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Remove Toolbars with Toolbar Cop

Every company that has it's own website or software seems to advertise their toolbar that you need to install on your system. Spammers also like toolbars and most computers have many toolbars installed that are most of the time simply unnecessary. The real difficulty begins when you try and uninstall a toolbar which is not as easy as it sounds.

Redesign Google Web Search with Firefox

A white background with blue links and black text is how the default Google website looks like. While this might be effective and offers a great usability it looks pretty boring but this is going to change right now. It is possible to redesign Google Web Search if you use Firefox.

Change Folder Icons with ease

Folders in Windows look all the same which serves the purpose of being able to recognize them immediately. While this might be nice for novice computer users advanced users might want to change the appearance of some of the folders to make them stick out from the rest.

Post-It notes for your desktop

How are you writing down notes when working with your computer ? Do you create text documents and write the notes in there, do you use Post-It notes and stick them to your monitor or desktop or do you prefer to use a software like Shock Sticker which combines the Post-It functionality with that of the text document ?

Pin Folders to the start menu

While Windows XP and Vista offer a way to pin files to the Start Menu both operating systems do not offer a way to pin folders to it. You might have noticed that a right-click on a file on your hard drive does not give the option to pin it to the Start Menu as well, it only appears if you press the shift key while right-clicking the file.

A better software uninstaller

I was always puzzled by the fact that uninstallers would not delete all data, folders and files created by an installation script but would leave traces of that program on the system. What sense does it make to keep registry settings, config files or empty folders on the system if the user opts to remove the software ?


Books on your mobile phone

Reading books using a mobile phone is probably not the most pleasant way but it surely is better than sitting around doing nothing at all. Books in My Phone provide hundreds of books that can be downloaded and transferred to your mobile phone. The user can chose between two ways to transfer the books to his mobile phone.

Looking for Animated Gifs? Try Giftube

There are two types of clones of successful website concepts on the web. The first copies the concept and publishes a similar website under a different name, the second copies part of the name and the concept over to another area. Giftube is trying the latter by being the 'Youtube' for Gifs, that is small animated graphics.

Pimp the Add Bookmark Dialog in Firefox

The Add Bookmarks dialog windows is not really the best example of usability in Firefox. The default window just shows a 'Create in Bookmarks' folder and the user has to click the down arrow to expand this menu and display his folder structure. If you like your things organized you probably have created a rather large folder structure in which you place your bookmarks.

Yahoo Search Assist

Even if you do use Yahoo search regularly you might have missed the Yahoo Search Assist feature. To be honest, i had no desire to use Yahoo as a search engine until the recent actions of Google made me change my mind. Ankit, who recently commented on my blog wrote an interesting article about Yahoo Search Assist and I decided to give it a go.

Clear Temporary Files during System Shutdown

Windows does not automatically delete temporary files during system shutdown. This means that deleted files in the trashbin and temporary files like those in the Internet Cache are still accessible after a restart of the system. System cleaners like CCleaner or Disk Cleaner are able to delete those files but I would like to show a way how many of them can be deleted by using a Windows system tool.

Reevaluating Google is the best theory

I was thinking about looking at other services that I could try to see if they were any better than the Google services that I'm using at the moment when I came upon a post by Everton who was writing about the same thing at this blog. His main domain received a major Pagerank decrease from 6 to 3 and this made him realize that it is probably the time to move on and look for services that do it better than Google.


Backup Hard Drives and Partitions with Self Image

Self Image is an Open-Source hard disk imaging tool. It is capable of backing up hard drives or partitions even if those partitions or hard disks are not mounted in Windows. This means that it is for instance possible to backup a Linux partition in Windows using Self Image.

The best way to record Internet Radio streams

I don't want to make a big fuss about it. I tried lots of softwares that record Internet Radio streams and found one that was the perfect fit for my situation. I prefer a software that would function as my main music player and be able to record Internet Radio streams over a software that would have the ability to record the streams but that I would never use to listen to music.

wordpress update

WordPress 2.31 is available

A new version of the blogging plattform Wordpress has been released today. It is an advised update for every webmaster especially for those with register_globals enabled. A security vulnerability was found that can be exploited if that setting is enabled.

Google Adsense Revenue and Traffic Comparision

I'm using Google Adsense for more than two years to monetize Ghacks and experienced some ups and downs. I thought it would be nice to create a graph that would put Adsense revenue in relation to the traffic that my website received. This could give courage to those webmasters who are currently struggling with their Adsense revenue especially when it dropped suddenly while the traffic remained more or less on the same level.

Weekend Fun Covert Front

Covert Front is an 'Escape the Room' game with beautiful graphics and nice sound effects. The gameplay is similar to point and click adventures where you have to find items and objects and combine them with each other to proceed in the game. The setting of the game is the beginning 19th century using an alternate time-line.

Critical Account Information from JPMorgan Chase Bank phishing email

I received two of those fake emails today and thought that it would be a good opportunity to dissect it to show how phishing emails try to lure customers into a trap. The first and most obvious hint that something is wrong with this email is if you think about the subject of the email.