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Ghacks Two Year Anniversary

What began as a blog to promote a software that a friend of mine has written turned to be into something bigger - much bigger. I never thought about the possibility to make a living from blogging in the beginning but I can tell you that much: it is possible to do that.

Make sure you set a master password in Firefox

I can't stress the importance of the master password in Firefox if you are one of the users who is letting Firefox save passwords for you so that you do not need to enter the password and username again when visiting the site at a later time. While this feature is surely comfortable and takes away the need to memorize usernames, passwords and corresponding sites plus the typing that has to be done when logging into a site it is a security risk.

Send Text Messages to the Future

Textmemos is a service that lets the user type in text messages that he wants to have delivered at a certain date and time. All that needs to be done is to enter the cell phone number, the cell phone provider, the date, time and of course the message. As of now 38 different cell phone providers are supported by Textmemos most operating in the United States and Canada with only a handful European ones.

Improve Team Fortress 2 Textures

Team Fortress 2 is an awesome game. If you are a gamer who loves sharp textures you might find the following console command for Team Fortress 2 useful. The command is mat_picmip -0.9 and has the effect that the textures in the game look much sharper than before.

Merge PDF Files

Winston was asking me if I would know a way to merge one or more pdf files so that the contents of all the files would appear in one pdf file at the end. A quick research revealed a software pdftk - pdf toolkit -which can be used to merge and split pdf files. Many shareware softwares exist that do the same thing but pdftk seems to be one of the few that can merge pdf files for free.

Radiohead is trying a new distribution method

Radiohead is a well known English rock band which was formed in 1986. They currently are under no contract with a major record label and are therefor trying to distribute their upcoming album called In Rainbows which will be released October 10, 2007 and exclusively available for purchase on an Internet website.

Liquid Rescale plugin for Gimp

You might remember the technology demonstration a few weeks ago that introduced a new way of intelligently resizing images by automatically defining important and lesser important parts of the image. The results looked way better than the traditional approach which did not care about importance but reduced every aspect with the same ratio.

windows updates list

List all installed Windows Updates

It sometimes might be a good idea to get a list of all installed Windows Updates on your system for administration or security purposes. WinUpdatesList is a sweet small software from one of my favorite developers NirSoft. The software lists all installed Windows Updates on your system detailing all updated files on your system.

Downgrading iPhone Firmware

I see a lot of parallels between Apple's iPhone and Sony's PSP. Both add new firmwares like crazy to their devices in an effort to keep device hackers at bay. Apple recently upgraded the iPhone's firmware to version 1.1.1 which made many modified iPhones inoperable.

foto tagger

Tag your Photo Collection

So, you have been on holiday in that beautiful country making lots of photos but after a year you realize that you can't remember the names of most places and people that you took a picture of. Or, you have been at a family reunion or anniversary and after looking at the pictures taken you are not able to identify some of the people on the images.

Play TV Shows online

If you ever wanted to be a guest in one of those famous tv shows such as Deal or no Deal, Who wants to be a Millionaire or Blockbusters. WeDigTV, the World's first TV2 Network, lets you play these shows and a couple more blending show footage with interactivity.

Free online language courses

Most online language courses that I have tested so far do not utilize the advantages of the web at all. Those courses simply copy language courses from books. Mango is the first language course that I'm aware of that uses interactive elements to support the language course.

Joost 1.0 Beta is out

Joost has released yet another version of their acclaimed Internet TV client that streams prerecorded TV shows to the users computer. The new version has one feature in particular that was well overdue. Joost can now be updated from within the client. Users do not have to download and install new versions from the Joost website anymore.

Preezo: Create Powerpoint Presentations Online

Preezo is a fast powerpoint maker on the web. Like most of the web 2.0 apps it uses Ajax to power its site. To use the application you need to register and log in. The first thing I notice is there is no lag at all using the different features. It is very responsive. Even with Google Docs there is some lag while adding stuff. I would happily use this on my browser.

Feel the image, become the image

I'm writing this article rather excited because of what I have just seen. Panoramic photos recently started to be very popular when the first algorithms and applications for creating such images appeared and digital cameras were given support for this specific kind of shooting. Publishing such shots on Flickr or any other similar site sure is fine but I've just hit a service that serves panoramic photos in a breath-taking way.

Monetize your website with TNX ads

I heavily rely on Everton from Connected Internet who sends me new interesting ways to monetize my sites from time to time. Today he was sending me a link and a short description of TNX which basically sells links on your website. Unlike other sites that sell links the links from TNX are sold on a per page basis. Every sold page earns the user points which can be either exchanged into cash or used to buy links as well.

How to avoid saving spaceball.gif at Flickr

Some images at Flickr are weakly protected with an image overlay called spaceball.gif. Whenever you right-click the image to save it you do save spaceball.gif instead which is a 1x1 pixel image showing nothing at all. The same happens if you try to drag the image to your desktop or hard drive.

firefox load bookmark in sidebar

Display Google Calendar in the Sidebar

If you are using Google Calendar regularly you might find this little Firefox tip interesting. It is possible to display your current and upcoming events that you added to Google Calendar in the Firefox sidebar. This is actually pretty easy to accomplish.