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Which Facebook Apps do You Think are Worthless?

I’m not a big social networking person. There are way too many social networks out there like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc. All my friends are on one network or the other and […]

OCZ Actuator Next Gen Video Gaming

Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepads: Those are the standard controls of today's video gamers and I personally did not think that this would change anytime soon. Then came the presentation of the OCZ Actuator which changed my mind. It looks like a high tech headband but it's actually more than that.

Say no to Drugs Virus

I received an email today from a reader who told me of a problem that he encountered lately on his computer. The message Say no to drugs appeared whenever he clicked on a shortcut to the My Documents folder. This sounded clearly like a virus and a quick search revealed that it indeed was the I Love Her virus.

Flock browser

Flock - A Firefox beater?

I wrote a really long review on my blog recently on Flock, the community browser and thought I'd share some of my findings with you guys. Flock is basically a Mozilla based […]

true crypt

Encrypting an USB Drive with True Crypt

My last True Crypt guide dates way back and the purchase of my new shiny 500 Megabyte Maxtor USB drive made me think about writing a new guide that takes the changes of the software into account. My old Teac USB drive started to behave weirdly every now and then which I saw as a first sign of reaching the end of its life cycle and since I did not want to take any chances I decided to buy a new drive, encrypt it with True Crypt and transfer all the files from the old device to it.

digg alerter

Track your digged posts from your desktop

I just read about one of the best Digg tools ever on Make Use Of, immediately downloaded it and I love it already. Digg Alerter is a simple application designed to track […]

process priority

Automatically Adjust the Process Priority

There is no automatic way to adjust the priority of a process in Windows using the default tools supplied by Microsoft. It is possible to adjust the current process priority but this setting is only valid for the current setting. Once the process gets killed, for example by closing the application or rebooting, it reverts the priority back to the default one.

sumatra pdf reader

Goodbye Adobe Reader Hello Sumatra

I always thought that free meant that I did not have to do anything to get the free item or service. I had a problem with the Adobe PDF Reader and a huge 35 Megabyte PDF which took ages to load and decided to install all the latest versions of alternative PDF viewers. The Adobe PDF Reader was not rendering the pdf file properly and it took ages to scroll and change settings.

Analyze your website's meta tags

A great way to see if you are optimizing your site enough is to take a look at your meta tags and your keyword/content focus, A great Website Analyzer page I found […]

change drive letter

How to assign a specific drive letter to an USB drive

Dante send in this little tip and I thought I would share it with everyone. I have been writing about a program called USB Drive Letter Manager before which made it very easy to assign specific drive letters to USB devices. I mentioned that it is possible to assign drive letters to certain USB devices in Windows using Disk Management as well but did not comment on that further.

jazz community

The ultimate online jazz community

I loveYouTube, but you have to face it, specific genre sites can be much better. If you want music Imeem may be much better, if you want comedy then go to specific […]


Make the Print Key do what it says

Have you ever wondered why the Print key does not do what it's label says - that is print - but copies a screenshot to the clipboard instead? Why is it doing […]


Pimp up your desktop with Avedesk

Avedesk was mentioned on one of my favorite websites Donation Coder and it sounded so incredible that I had to give it a try immediately. One could say that Avedesk adds widgets to your desktop, not the kind of useless widgets like the clock in Windows Vista. I'm talking about widgets that look great and provide enough functionality to justify their presence on the desktop.

Display Resolution

Change Display Resolutions Automatically

Did you ever run an application that was designed for a specific resolution on your new shiny 1920x1200 monitor only to find out that it was almost impossible to work with it in that resolution ? I'm not only talking about old DOS games here but also about presentations for instance or applications that have been developed in house. Basically everything that goes full screen automatically could be affected as well.

I'm on Facebook. Now What ?

I did receive another email today asking me about my Facebook user name. I never put much thought into joining Facebook or any other hyped web community. The main reason for this was the question about the why. Why should I join Facebook ? Only to show everyone a list of my friends, to show them what I'm doing ? Will it turn out to be a "I've got more friends than you thing" in the end ?

flick wallpaper search

Flickr Wallpaper Search

Flickr hosts an unbelievable amount of images of all sizes on their website. One easy way to search Flickr for Wallpapers is to simply enter the term wallpaper in the search box on the Flickr homepage and browse through the results. Currently more than 260.000 images are found when searching for wallpapers.


Face in a Hole

It seems to be the tip day of the week because this is actually the third tip I received by email today. Carlos send me the tip, thanks for that. Face in a Hole is a website where you can put your face, or the face of someone else, on well known images. Ever wanted to have the Rock's muscles, Audrey Hepburn's body or Wolverine's claws ?


Aviary Invites

Max was nice enough to send me an invite for the online application service Aviary, or more precisely the main website and the image editor application which are freely accessible after registration. Users can access their dashboard through the main interface which displays a list of featured images, collaborations and recent images alongside your latest activities.