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GOM Mix Pro Review and Giveaway

GOM Mix Pro is a free and commercial video editor for Microsoft Windows devices that offers powerful functionality and is easy to use. As far as specs are concerned, the program runs […]

Downloading pirated films is stealing

Did you recently purchase a DVD in store ? If so you must have noticed this wonderful reminder at the beginning that can't be skipped that downloading pirated films is stealing and a crime. I recently bought 24 season 4 on DVD which comes on seven DVDs and contains all the 24 episodes of this season.

Don't jump to next message in Thunderbird automatically

The problem that Thunderbird is always selecting the next message in line after deleting or moving the previous one has bothered me for some time. It happened more than once that a spam mail was selected and read that way which I did not want to happen obviously.

web 2.0

The best sources for web 2.0

I love taking a look at fresh web 2.0 sites and then tracking their development, perhaps even taking part in them in the form of comments, feedback and email exchanges. I have […]

Control Javascript Events in Firefox

Firefox Mastery published a nice article about the Firefox add-on Controle de Scripts which lets the user control Javascript events in Firefox. Instead of just disabling Javascript (default Firefox without add-ons), or enabling it on a per-site basis (NoScript) you can configure and control specific Javascripts events.

apache server

Install Wikipedia Locally

I theoretically mentioned the fact that it was possible, and in fact quite easy, to install Wikipedia locally which has several advantages but also one disadvantage. Advantages should be clear; You do not need a net connection to access the Wikipedia contents, you can distribute the solution to as many computers as you want and you can make it available in a local area network.


Snapfoo Mobile Photo Blogging

Richard from Windows Observer was so nice to send me an invitation to the mobile photo blogging community Snapfoo which is currently in beta and invite only. With Snapfoo you can easily send pictures taken with your mobile phone to your Snapfoo profile and integrate it with other web 2.0 sites such as Myspace, Facebook or Twitter as well.

Bye Bye Digg

I have been using Digg, the social news portal where users vote on stories submitted by users, for more than two years and I loved it at the beginning. Nowadays when I visit the Technology section of Digg I see what I already read in my feed reader. There is Lifehacker, Mashable, Gizmodo, Torrentfreak and Arstechnica on the frontpage who seem to make the frontpage no matter what they write.

How to defeat Phishing

Kurt mentioned in Daniel's PayPal phishing article how he dealt with phishing and that got me thinking about the easiest way to defeat phishing for certain accounts. The answer is virtual mail accounts. I always thought about virtual mail accounts as a way to stop spam and find out which website or service sells your email but it can also be used to defeat phishing.


Spicebird introduction

You might have come upon the term Spicebird if you are following tech blogs or are a regular Digg and user. Spicebird is an open-source platform for collaboration, it features an integrated email client, calendar and instant messenger in the first stage but will have additional features that are planned for Spicebird 1.0.

typing faster

Learn to type faster

I never understood why there were not more online applications that helped you type faster. Keybr is such an online application that helps you become more productive by training you to type faster. It offers three modes, called lessons in the application, that builds words using a certain amount of keys.

panorma screensaver

Panaroma Screensavers

WPanorama is a standalone program and screensaver that is able to display (scrolling) panoramas on your computer screen. The images scroll either horizontally or display several images if orientated vertically. Using the software is not complicated at all. Just download and install it and run it afterwards.

Building a PC January Progress

It's only a few more months until I will make the final decision about the PC components that I will place in my new computer. I think I will finalize everything in the second quarter of 2008. But before I do that I list once again the components that I want to use in the new PC and hope to receive feedback if you think anything is missing or misplaced.

Schools Wikipedia CD and DVD image

I was recently looking for a way to put Wikipedia on my notebook to be able to access it when I have no Internet connection. A research on Wikipedia revealed that there was an up to date German DVD version but no English version which I think is somewhat strange considering that the English section of Wikipedia has more users than the German section.

turn windows features off

Remove Windows Components in Vista

Microsoft seems to be under the impression that change is good and will not confuse users of a previous versions of their Windows operating system. It is interesting that they decided to change on elementary function in Windows Vista if you compare it to Windows XP: the Add/Remove Windows Components.

Music Industry Thoughts

I could not sleep well yesterday evening because I was thinking about the Music Industry which was directly related to the article I wrote on that day. I was to tired to pen it down but I would like to try and recap my thoughts. We all know that album sales are down and that it will most likely stay that way. I thought about the reasons for this and came up with the following.

paypal spam

Ingenious PayPal mimicing spam

About 2 days ago, I received a quite clever spam email in my Gmail account. It's still pretty new, so I do take a look when I occasionally get spam to filter […]

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Next Round

I don't know how you feel about the ongoing format war between HD-DVD and Blue-Ray but I'm sick and tired to hear which company is backing up which format and which format is doomed because of this move. Today the news hit the Internet by storm that Warner is going Blue-Ray exclusive and everyone was asking the question if this was the end of HD-DVD losing another major movie studio.

If you had to choose five Firefox Add-ons

Lets say your computer has limited resources and you can only use five Firefox add-ons when browsing the Internet. Tell me, which would you choose and why. I'm currently cutting down on the Firefox extensions that I'm actively using because I felt that Firefox was using to much memory when I started it without opening a website at all.