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Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrent websites are much like Linux distributions, there are so many out there that it is easy to lose the track. Torrent search engines can be divided into two categories: Site search engines and meta search engines. Site search engines obviously only search the torrents that are hosted on one selected website while meta search engines crawl the databases of several torrent websites which often leads to better results.

fat32 format

FAT32 Format

Recently I have a need to format some brand new harddrives in .... FAT32 format. Needless to say, Vista doesn't like to do that. Nor does Windows XP. But since these harddrives will be going into an old security surveillance DVR unit, they need to be in FAT32, not NTFS. I'm also taking this opportunity to upgrade the security unit from the old 30 gig harddrives to new 250 gig units.

deezer radio

Deezer offers what Pandora does not

Users from outside the United States try lots of things to get access to Pandora which streams customized Radio to users with US IPs only. Some succeed with the user of proxies, virtual private networks or services like Global Pandora that come and go. Others point their eyes to France to discover a music service that resembles Pandora in many aspects but is way better.

No Password securer than a weak password?

According to Digital Inspiration that's the case if you are using Windows XP because leaving the password blank makes it impossible to connect to the computer remotely. The link given in the article which points to the Password Strength & Password Security page at is unfortunately not available at this point.

Indy wiki

IndyWiki a desktop Wikipedia tool

Way back in February I found a cool tool to browse Wikipedia from the desktop called IndyWiki, so let's get our hats and whips ready and a take a look at the […]

internet explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Released - Your Thoughts ?

Microsoft released the first public beta of their upcoming flagship browser Internet Explorer 8 to the public and I would like to use this article - and the comments - to get some opinions about it. I know that a lot of you must have installed the new browser by now and surely must have something to say about this first version.

Nine Inch Nails's Music Experiment Successful

Radiohead was the first band that used the Internet as their main distribution method for their music and that gave their fans the best price ever for their music by letting the downloaders decide what they would pay. This premiere was not perfect by all means though but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

open office export pdf

Create fully functioning PDF's for free

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours trying to get a pdf right. I was making a subscription based newsletter for my website, so I obviously needed something of high quality. I couldn't […]

create booklets

Create Booklets

Booklet Creator is a free online script that turns pdf documents into small books by changing the order of the pages. If you take a look at a book lying next to you you will notice that the first page will be connected with the last of the book, the second with the second last and so on. That's that same system that the Booklet Creator script uses to order pdf document.

Office Live Workspace Beta

Am I the only one that is starting to get confused by all the online services offered by Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and others ? Microsoft seems to have jumped fully on the "Live" bandwagon branding every new online product with it. The newest is called Office Live Workspace [link] and is currently in public Beta.

real time air traffic

Watch Real-Time Air Traffic

A friend of mine asked me recently if I knew that it was possible to view real-time air traffic in Google Earth. I had to admit that I never heard about this before, the only thing that came close to it was the website where users could listen to live air traffic communications. He send me the link to the website which offered this service and told me that he was currently tracking a flight of a friend who was vising New Zealand.

Nokia text messenger Vista gadget

Although I'm not a big messaging fan, this is one gadget I would find really useful. I owned Nokia phones for about ten years and I loved every one of them. The […]

Autostart applications if Caps Lock is on

Ever felt the need to start an application during Windows startup every now and then but not all of the time ? Maybe you want to quickly start and play the new game that you recently installed, or just browse through your emails as quickly as possible without having to go the extra mile and start the application manually.

youtube high quality

Higher Quality Videos starting to appear on Youtube

When we read the announcement that higher quality videos would come to Youtube we were delighted that the video quality would finally see an upgrade. Apparently the conversion has started and some videos are already available in different quality versions. It still looks like Youtube is testing settings and stuff and that not everyone can access those higher quality videos yet.

transporter p2p

Private Encrypted File Sharing

I have been testing an application called Transporter P2P for the last few days which can be described as a elegant way to share files and chat with contacts using P2P connections. A main difference between Transporter P2P and Skype for instance is that the former is server independent which means more privacy and security. The setup on the other hand is a little bit complicated because of the serverless design.

fake gift box

Fake Gift Boxes

I'm pretty astonished that I never heard about fake gift boxes before, at least not ones that you could purchase in stores. I fell trap to custom ones more than once though but those gift boxes raise it to a whole new level. They look really professional and one could think that they are the real thing.

xp start menu programs

Windows XP Run Count List and Editor

Windows XP keeps track of how many times an application has been started by a user of the system and displays the most frequently used programs in the start menu. That's a pretty convenient feature for some users but there is no obvious way to control which applications are listed in the start menu.

end multiple programs at once

End multiple programs at once

It sometimes is a good idea to close most processes and programs at once. Could be helpful if you want to run a very resource intensive program or an application asks you to close all programs open before continuing. This happens when you install some programs or run utilities like scandisk or defrag.