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No more games I said. And still, this one is just to good to pass on. I already wrote about it on my new games blog Take9 but since it's relatively new […]

microsoft pro photo tools

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is a free application for the 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows XP that provides functionality to edit the photo's metadata. Metadata are information that are automatically […]


Import Outlook Emails into Windows Mail in Windows Vista

I spend the morning at a house of a friend who bought a new computer and wanted some of his data transferred from the old computer that he was using to the […]

Autohide Windows like the Taskbar

You can automatically hide the taskbar in Windows so that it only becomes visible if you move your mouse over the area where it is hidden. This is extremely practical if you […]

Skype releases mobile client

Update: Skype released mobile clients for Android and iPhone, the two dominating mobile operating systems, and Windows 10 Mobile. Downloads are provided on the official Skype website. The information below is not […]

firefox view dependencies

Firefox View Dependencies

Randy was commenting on today's article about the use of several Firefox profiles and pointed out that he would love a list of the security add-ons that I'm using in my secure […]

Netvibes Feed Problem

I was astonished to see a dip in the amount of feed readers in the last days and decided to investigate the matter. It has happened in the past that Feedburner did […]

firefox profile manager

Working with several Firefox profiles

Most Firefox users work only with one Firefox profile. Well, this should not surprise a lot because one profile is, of course, sufficient for most tasks. Plus, the whole profile management functionality […]

Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor

The Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (Cofee) is a USB thumb-drive developed by Microsoft that was distributed to more than 2000 law-enforcement officers in 15 countries including the United States, Germany, New […]

create photo mosaic

Create your own photo mosaic online

Photo mosaics look beautiful if they use small enough images or if you are have enough distance to the mosaic to enjoy it fully. The mosaics are called photo mosaics because photos […] free hosting and domain for selected countries

I think that the following hosting offer can be interesting to some users. I have to admit that I'm not using the hosting at because I run my own dedicated server […]

Wild Rename

Renaming multiple files can be quite a challenging task in Windows. It surely does not make much sense to rename hundreds of files manually, it would literally take ages to rename all […]

I'm on a shopping spree

I did make two large purchases in the last two days. I finally ordered my new computer yesterday, or better the parts for the new computer, and cannot wait to build it […]

virtual ruler

If you are looking for a fast browser... K-Meleon

then you have come to the right article. If I would ask you to name five browsers, which would you mention ? Most likely Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari as the first […]

giggle music recommendations

Giggle Music and Event Recommendations

Giggle released a beta version of their music and event recommendation software that currently works only with Apple's iTunes software and the event recommendations seem to be exclusively for locations in Great […]

Even Researchers have fun with the Wiimote

I'm often amazed by the videos that are offered at the TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) website. Today I saw a very interesting demonstration by researcher Johnny Lee who was […]

desktop maestro

Free PC Tools Desktop Maestro Key

I was beginning to think that the time of the free promotional keys was gone when I spotted yet another promotion at Tip and Trick. This time it is possible to get […]

shell replacement

Windows Shell Enhancer

I seldom run into an application that is as hard to describe as Shell Enhancer. When you install the application you can configure some settings of it and I was really blown […]