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Remove Driver leftovers with Driver Sweeper

Drivers that have not been removed from the system after uninstalling the device and software can have a serious impact on system stability. You could for instance be in a world of trouble if you have been using a Ati card and Ati drivers and switched to a Nvidia card and drivers. Driver leftovers could affect system performance and be the reason for crashes and bluescreens.

Five Free Games for Geeks

I'm sometimes surprised by the release of an excellent game created by independent developers. You can tell that those developers love their games which is probably the number one difference between games from companies who earn a living from developing them.

outlook on desktop

Outlook Desktop

Several of my friends rely heavily on the excellent Calendar function in Microsoft Outlook to organize their work routine. The Outlook Calendar does have a serious disadvantage if you compare it to a normal paper calendar though because it is not visible all the time. A paper calendar is always visible and Outlook does not offer this functionality unless you use Michael Scrivo's Outlook Desktop application.

Vista Performance and Reliability Pack

Microsoft released a preview of an upcoming Vista Performance and Reliability Pack to its beta testers while everyone else will have to wait until August, the to download the pack. That is, unless you have read the Neowin announcement which linked to download locations for the Vista Performance and Reliability Pack for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.

AIM Ad Hack

AIM, which is short for AOL Instant Messenger, is one of the popular Instant Messengers with more than 53 million active users. Only Jabber comes close to this numbers while other popular clients such as MSN have only half of that active user base. One big problem with AIM is the integration of advertisements and bundled software which is not needed to run AIM at all.

Some Fun on Sunday

I'm in the mood for some funny pictures and thought that it could be nice to create a series of threads every Sunday from now on. If you like the idea to read a post with links to funnny videos, pictures and audio files let me know.

extract now

Extract Now: unpack multiple archives at once on Windows

The article about working with multiple rar files at once was highly productive if you consider that I was able to write two more articles from links that have been posted in the comments of it. Extract Now is a software that has one main purpose and that is to extract multiple files at once.

drag drop robot

Drag and Drop Robot

I love it when someone mentions a great software or tip in the comments of one of my articles. Mouser from Donation Coders mentioned his program Drag and Drop Robot in my article that explained how to unrar multiple rar files at once. It is basically a more versatile software that has - amongst others - the functionality to unrar multiple files.

extract multiple archives

How to extract multiple independent rar files

Extracting multiple independent rar files did take some time in the past until I found out how to do this with just a few clicks of the mouse. The rar files should be in the same directory for this method. Just mark all rar files, right-click the marked area and select to uninstall all files in this location.

Why 2 is better than 1

In case you are wondering; I'm talking about computer RAM. I noticed a few days ago that one of the 512 Megabyte bars of RAM that I had installed on my computer was faulty and decided to order two 1 Gigabyte bars to replace both old bars. I had the hopes that the increase would also speed up some resource intensive applications.

Get Free iPhone Ringtones from iTunes

This is probably not the best hack in life but it is still valid and working. You could use the ringtones for other mobile phones as well if you convert the m4p extension to a format that your mobile supports. The principle of grabbing song samples and use them as your iPhone ringtones is pretty simple.

Fichey Digital Microfiche

Fichey finally offers a new approach for the crowded web 2.0 community by giving everyone access to the back catalogue of popular social news and bookmarking websites such as Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon. This is just one approach of Fichey but the most important one.

Weekend Fun Open Arena

The year is 1999. Two shooters are competing for the crown of the ultimate shooter. Their names: Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. I have to admit that I fell in love with Unreal Tournament and did not play Quake III Arena that much which was still a good game but not that good, hehe.

Hyperwords a Firefox Extension

One of my readers Rico posted a link to the excellent Hyperwords extension for Firefox in the comments of my article about the Easy Gestures extension and I was heading out immediately to take a look and see if the extension was really that good as he claimed it to be. I know that many of my readers have some gems up their sleeves that they seldom share but when they do I'm often in for a surprise.

Taking another look at Joost

It has been a few months since I used Joost for the last time and I thought it would be a good time to take another look at Joost considering the announcement that they would go live at the end of the year with almost one million beta testers. A post at the Cybernet Blog also called my attention where Ashley asked if someone was actually still using Joost.

How to test your RAM for errors

It you purchase new ram, a new or used computer or experience crashes and bluescreens you should definitely test the memory installed on your computer to make sure that it is running without errors. Faulty memory is one of the main reasons for instability. The first task should be to make sure that the memory is correctly inserted into the memory banks. Make sure you count the number of bars and check if you are running dual channel mode or not.

World Display Wallpapers

World Display is a free wallpaper locater and changer for Microsoft Windows that offers several ways to find wallpapers. The main feature of World Display is to display beautiful locations of the world as your background in Windows. You can use the build in Google Maps tool to browse to interesting locations, preview the images available and add the location to your selection or the preview image to your favorites.

Easy Gestures Extension for Firefox

Easy Gestures is in my opinion one of the best Firefox extensions comparable to great extensions such as Greasemonkey or Adblock Plus. The Easy Gestures extension gives you access to commands that can be performed with mouse gestures, to be more precise with a simple mouse click and click on the desired action. Almost everything can be customized.