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Clear all non system fonts automatically

Roman commented on my article about removing fonts to increase system startup speed yesterday mentioning the free software Font Frenzy which could remove all non system fonts with the click of a button. This is way more elegant than the suggested manual way that I came up with yesterday which is why I would like to write about Feed Frenzy today.

windows fonts

Why you should check your Fonts Folder regularly

A friend of mine was asking me why the boot process of his Windows XP operating system would take this long. I took a quick look at his system and found out that he had more than 700 fonts installed on his system. A in depth analysis by pc spy using a virtual xp system and Microsoft Bootvis confirmed that 1000 fonts would delay system boot time by 30 seconds compared to 5.33 seconds if only 100 fonts are installed on the system.

Windows vista resource issue

Solving a Windows Vista Resource Problem

I regularly work with a lot of applications in Windows Vista at once which should not be a problem because I have enough RAM and a fast enough CPU to handle all of those applications with each. It happens that I experience a strange behavior which can be only be attributed to the number of applications and windows that are opened simultaneously.

Google Bot has privileges, or, how to browse the Internet as Google's Bot

Last year I was describing a way to get into the website by disguising yourself as the Googlebot. Apparently a similar story makes its way around the Internet these days with a more detailed approach detailing the steps that you have to partake to be identified as Googlebot.

Get your Microsoft Security Patches now

Microsoft released a total of nine security patches yesterday fixing six critical and three important vulnerabilities on its August Patchday. Those updates were available on both my Windows XP and Windows Vista system and Microsoft in Windows Update but can also be downloaded as single updates from the Microsoft website.

wikiw atchdog

Which organization is editing Wikipedia entries ?

A website like Wikipedia that offers every user the ability to edit most of the articles is definitely being manipulated by organizations, companies and individuals that try to push their agenda on this new battlefield. It is however not that easy to determine if an article has been altered by someone on behalf of an organization.

Schedule Online Music Recordings

RaimaRadio is a free software that lets you record music played by online radio stations. Several other programs such as XMPlay or Streamripper offer the same functionality and you might be wondering why I'm reviewing just another Internet Radio streamripper. The answer could not be simpler, RaimaRadio offers several unique features that make it worth a review.

Remove Protections from DVD folders

Free DVD is a small freeware that is able to remove certain protections and other unwanted features of Video_TS folders on your hard drive. The software can remove the Region Code, Region Code Enhancements, Macrovision and so called UOPS (user operation prohibitions) protections.

DVDFab HD Decrypter

DVDFab HD Decrypter is a free DVD and HD ripper that is able to copy the contents of a movie onto your hard drive even if that movie is copy protected. It can remove DVD copy protections such as CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS and even manages to remove AACS from Blue-Ray and HD-DVD disks which means that it should be possible to copy most DVDs and HD DVDs that you have to your hard disk without running into copy protection problems.

Why DRM is not consumer friendly

I just read an interesting article at Arstechnica by Ken Fisher who was commenting on the termination of Google's commercial Video service. The termination takes effect in just two days which would not be a big problem if the users who bought or rented videos from the service would still be able to play their purchased videos after that date.

Seven entertaining unique Flashgames

I love to play flashgames when I'm on breaks or have some time at hand. The best thing in my opinion is that they are most of the time short enough to entertain you for a few minutes and that they can even motivate non-gamers to give it a try.. or two.

Watch the Summer Olympics 2008 in China online for free

The Summer Olympics 2008 in China will probably be the biggest sport event in 2008 next to the Euro 2008. Many people from all over the world have the opportunity to watch the Summer Olympics live because they have access to television channels who broadcast the event.

firefox personal dictionary

Remove words from the Firefox dictionary

Firefox's build in spell checker is a great asset for everyone who is working with Firefox. It does not matter if you update your blog, are a regular in a forum or like to write reviews on travel sites - the spell checker is a tool that you do not want to miss. New words can be added to the Firefox spell checker by right-clicking the word and choosing Add to Dictionary from the menu.

Remove Custom Notifications information in Windows

Not many Windows users now what the Custom Notifications are or where one could take a look at the elements hidden there. Microsoft describes Custom Notifications as the way in Windows to display active and urgent notifications. These icons show if you have new mail for instance.

WordPress one click installation of plugins and themes

One Click Installer is a Firefox extension and Wordpress plugin combination for Wordpress blog owners replacing the need to upload themes and plugins by ftp with a one click installation in Firefox. The extension will take any link pointing to a plugin or theme and upload it to the right folder of your Wordpress installation without the need to do that manually.

News Ticker Style RSS Feeds

I have been looking for a rss reader for quite some time that would display the latest feeds in a news ticker style known from television news channels such as CNN. I quickly found an interesting Czech freeware that would display all my rss feeds in a news ticker either at the top or at the bottom of my screen.

Microsoft Port Reporter

Microsoft Port Reporter is a handy application that can be installed as a service in Microsoft Windows to log port usage data. The application logs port activity on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server systems. A preciser description would be that it logs which ports are used, which process is using the ports, which modules are loaded by the process, if the process is a service and which user account is running the process.

Some Windows Taskbar Tweaks

The Windows taskbar is not only useful for showing which programs and folders are currently active on your system but can also he customized to store permanent shortcuts to applications and folders as well as links to Internet websites. I would like to show you how to configure your taskbar to add your favorite websites as well as links to your most commonly used applications and folders to it.