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NBC Launches Direct Video Downloads

I'm a bit puzzled by the recent launch of NBC's Direct, a video downloads website just a few weeks after launching Hulu together with News Corp. Direct Video Downloads sound nice at first glance which is exactly what users would like. Instead of watching the tv episodes at Hulu online they can now download the videos and watch them whenever they feel fit to do it.

Windows cannot open this file

The message "Windows cannot open this file2 is always displayed when a user tries to execute a file with a file extension unknown to Windows. Windows is giving the user the option to search the Internet for clues on how to handle that file or pick a software from the list of installed applications of this computer.


Create RSS Feeds for sites that have none

A reader was asking me how I managed to keep track of all those software releases and if I had a a special method that I would use. I do use several methods but one that is working very well and gives me an overview almost instantly is by RSS Feeds. Not all sites offer RSS feeds though but there is a way to create custom RSS feeds for those websites as well.


Bought a Computer? Check it's hardware!

The first thing that I'm doing after I bought a computer, be it used or retail, is to check if the components installed are indeed the components advertised. I personally think this is essentially because I witnessed more than once that a computer that was sold did not contain the components that the seller claimed it would.

ZML is for movies what Allofmp3 was for music

The developers of the now defunct Allofmp3 website announced a new website called ZML - The Movie Library - that offers movies in three different versions for prices that will cause the concern of the MPAA. The lowest price for a full movie begins at $1.99 which is the version for iPods with a width of 320 pixels.

windows sort order

Change the Windows File Sort Order

Windows XP has a very confusing way of listing files in directories. Let me give you a small explanation. How would Windows XP sort the files abc1, abc101, abc4, abc401, abc8 ? No, it is not like I have ordered them in the last sentence. The default order for those files would be abc1, abc4, abc8, abc101 and abc401. The reason behind this is that Windows XP considers the numbers to be just that which means that 101 is a larger number than 4 or 8.

dragheight dragwidth

When Mouse Clicks Go Wrong

Did it ever happen to you that a double-click on a file lead to moving the file instead for a pixels in the direction that you moved the mouse ? If you try to double-click a file and move the mouse for more than four pixels after the first click the file will be moved instead of executed.

system restore

Check and Manage System Restore

I recently visited a friend of mine who had a huge problem with his computer. His main hard drive was filling with data rapidly although he only had the operating system and some applications installed. It turned out that System Restore was using more than 12 Gigabytes of space on this drive alone.

Backup To Email

When I first read about Backup to Email I thought that surely no one wanted to backup files and folders to email. I never thought that email would make a good backup alternative for backing up large files and folders considering file size limitations and upload speeds of the own Internet connection.

mp3 direct cut

Edit Mp3 without encoding them

I sometimes want to cut mp3 audio files into separate parts, mainly because the single file is that large that it does not fit on my mp3 player. This is also useful to create mp3 ringtones who only use the first 30 seconds of a song anyway. It does work the other way round as well.

Transform Images into Vector Images

Using vector images has many advantages over using raster images. While raster images are based on pixels vector images are based on geometric figures which means that they can be scaled without making the image blurry or pixelated.

Six great Google Maps Mashups

Google Maps on its own is a wonderful application but mashups really make it one of a kind. Mashups are third party applications that use Google Maps and its API plus their own coding to create something new. I thought it would be nice to create a list of six great Google Maps mashups so that everyone who has not taken a closer look will have a good starting point and those who already know Google Maps and mashups might still find something they did not know about.


How to play Ape files?

You might be puzzled at first if you encounter an audio file with the ape extension for the first time. Trying to play it in Winamp, Windows Media Player and XMPlay will not be successful, in fact, the song will not be loaded at all. The Ape file format is a lossless compression format of the compressor Monkey's Audio.

Glint a fantastic system monitor

If you are looking for a highly configurable system monitor you should take a closer look at Glint. The software displays system activity of many - and I really mean many - different values. The default program window alone displays 26 different values like CPU Processor Time, Disk Read and Write Bytes and Memory Bytes available.

skype single contact messaging history cleaner

Clear the Chat History of one contact in Skype

Did you know that the default setting for the Skype Chat History is forever ? That means, every chat with every contact is still visible using the View Chat History right-click menu option. This could be a privacy related issue if someone else has access to your computer.


Recover and display Windows Product Keys

You might have never entered a Windows or Office product key before in your life. If you did buy a preinstalled version of Windows for example it could already be activated by the default. The product key can be usually found on the Recovery CD that comes with the purchase of the hardware, on the hardware itself or on a booklet.

create live mail email address

Get a email

Email collectors behold ! Microsoft is finally making IDs available to the public. The whole signup process is heavily interactive and Ajax like elements pop up all the time giving information and links to further information.


Firebug can make Gmail slow

If you use Firebug and visit Gmail you receive a message "Firebug is known to make Google Mail slow unless it is configured correctly" which was not known by me. Google suggests to disable Firebug for the Google domain completely which should not be a huge problem normally.