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Team Fortress 2 Videos

It has been a long time ago that I was addicted to a multiplayer shooter. The game back then was Unreal Tournament and I have yet to witness a game as addictive, as fun and exciting as the original UT 99. Team Fortress 2 could be that game judging from the trailers, class videos and gameplay movies that I have seen so far.

firefox autofill forms

Autofill Forms for Firefox

I regularly register at websites that either force me to register to leave a comment or that offer such great value that I want to join to become a member of the community. The signup process is always the same. Enter a username, a password, a valid email and if you want several additional information about yourself to register at that website.

Weekend Fun Arachnos

This episode of Weekend Fun at Ghacks is reviewing a straight 2D shooter called Arachnos that reminds me of those old Gradius titles that I loved to play back then on the SNES. You choose the type of weapon that your ship is equipped with and realize that this will be a hell of a ride after the first waves of enemy hit the screen.

Tidy up the Windows Explorer Menu

If you install many softwares you notice that some of them add entries to the Windows Explorer menu. The menu looks crowded after some time and it takes longer to find and click on the entries that you use often.

The software with the rather strange name MMM steps in and lets you rearrange all menu entries. This is done by offering a way to hide entries that you never ever use and a way to add entries that you rarely use to a submenu. My initial right-click menu had ten items listed of which I moved five to the hidden area making it look so much better afterwards.

Microsoft secretly updating Windows Files

We all know that Microsoft can update Windows Vista and Windows XP at will if automatic updates are enabled. Did you know that Microsoft can also update your operating system even if you disabled automatic updates ? Most users would probably deny that this is possible but it turns out to be true.

Itunes Sync 1.5

A new version of iTunes Sync has been released today and can be downloaded from the developers website. The software syncs iTunes with mp3 players other than iPods. I'm still not sure why users would want to use iTunes but I suppose it has something to do with the ability to buy music and videos there.

Students: Get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $59

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 is currently priced at $619 at Amazon. Microsoft knows that only a few students have the money to buy a software suite for roughly $600 which is why they decided to run a promotion that sells Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $59 which is an absolute bargain.

Quick Way to Remove the Skype Worm

If you do not know yet there is a Skype worm spreading around that is affecting Skype Windows clients. The virus automatically sends a chat message to other Skype users containing a link to an image on a website where he is prompted to download a file with the .scr extension using a simple redirection

Nine Inch Nail Remix Album on Bittorrent

Nine Inch Nails is one of the few bands that is openly opposing the music industry by trying out new ways and methods to distribute their music. This time a full album called 'The Limitless Potential' containing 21 tracks of fan made Nine Inch Nail remixes were released to the public.

Enhance Windows file operations

Windows file operations are displayed in an basic window with no option to enhance them at all. This can be really tiresome if you copy hundreds of files only to realize that the operation was terminated somewhere in the middle. There is no possibility to resume transfers as well and no list showing all file operations including their status.

Delay Windows Startup to Speed Up Startup

Enter Startup Delayer. What this software does is to list all applications that are started when Windows starts. You can then delay the startup of applications that are not system critical. I would for instance instantly start my security applications but delay the start of lesser important programs such as Office, iTunes and other applications of that kind.

Add Registry Key Bookmarks

If you happen to work regularly with the registry of your Windows system you might have thought that it would be great to be able to open the most used registry keys using a bookmark like system. It's kinda funny that I never noticed until now that it is possible to add registry keys to the registry favorites.

Resource Friendly Spell Checker

Firefox, Word, Thunderbird and several other applications all have a build in spell checker that warns the user if a word that was written was not found in the dictionary file. There is however no general spell checker in Windows which means that users have to write their texts in softwares that have a spell checker and copy paste them into the software that has none. Or they could write their texts without spell checking.

Uptime Checker for Firefox

We have all made the experience in the past that many websites are not available all the time. A website that got on Digg's homepage or slashdotted might have went down pretty fast which is unfortunately if you want to read what the buzz that it created was all about. I normally bookmark those websites and visit them again later to see if the website is available again. If it is not I try it a few more times and if it is not up at that point I either forget about it or delete the bookmark.

Manage Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Windows does not handle Wallpapers for Dual Monitors very well. If you ever tried to use different wallpapers on each monitor or stretch a wallpaper across both you know what I mean. We - again - have to rely on third party softwares to add functionality to Windows.

USB Flash Drive with Capacity Meter

Many users think that usb flash drives are all the same. They look boring and can only be used to plug them into a usb port. The Lexar usb flash drive Jumpdrive Mercury adds one useful function to the usb drive.

File and Directory Monitoring

If you are looking for a sophisticated file and directory monitoring software that looks rather complex on first sight but offers a lot of possibilities if one works for a short time with Log Monitor. Directories or files that you add are monitored in intervals - even realtime is possible - that you specify and commands are executed if checks that are performed in that intervals return a positive value.

Please Bringsome

Have you ever been in the situation that you have been visiting a foreign country only to find out that they had a unique good there that you needed a constant supply of ? Or something that you did not buy during your visit but are craving for now ? Bringsome may be the solution in all of those cases.