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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

free flv video converter

Batch Convert FLV to AVI or MPG

Most video portals on the Internet use the flv - that's Flash Video - format to stream videos to their users. While Flash Video has several advantages over many other video formats when it comes to streaming it on a website it does have some severe disadvantages when it comes to playing those videos on a computer and even more so on a DVD player.

hard disk analyzer

Hard Disk Analyzer Xinorbis

Xinorbis is a interesting hard disk analyzer that compiles heaps of information about files on the hard drive and presents the results in easy to understand manner using text and charts. The analysis takes a while to complete because all files are scanned on the hard drive that you select.

Why Hackers take advantage of global events

Hundreds of websites have been prepared or compromised to take advantage of the Benazir Bhutto Assassination in Pakistan. Users searching for news on the assassination using search engines like Google or Yahoo might land on a website that has been specially prepared to download Javascript code that in turn downloads additional malicious software to the host PC.

alter all websites

Alter all websites in the world

The following is a nice trick that I learned in a webmaster forum. I thought it would be nice to describe it to my readers as well because you can have some fun with it. It allows you to manipulate all elements of a website. You could for instance create number one positions on Google, add your own products to Amazon or write a cover story at CNN.

clear deleted files traces

Five Quick Windows Tips III

This is already the third article in the Five Quick Windows Tips series of articles which concentrate on quick and easy to adapt tips that take only a few seconds to read and apply. Most tips concentrate on increasing productivity but some also deal with security related issues for example.

The Rubicon Project

The Rubicon Project is yet another service like Pubmatic that tries to optimize your ad inventory on your website. They do this by testing different kinds of ads from different advertising companies in the ad spots on your website which has the result that ads generating maximum profits are displayed after a while.


Create Mp3 files from Wikipedia articles

Pediaphon is a text to speech script that generates a mp3 from any Wikipedia article that you point it to. The article is then processed and a mp3 is created where a robotic voice will read the article for you. The voice is understandable but you recognize that it is not a human reading the article. If that does not bother you Pediaphon is a great application.

firefox file actions

Speed up the Download Process in Firefox with drag and drop?

I discovered an interesting article at Lifehacker who themselves got it from Make Use Of. The article described a way to speed up the process before the download begins in Firefox. Instead of right-clicking the file and selecting Save As from the menu the author suggested to drag and drop the download link to the Download icon which would start the download immediately.

New Future 3D Technology from Japan

I like to take a glimpse at future technologies so that I can see which technology changes we can expect in the next few years. This one is amazing. It has been taken right out of a Japanese news show showing how a characters appearance is changed in real time. Character is probably not the right word because what I really mean is that the real time image of a human is taken and altered in a way that offers several new interesting prospects.

Create Hardware Profiles

When I was only using my desktop computer I was a little bit puzzled why I would need Hardware Profiles at all. It did not make much sense to disable hardware that was properly installed on my computer. Now, that I own a notebook for some time I understand why this can make sense under certain circumstances.

smss.exe windows process

csrss.exe, smss.exe and lsass.exe

Whenever I open the Task Manager I see the processes csrss.exe, smss.exe and lsass.exe sitting there. I guess the same can be said for your Windows where those processes are most likely appearing as well. So, what are these processes actually doing and are they required to run whenever Windows starts ?

Why you should always log out off Gmail

Let me narrate a story to you. A story of someone who has an Gmail account and a domain registered to his name. This someone checks his Gmail account regularly and visits other sites afterwards. It is so convenient to stay logged in at Gmail in case you want to check again. Maybe Gmail is open all the time in another tab for even further comfort.

system explorer

System Explorer

System Explorer is a mix between Process Explorer and Autoruns from Sysinternals. It reveals many information related to running processes, services and tasks and gives insight into additional system related information such as loaded drivers, open connections and Internet Explorer Add-ons like Browser Helper Objects.

windows registry

Five Quick Windows Tips II

The first article with five quick Windows tips was successful enough which made the decision to write another one easier for me. These tips are most of the time one-liners that can be applied in no time to your operating system.

What do you look for in Online TV?

Whether you have a cable subscription, Tivo, or other means of getting your daily dose of TV shows, most of you will have tried viewing shows online at least once. If you […]

Extract several archives with multiple volumes at once

I recently downloaded 24 files that have been split into multiple rar files. Each of the 24 files began with x.rar and ended at x.r24 with x being a number between 1 and 24. I did not want to right-click all 24 files one by one and select Extract Here from the menu because this meant a lot of work. I had to stay at the computer all the time as well to initiate the next process.

Adobe Reader Lite

I think we can all agree on the fact that the Adobe Reader is bloated if you only use it for opening PDF documents. It comes with so many plugins that the loading time is sometimes longer than the reading time of the document that you opened. I have been using a software called Adobe Reader Speedup to speed up loading times by disabling plugins that I did not need. This had the result that the Adobe Reader would open almost instantly just like his alternative Foxit PDF Reader.

Copy the text of all Windows error messages

What do you do when an Windows error message popups that you do not know ? Write it down so that you can research the error message on the Internet ? Keep the error message open and open a browser window to research it ? What if there was an easier method that allowed you to copy the full error text with just one well known shortcut ?