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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

firefox about config

10 lesser known Firefox about:config parameters

Firefox offers a great way of changing hundreds of settings by opening about:config in the address bar. The downside is that many users feel overwhelmed by this way of changing the Firefox configuration simply because it lists so many of them. I did not look through all the available settings but found ten lesser known parameters that I would like to introduce today. Lesser known means that they have not been mentioned on every "Tweak Firefox" article on the net - yet.

wyzo torrent

Wyzo an alternative to Bittorrent clients?

I think I heard about Wyzo the first time on Techcrunch and thought to myself at that time that no one would need a browser that would be able to download torrents and the files connected to them. But then it occurred to me that this approach would benefit many users, especially those that never came into contact with Bittorrent before.

security privacy complete

Security and Privacy Complete

My last review of Security and Privacy Complete dates back to December 2006 and I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at this application again. The software is a security solution for Windows and lets you disable privacy and security related features of Windows.

emtube search view

Youtube for Symbian S60 Phones

When Apple released their iPhone they never forgot to mention that the iPhone was able to play Youtube videos. I think they mentioned it as a key feature and several television ads showed this feature as well. If you do not own a Apple iPhone but another mobile phone, mabye like the Nokia N73 (my phone) or Nokia N95, you will be delighted to hear that a Symbian S60 application brings Youtube to those phones.


Grab your Hulu Beta invites

Hulu is doing a huge promotion currently offering several websites 2500 beta invites each and lots are still available. I found three website promotions with roughly 4000 invites left for Hulu, make sure you head right out and sign up using any of the following links:

disable hardware devices windows

Notebook Tip: Disable Hardware that you do not use

Most notebooks have several hardware components installed that are not used by the user. A notebook with WLAN and network card for instance and a user that only uses the WLAN to connect to a network and the Internet. Every component installed is using battery and it is a wise step to disable those components that are not used - ever.

Internet Explorer 6 crashes when loading websites after update

A lot of users are still working with Internet Explorer 6 either because their company did not make the switch to Internet Explorer 7 yet or because they don't know that a new version is already out. They might be perfectly happy with it but some will probably consider switching to IE7 or another browser when they experience the following odd behavior.


View TV Shows Online with Alluc

There is only one television in my house so there are times when programs clash. At such times, I often have to forgo watching my choice of TV show. This means that […]

mouse cursors

Use Custom Cursors in Windows

The default cursor set that ships with Windows is not really friendly to the eye and it happens from time to time that I have to search for the cursor on the screen because it blends in nicely if the page has a similar background color.

google talk translation

Translate Bots added to Google Talk

What language will a German and a French use to communicate usually ? What a Italian and Swede ? They will speak English unless you find someone that speaks both languages which, depending on the two languages in questions, could be rather rare. A huge problem arises when you have to speak to someone who does not speak English, how do you communicate ?


Reveal the domain owner and hoster of a domain

I know that you can literally use hundreds of scripts that lookup a domain name or IP and display information about that domain or IP. Most of those sites are rather slow and / or have so much advertisement on their websites that I prefer to use WhosIP from Nirsoft when I quickly want to lookup an IP.


Get rid of a huge programs list in the start menu

I was testing the software Tidy Start Menu which offers users a way to move start menu entries into several categories like Office, Games and Internet when it occurred to me that I did not need that program at all to do the same. The only advantage that I could see in using it was that I did not have to create the main folders in the startmenu by myself.

reset windows firewall

Reset the Windows Firewall

If you have discovered a Virus or Trojan on your system you are advised to reset (or check) the settings of your firewall to make sure that no backdoor has been created that allows the hacker to log into your computer easily again even if the Virus or Trojan has been removed.

join images with xnview

Join Images Together with XnView

The majority of computer users are probably using GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or Paint.Net when it comes to the editing images on their systems. Sometimes though those programs are overkill and there are […]


Launchy 2.0

One of the most popular application launchers for Windows has been updated to version 2 yesterday and I think that this is an appropriate moment to see what has changed since my first review of Launchy which dates way back. First time users of Launchy who happen to not read the instructions might be a bit puzzled at first because even though Launchy is started after installing it it is not visible on the system.

internet explorer vulnerability

Internet Explorer Clipboard Vulnerability

Are you using the Microsoft Internet Explorer ? You might be shocked by the following example of how insecure the Internet Explorer really is. Copy some text into the clipboard, you can use the text that you are just reading or any other text that you come across. Now visit the IE Clipboard Test website and see what happens.

An Advice on Buying and Selling Websites

I'm not regularly buying or selling websites but I know the trends, can estimate the value of a website, its future potential and current and future market situation. The following is not really a trick but more of a using information posted on website sales to your advantage.


Transfer all Hotmail Mails to another software

If you still have an old Hotmail account that you use regularly you might be relieved to know that there is a way to update or move all of the mails from that account into another software. Well, another software is not the right term, you can move them into Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 and from there into any other mail account such as Gmail, Thunderbird or Yahoo Mail.