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Websites standing out of the crowd

One cold winter days you might find yourself hanging around the web, visiting the same boring sites every day and staring at your screen without any purpose and new inspiration. In that case, it would be the right time to get up and check what the world looks like from outside too (alright, maybe I'm not the right person to give such advice). Or if it's too cold to go out at the moment, you may be interested in these advisory lists providing links to websites that are special in a certain way.

anti malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

If you ask computer users about the anti-spyware software that they have installed to protect their system they will most likely name Spybot Search and Destroy or Ad-Aware. Those are the most commonly used anti-spyware programs. Some would probably name Windows Defender from Microsoft or Spyware Terminator or some commercial products.


Distributed Password Recovery using Geforce 8 Video Cards

The software Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery was designed for distributed recovery of lost passwords providing hardware acceleration for NTLM password recovery using GeForce 8 video cards which speeds up the process by a factor of up to 25).

pc wordwide virus infection

Infected or Not: Is your PC Infected ?

I'm not that fond of online virus scanners because they always need special file access privileges and scan your files which could be a privacy issue as well. Infected or Not from Panda Antivirus however catched my attention by providing interesting statistics about infected computers on a worldwide and country wide scale.


Use MPUI as a Portable Media Player

When it comes to media players, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mplayer is head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, I think it’s even better than VLC. The only […]

project office

Manage projects online with ProjectOffice

I'm always looking for good project management solutions, and so far I haven't found one that fits my needs perfectly. Short of programming one for myself, I don't think I (or anyone […]

Hands free reading for lazy bookworms

There are three places where I read a lot. My table while eating, my bed (usually eating as well) and on the John (after eating). I usually struggle in my bed and […]

doc syncer

Sync Microsoft Documents with Google Docs automatically

Docsyncer was mentioned on the Digital Inspiration blog as a service that automatically synced Microsoft documents such as doc and xls with the Google Docs web service. This can be incredible helpful if you do use Microsoft Office and Google Docs. This could for instance be the case if you upload your Word or Excel documents to Google Docs to be able to work with them on a different computer.

trojan melissa strips

Melissa Strip Captcha Breaker Trojan

I bet you have never seen such a tempting Trojan before. The Trojan named Melissa Strip, identified as TROJ_CAPTCHAR.A by TrendMicro and Trj/RompeCaptchas.A by Panda, starts by asking the user if he wants to play a game where she (Melissa) will strip for the user if the enters the correct code.

copy music from ipod to pc

Copy Music from iPod to a Computer

If you are looking for a quick way to copy music from your Apple iPod to a computer you might find the software iPod Folder which is available for Windows and Mac more than suitable. Users can start the transfer of the music with just three clicks. The first click selects the iPod that is connected to the computer, the second click selects the destination folder on the computer and the third finally starts the transfer of the music.

Xbox 360 finally supporting Divx and Xvid

I'm still puzzled as to why it took so long to add Divx and Xvid support to the Xbox 360 and wondered if Microsoft did not ask the users before they produced the Xbox 360 about the features that the users wanted to see. My old Xbox is playing all of those files without a problem and the main reason why I did not make the switch to the new Xbox 360 was, among other things, the non existent support for Xvid and Divx movies.

PC Upgrade Ideas for Christmas

advantage of adding RAM is the fact that you it is relatively easy to add to your system. Takes less than a minute to replace.

The second choice really depends on what you do with your computer. If you are a gamer you might consider getting one of those new Geforce 8800 GT which start at $270 and make it possible to play Crysis and other high end games in high details. Again, check your computer to see if it supports AGP or PCI Express Video Cards before going out and buying one that does not fit.

password hasher

Use one password on all websites

Many Internet users tend to have a handful of passwords at the most that they use for every website that they signup for. Those passwords are normally weak passwords that can be easily remembered. The danger of this approach is that those users will most likely see a chain reaction of hacked accounts once one account gets hacked.

itunes folder watch

iTunes Folder Watch

Apple iTunes has no way of detecting new music additions to your music folders which means that you have to add them from within iTunes manually to be able to play them in the software or sync them with your iPod music player.

find manage duplicates

Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries in Thunderbird

It can happen that you end up with duplicate address book entries in Mozilla Thunderbird and wonder how you can remove them so that only one entry per contact is visible in the Thunderbird Address Book. The current Thunderbird address book is most likely fragmented or corrupted and the easiest way to fix that is to create a new Address Book and copy the contents of the old Address Book into the new one.

Download Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate

Microsoft is providing download versions of the Windows Server 2008 release candidate free of charge right from their website to anyone interested in downloading them. A product key can be requested as well which will make the product valid until April 7, 2008.


Is Orbitnet.exe spyware ?

A reader send me an email last night asking if I had any information about the orbitnet.exe process that was started when Orbit Downloader was active. Zonealarm would describe the process as "P2P service of Orbit Downloader" and that seemed to have rang some alarm bells because P2P services are often used as spyware.

asus eeepc


You might know that I'm looking for a PDA or similar device that will allow me to comfortably check and write emails, write blog posts and visit websites while on the road. I do have a Toshiba notebook but I don't like to use it on the road. It is fine in hotels and on conventions where I can use it stationary but it really is to big to work comfortably with while walking around.