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Stealth Windows Update poses more problems than thought

I have been writing about the stealth update that Microsoft did two weeks ago. Files in Windows XP and Windows Vista were updated without the users consent silently in the background. After some users did find out about the secret update Microsoft tried to convince everyone that the update was used to update the update routine of Windows XP and Vista.

Digital Camera Enhancer

I never thought about processing the images that I used to take with my digital camera to make them look better because I thought those softwares would not be able to improve image quality by a lot. I nevertheless tested several softwares that are supposed to improve image quality and found one sticking out: Digital Camera Enhancer.

Firefox vs. Opera vs. Internet Explorer

I saw the funny picture series over at Operawatch and thought that you would like to join the laughter. It is a rather visual comparison of how Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer would look like if they would be transportation vessels.

Comment Spam without URLs

I have seen the topic make the Digg frontpage and I was wondering why it exactly did make it. A little bit of common sense which every webmaster should have is all that is needed to know what this new spam preparation comments are all about.

If you do run a website you might have come upon comments that are posted that contain one sentence saying something unrelated but positive about the website or webmaster. Those comments can be clearly identified as spam because they do not add to the discussion or article in any way.

Amazon DRM Free MP3 Store

I always wondered which company would be able to compete with Apple's iTunes store and only a handful companies came to my mind. Besides Microsoft and eBay Amazon came to my mind. They are a established brand and I do not know a single person who does not have an Amazon account already.

Driver Max 3.0

A new version of Driver Max has been released just recently.Driver Max is a software to backup all your Windows system drivers to be able to import them again at a later date. The user may select the drivers that he would like to backup in case it is only some of them that he would like to have a backup of.

Windows Steady State

Who needs Windows Vistas parental control if you have all the options in Windows XP as well if you download the Microsoft software Steady State which probably was not designed with parental control in mind but with user control in general on Windows XP systems. The major benefit of Steady State is that you can create user accounts, restrict those accounts plus define that all changes made with these accounts are undone after rebooting the system.

Fast Way to Submit articles to bookmarking sites

How many bookmarking sites are out there on the web ? A few hundred for sure. They are a great way to increase backlinks to your blog and drive some traffic to it as well. Submitting your articles to those bookmarking sites however is a painfully slow process. Visiting those sites one by one, logging in, filling out the submission form takes some time and it pretty boring and repetitive.

A solution for visiting blocked Internet websites

Companies, Universities, Schools and pretty much everyone else are blocking or banning contents on the web that they deem inappropriate, questionable or distracting. The banning spree however goes sometimes to far and websites that should not be blocked are blocked as well.

WAssociate repair file type associations

I have written about a way to manually repair file type associations in Windows by using two commands and the Windows command line. While this works in most cases and is certainly faster than using a software for the matter it has its limitations.

Weather Forecasts with Weather Watcher

If you would like to take a look at up to date weather forecasts and weather reports for your location you might want to take a look at the software Weather Watcher. Weather Watcher displays all the relevant information that you would expect. You can choose to display the weather forecast for one of the more than 77000 cities that are stored in the database.

Reduce Mobile Phone SMS and Call Costs

What would you say if there is an easy way to reduce mobile phone SMS and call costs ? I'm using a service called Cellity for some time now and was able to reduce my mobile phone bill tremendously. I do write the occasional SMS which usually costs between €0.10 to €0.20 per SMS. Cellity reduces this to the cost of the data transfer rate of the SMS which is just a few Kilobytes the most.

Enable Mail Filtering in Windows Live Mail Desktop

Enigma, a regular visitor of my blog, asked if there was a way to stop pdf spam from appearing in his Windows Live Mail Desktop software. I decided to investigate the matter and take a look at it. Windows Live Mail Desktop is basically a mail client like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook integrating with several other Microsoft applications such as Windows Live Messenger or Live Spaces.

Enable blocked file types in Outlook

Outlook blocks certain file types like exe and vbs by default giving the user no option to enable certain file types that the user would like to access. The only possible option for most users is to ask the sender to send the mail in a format that is not blocked automatically by Microsoft Outlook.

light image resizer

Light Image Resizer

I have to regularly resize images to make them fit into my articles here at Ghacks which I used to create using a combination of a screenshot software and the image manipulation software GIMP. While this method worked flawlessly it simply took to long to start GIMP and resize the image.

Stream your Screen like an Overhead Projector

What do you normally do if you want to share your screen with someone else who is not sitting in the same room ? You could use a software like Screen Stream to stream the contents of your monitor to the other person so that he would be able to see your actions on his monitor.

Play Radio Streams in your Music Player does not offer an obvious option to play music streams in an external music player. It is however possible to obtain the stream url for several radio streams from and use them in your favorite music player. This is also an excellent opportunity to record those songs using that player. I do recommend XMPlay for this.

How to fix broken file associations

Did you ever have the problem that you wanted to change the file association of a certain file type but were not able to ? The normal way of right-clicking the filetype, clicking on Properties, then on the Change button next to the Opens With entry and browsing to the executable did not work for me because the executable was not added as the default software.