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Process Lasso a Process Manager

I read a very interesting comment from Roman Sharp in my article that explained how to automatically terminate hung applications in Windows XP. He recommended the software Process Lasso and guess what, it was a great recommendation.

Process Lasso can probably be described as a application that manages processes. This is however not a task manager replacement but a software that can be configured to automatically react in certain situations.

Another virtual web desktop from Magix

After two previously mentioned services, I'd like to add another web desktop provider to the "list". A German company well-known for developing advanced audio and video editing software decided to offer their own "portable desktop" to those who register for free. I've tried it myself and I can honestly say it looks promising, although it's still a beta version. Magix's applications are very stylish and pleasant and this free service doesn't make any exception to that rule.

fix picture

Fixpicture Resize and Convert Images Online

I sometimes try to write articles at work and run into problems when I want to add images to the article and have to resize the images to make them fit into my website. We only have Microsoft Paint at work which is crap if you want to resize images and save them in a compressed format which means that I have to rely on online services to complete the task.

kill app timeout

Automatically Kill Hung Applications

Windows can really sometimes annoy the hell out of me. Starting a new software that was recently installed and seeing it hang after the start with delayed reactions from the system can be really painful. Hitting CTRL + ALT + DEL and waiting minutes before the dialog pops up is not the number one solution to get rid of a process that is stuck in nirvana.

Weekend Fun The Jeluvian Project

The game for this weekend is called The Jeluvian Project which is a tactical top down shooter with nice visuals and a compelling storyline. The Jeluvian Project is a game that takes time to master and the excellent tutorial helps you understand game mechanics and prepares you for the real battles that lie ahead.

Google Earth adds the Sky

Google Earth is a interesting application not only for geographers but also for everyone else who is interested in the earth. All the addons that are available for it make it a great experience to learn more about the earth. The sky is the limit, that's what Google probably thought when they decided to add the Sky - that's the blue thingy above your head with all the shiny stars - to Google Earth.

Smart Image Resizing and Manipulation

It does not happen very often that I see a demonstration of a new technique and say something like "Wow, give it to me, NOW!" immediately after it finishes. This is one of the times that it actually happened. The real problem with images on websites is that they are more or less static. The webmaster selected a size for the image and this is the size that you see when you visit the page and it does not matter if you have a very small screen or a big one.

The best way to create pdf documents

I have been using two methods to create pdf documents lately and made the decision to stick with one of them after evaluating both of them. Creating pdf documents is not something that I have to do on a daily basis but it was always a rather complicated process because I did not want to purchase a professional version of Adobe Acrobat only to create a handful of documents each year.

Sauerbraten Summer Edition

Sauerbraten Summer Edition is an ego shooter that was created with the Open Source engine Cube 2. The game features single- and multiplayer game modes and looks incredible if you consider that this is an Open Source project and not a commercial one. The single player part of the game reminds me a little bit of games like Serious Sam and the original Quake games.

How to reduce mobile phone bandwidth costs

Reducing the bandwidth costs of my mobile phone is one of my top priorities in this month. You might remember that I used my Nokia N73 as a modem to go online during my summer vacation which did cost me more than $400 for just a few hours of going online and writing articles. It was quite a shock that I was charged this much because I did ask O2 support how much it would cost me and they gave me a different answer at that time.

How to filter fake membership and e-card spam mails

The Internet community has been pestered with yet another wave of spam mails containing fake membership information and e-cards. The spammers use two attack vectors if you click on the ip that is listed in those emails. They try to convince you to download a so called Secure Login Applet which is nothing more than an infected executable named applet.exe and also try to use several known exploits.

pdf speedup

Adobe Reader Speedup

Many users do not like to use the Adobe Reader because of its slow loading time which is mainly caused by the many plugins that are loaded. It seems to take ages until Adobe Reader initializes itself and displays the pdf document that one wanted to view.

The HD-DVD vs. Blue-Ray war confuses consumers

The war between HD-DVD and Blue-Ray entered a next stage with the announcements of Paramount and Dreamworks to publish their lineup exclusively on HD-DVD. Rumors soon spread around the Internet that both companies were receiving payments (Paramount $50 million dollars, Dreamworks $100 million dollars) from HD supporters to make this decision.

Autopatcher August 2007 released

The Autopatcher team seems to be back on track with the release of core and update Autopatcher files for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server. Additionally, and for the first time, Autopatcher files for Office 2002, 2003 and 2007 have been released as well.


Avoid Url Line Breaks in Emails

Don't you hate it when someone sends you an email containing links or other email addresses that are so long that your email program uses several lines to display them ? This is apparently a matter of how the email client in question is handling urls and emails that are to long to be displayed in one line.

Secure USB Device called Flash Padlock

I barely finished the article about the first USB devices with an build in Iris scanner when the next developer announced a system to secure data on USB devices called Flash Padlock. It is basically a a USB stick with one or two Gigabytes of space that is protected by a pin that has to be entered on the device itself to be able to access the data on the stick.

Windows Vista Sidebar Styler

I don't like the Windows Vista sidebar that much and think that most applications - also called widgets and gadgets - are pretty much useless. The Windows Vista sidebar styler is a great software for those who use the sidebar and would like to have more options to customize the look and feel of it.

CCleaner 2.0 beta

I decided to uninstall the old CCleaner version that I had installed on my system and replace it with the first CCleaner 2.0 beta version which was released just a few days ago. The new CCleaner version was rebuild from scratch in C++ adding Windows Vista, 64-bit and portable support to this excellent software.