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Glasswire review: firewall and security solution with lots of customization options

Glasswire is a network monitoring and security solution for Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices. On Windows, it is available as a free version as well as several commercial versions which are […]

Rumor: Apple launching Record Label with Jay-Z

So, what do we make of this ? The rumor is that Apple is launching a record label together with Jay-Z according to BSG who say they have confirmed it from a high-up person attached to Jay-Z. We do not have many details as of yet but we can make some assumptions. The deal makes perfectly sense if you consider that Apple already has a very popular distribution model in place which would profit the most from artists that sign under the new label.

msn video

MSN Video vs. Google Youtube

Youtube is a well established video portal with the huge advantage that content is added every second by its visitors. Most Internet users probably do not know that Microsoft has its own video portal called MSN Video. That is probably the greatest weakness of MSN Video that hardly anyone knows about it and that this has direct impact on the amount of available videos.

vista 4 experts

Vista4Experts Windows Vista Tweaker

Vista4Experts is a Microsoft Windows Vista tweaker that is aimed at expert users who can live without most of the functions that have been introduced in Vista. It currently features 21 settings that can either be enabled or disabled with a double-click.

bubblus logo

Create mindmaps and share them online

Mind maps are said to be the most effective way to plan things because they follow your thinking better than any other method can. I have serious doubts about the global truth […]

microsoft word

Set Transparent Color for Images in Microsoft Word

I once had to add a image into a Word document that had a black background which looked awful when printing the document. Microsoft Word comes with a few basic possibilities to alter graphics that are added which includes changing colors of the image and defining a transparent color for the image.

apple iphone nano

Apple iPhone Nano

A picture comparing Apple's iPhone with the iPhone Nano which is supposed to come out in October 2008 was published on Flickr. The iPhone Nano, as usual, will be smaller than it's first generation predecessor but also cheaper retailing for a price of $300 or less.

firefox live support

Firefox Live Chat Support

Where do you go if you have a problem with Firefox ? I normally research the problem and try to find a solution for it on my own. There is one more possibility that the Mozilla team recently has established and that is Firefox Live Chat Support. You can get into contact with a volunteer who is trying to help you solve the problem that you are experiencing.

Annoying PC Programs

Interesting article over there at the Download Squad where they list the 5 most annoying programs. They call it Elephantwear, a very fitting description for programs that make your feel like your computer is not that fast anymore even if it is state of the art. Their top 5 consists of Adobe Reader, Apple's iTunes, Real Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook.

riva tuner

Lower Video Card noise by reducing the device's fan speed

Modern video cards come in two flavors. The noisy ones that have lots of horsepower and the silent ones that trade some of the horsepower for a reduced noise level. This is currently changing with the release of the Nvidia Geforce 8600GT but most users have an older video card in their computer.

Christmas CD Sales are down 20% compared to last year

Ars Technica are reporting that CD sales this Christmas, that is the period between Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, are down 20% compared to last year which means that 21.4 million CDs have been sold less than the previous year. This looks serious but is it ? We have to take a look at overall earnings to make a fair judgment.

2008 Preview

I hope you all had a nice evening yesterday. I would like to take the opportunity and preview the things to come in 2008. 2007 was an astonishing year for Ghacks and I have great plans so that 2008 will exceed the last year in all terms. You can expect roughly 1500 new posts this year written by me which should keep you up to date with all the latest trends, programs, services and hacks that you can imagine.

Screenshot of the Restore Point Analyzer interface

System Restore Point Analyzer review

System Restore is a function in Windows operating systems since Windows ME that creates so called Restore Points so that the user can bring his system back to a previous state in time. This is important when changes to the system or an attack make the system unresponsive in any way. There is however the danger that malicious files are saved during that process as well which means that they would be restored when the user wanted to revert the system to a previous state.

Microsoft uses YouTube to promote their products

Microsoft competes with Google in many areas but has still chosen to create a video channel on Youtube to promote Microsoft products. While this seems odd it could be an effort to reach potential customers in enemy territory. What most websites reporting about the ads are reporting is that the PR guys decided to leave the comment function activated which invites many comments that are criticizing Microsoft.

firefox typeaheadfind

Firefox Tip: Find as you Type without Ctrl-F

I use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F regularly to search for phrases in websites with lots of content to be able to find what I'm looking for faster. Some webmasters still seem to think that putting as much content on one page is the way to go if you want to present your information.

tiny url revealer

Reveal the destination of Tiny Url Links

Tiny Url links are a great way to shorten long urls and hide the destination of the link at the same time. I read several PC magazines that use Tiny Url to print urls in their magazine. There is however a certain danger involved because the user does not see where a link is really leading to. It could very well be that someone is posting tiny url links on trusted websites to fool users into visiting those websites.

increase windows stability

Increase Windows Stability

Xtra Windows Stability is an interesting piece of software that was mentioned in Shellcity's top 25 software of the year series. The product was especially designed to increase Windows stability by forcing important subsystems of Windows into separate processes.

Put Wikipedia on your iPod

If you have one of the newer iPods with 8GB+ you might want to consider putting all the information of Wikipedia on it for fast reference. I personally think that this is an excellent idea if you regularly visit Wikipedia to research information but do not have Internet connection all the time. This could also be useful on your holiday trip if you want to quickly lookup information about a place, location or historical fact.

dvd drive

Make your DVD Drive play all DVDs

Today I had a problem playing a Region 2 DVD on my Region 1 DVD drive connected to a PC running Windows. I was asked to change the Region of my DVD […]