last week. The entire Thunderbird project moved from being a part of Mozilla Foundation, which it […]

facebook redirects to messenger

Facebook on Desktop redirecting to Messenger

I'm using Facebook for work predominantly, e.g. to post new article links on the site to the users who follow Ghacks on Facebook. Today, I noticed that I could not access the […]

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