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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

flickr related tags browser

A great way to search Flickr

The so called Flickr Related Tag Browser offers an interesting and comfortable way to search Flickr using tags. The user enters a tag of his choice and the website compiles the relevant information and pictures from Flickr. 25 of the pictures are shown as tiny thumbnails which increase in size if the user moves the mouse over any of them.

Instantbird a Mozilla based Instant Messenger

Instantbird plans to be for Instant Messengers what Firefox is for web browsers. The first version with the number 0.1 does show a lot of promise but naturally lacks the stability of a software that has been developed for years. It uses the Mozilla rendering engine to render IMs and the Pidgin libpurple to connect to the various networks.

firefox sidebar

Two Firefox Sidebar Tweaks

While I'm not using the sidebar in Firefox at all I know some users who really love it. The sidebar however has some limitations and the following tweaks are supposed to get rid of two limitations. The first tweak is going to remove the width limitation of the sidebar while the other one moves the sidebar from the left to the right side making it easier to read the websites that you are on.

Radiohead, their album and Bittorrent

There is a lot of coverage going on at the moment on various sites that all report that the new Radiohead album In Rainbows which is exclusively available on a official In Rainbows website is spreading like any other major music album on Bittorrent. The main difficulties that the reporting sites have is that listeners may pay the price they like to purchase the album on the In Rainbows website which can be anything from $0 to hundreds of Dollars for the album plus a small service charge.

10 Simple Ways to Speed up Windows Vista

Kline over at Connected Internet posted an interesting article detailing 10 simple ways to speed up Windows Vista. I actually tweaked Windows Vista right when I unpacked my notebook which had Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled, got rid of a lot of useless stuff that I did not need anyway.

Firefox Locationbar Extension

The location bar, or address bar, in Firefox displays the url of the website that you are visiting. The website is normally displayed without dashes and contains the protocol, the subdomain, the domain name and the path. A less confusing way especially for novice or insecure users would be to divide the url into different parts.

Automatic compression of the Registry

I described a way to compress the Windows registry manually yesterday. The process itself was not really complicated but it involved booting into DOS to complete the changes to the registry that have been made by the process. Tehmul (more of that please) commented in that article pointing to a software named NTREGOPT (NT Registry Optimizer) which would optimize the full registry and perform the replacement during the next system boot automatically.

Weekend Fun Tower of Goo Unlimited

Unlike most commercial developers the freeware scene is always good for a surprise. Tower of Goo Unlimited is such a pleasant surprise. It is a small game that does not have to be installed at all. The task is to build a tower of goo by connecting drops of go that stick to each other.

How to reduce the size of the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is growing with every piece of software and system changes and never gets reduced again on its own. While this is not a problem for most users it could become for users who make lots of changes to their system. A huge registry is slowing down system load which is actually the number one reason why a user should check his registry from time to time and compress it so that it system load time gets reduced again.

installed codec

List all installed multimedia codecs

Listing all installed multimedia codecs is an easy task if you use the software Installed Codec from Nirsoft. The software scans the registry in two places looking for installed codecs displaying them afterwards in a list that can be sorted in a few different ways.

Sort your Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox just appends a new bookmark at the end of the folder that you saved the bookmark into unless you drag and drop the new bookmark into the location. This makes it rather difficulty to search through your existing bookmarks because you have to remember when you added the bookmark as well if you have a lot of bookmarks saved.

zero punctuation

Zero Punctuation video game reviews

I recently came upon a series of video game reviews called Zero Punctuation over at the Escapist Magazine which could probably described as reviews in a hurry. Yahtzee Croshaw, the guy doing the reviews, was apparently born with the talent to talk pretty fast which he is doing in those reviews that usually last between three to five minutes.


How to delete the large hiberfil.sys file on Windows

If you did check your computer for huge files that wasted lots of disk space you might have come upon a file called hiberfil.sys sitting in your C: drive with a size anywhere between 512 Megabytes and 4 Gigabytes depending on the RAM in your computer. If you choose to go into Hibernation mode in Windows the operating system will save everything stored in RAM to your hard drive which results in this huge file hiberfil.sys

hide bookmarks toolbar

How to hide the bookmarks toolbar and display it on mouse hover

My Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox is filled with lots of bookmarks, many of them stored in folders to stuff even more bookmarks into the space of a single toolbar. While the Bookmarks Toolbar is useful for accessing websites fast it has one limitation that made me do some research to see if there would be a way to fix it.

rightload ftp upload

Add FTP Upload to Right-click menu

RightLoad adds the ability to upload selected files to a ftp directly which removes the step to start the ftp client, choose the ftp server, browse the local hard drives and the possible location on the ftp server. All this can be set in RightLoad which should be a really useful software for most webmasters who regularly upload files to their ftps.


Watch free B-movies

B-movies are low cost or budget movies set in a certain genre like Horror or Science Fiction. Not all have been bad movies and some were the first part to fame for actors such as Jack Nicholson or John Wayne. is a website that makes available hundreds of B-movies to viewers from all over the world. The real beauty is that those movies can be streamed - and thus watched - on the website .

laptop alarm

Laptop Alarm

I always keep my notebook in sight when I travel around or sit in a public place like a library or Internet cafe. Not only because of the fear that someone could grab and steal it but also because someone could install software, invade my privacy or use the notebook for malicious activities.

dead pixel tester screenshot

Dead Pixel Tester

If you have bought a TFT monitor you might want to consider using a software like Dead Pixel Tester to see if it has any dead pixels. This could for instance be useful to see if it is possible to get the current monitor replaced by a new one because of to many dead pixels.