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zero punctuation

Zero Punctuation video game reviews

I recently came upon a series of video game reviews called Zero Punctuation over at the Escapist Magazine which could probably described as reviews in a hurry. Yahtzee Croshaw, the guy doing the reviews, was apparently born with the talent to talk pretty fast which he is doing in those reviews that usually last between three to five minutes.


How to delete the large hiberfil.sys file on Windows

If you did check your computer for huge files that wasted lots of disk space you might have come upon a file called hiberfil.sys sitting in your C: drive with a size anywhere between 512 Megabytes and 4 Gigabytes depending on the RAM in your computer. If you choose to go into Hibernation mode in Windows the operating system will save everything stored in RAM to your hard drive which results in this huge file hiberfil.sys

hide bookmarks toolbar

How to hide the bookmarks toolbar and display it on mouse hover

My Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox is filled with lots of bookmarks, many of them stored in folders to stuff even more bookmarks into the space of a single toolbar. While the Bookmarks Toolbar is useful for accessing websites fast it has one limitation that made me do some research to see if there would be a way to fix it.

rightload ftp upload

Add FTP Upload to Right-click menu

RightLoad adds the ability to upload selected files to a ftp directly which removes the step to start the ftp client, choose the ftp server, browse the local hard drives and the possible location on the ftp server. All this can be set in RightLoad which should be a really useful software for most webmasters who regularly upload files to their ftps.


Watch free B-movies

B-movies are low cost or budget movies set in a certain genre like Horror or Science Fiction. Not all have been bad movies and some were the first part to fame for actors such as Jack Nicholson or John Wayne. is a website that makes available hundreds of B-movies to viewers from all over the world. The real beauty is that those movies can be streamed - and thus watched - on the website .

laptop alarm

Laptop Alarm

I always keep my notebook in sight when I travel around or sit in a public place like a library or Internet cafe. Not only because of the fear that someone could grab and steal it but also because someone could install software, invade my privacy or use the notebook for malicious activities.

dead pixel tester screenshot

Dead Pixel Tester

If you have bought a TFT monitor you might want to consider using a software like Dead Pixel Tester to see if it has any dead pixels. This could for instance be useful to see if it is possible to get the current monitor replaced by a new one because of to many dead pixels.

Use Autologin in Firefox

If you are using Firefox's option to save usernames and passwords for websites that you visited to automatically fill them in when you visit them again you might find a Greasemonkey script called AutologinJ useful. I'm not quite sure what the J stands for but this nice little script presses the login button for you automatically which pretty much means that you can lean back and enjoy the show while Firefox logs you in automatically to the website that you just visited.

Remove notifications for blocked popups in Opera

The build in Opera popup blocker notifies the user every time that it blocked a popup successfully resulting in a small notification overlay in the top right corner of the screen. While this might be useful under certain circumstances it becomes quickly annoying especially for web savvy users who know their way around the web.

windows update restart prompt

How to block "Restart your computer to finish installing important updates"

While the automatic update function in Windows XP and Vista is a good way to keep your system up to date with the latest patches it has the nasty habit to nag the user after downloading the patches to the computer. I suppose everyone has received a message that asks the user if he wants to reboot now or reboot later in XP or the dialog box that asks you to restart your computer to finish installing important updates in Windows Vista.

create favicon

Create your own favicon with ease

Website owners should create their own favicons that are placed in that tiny space next to your url and consist normally of 16x16 pixels. They show up in the bookmarks section of your browser as well and several extension for Firefox let you replace the text of the tabs with just the favicon of the websites.

Zoogmo Secure Peer To Peer Backups

Zoogmo offers a way to securely backup personal data and store that data on so called partner computers. Partner computers can be anything from USB devices, network computers or even the computer of your friend that you can access over the Internet. The advantage of this approach is that you backup will be stored in an encrypted form on an external computer so that it remains accessible in the case of a computer crash.

DIVX All In One Fix

If you experience troubles playing movies using the DIVX codec that is installed on your computer you might want to take a look at a bundle of fixes for DivX that is called All In One Fix. This is not intended for users who use ffdshow for instance to play movies, only for those who are actually using the DIVX codec.

New Trend? Hardware embedded Software

Does it make sense to embed a web browser like Firefox or a Voice over IP client like Skype into a motherboard ? It surely has some advantages like fast boot times and increased security because everything done using those softwares is stored inside the RAM and not on the hard drive.

win text file patch screenshot

Grab and modify Text from all Files in a Directory

The title of this article might be a little confusing at first glance. Why would someone want to scan files in a directory for certain strings and output them in a new file ? Few ideas come to my mind why this could be useful. Imagine that you were surfing a website with lots of images that you liked very much. You could download those images manually or use the software Win Text File Patch to scan all files in your browsers cache for a certain string and output them in a new file.

Forum Offline Reader

I'm a regular at several webmaster forums where I tend to read up on the latest trends and techniques. While forums are great for exchanging and gaining knowledge they have one disadvantage and that is that one needs to be online to be able to read what has been written there.

Weekend Fun Treasure of the Cutlass Reef

I wrote about some real heavyweights the last Fridays which is why I would like to write about a pretty interesting flash game today. Treasure of the Cutlass Reef is a game that reminded me a little bit of the oldschool Pirates on the C-64 back in the time when wonderful games would fit on a disk that had storage capacities of less than one Megabyte.

Play music with people around the globe

I don't understand why no one did create a software that would connect people form around the world to jam with each other and create music that way. This is one natural application that would make it easier for everyone from beginning musicians to bands that are separated and need to jam with each other.