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lastpass chrome extension

LastPass no longer listed on the Chrome Web Store

LastPass customers and new users searching for password managers on Google's Chrome Web Store may have noticed that the LastPass extension for Google Chrome is currently no longer listed on the store. […]

lastpass password manager menu vault

LogMeIn (LastPass) to be acquired by Private Equity Firms

LogMeIn announced yesterday that it will be acquired by Private Equity Firm for approximately $4.3 billion in an all-cash transaction. LogMeIn had a strong portfolio of applications and services for Home users […]

lastpass mobile account recovery

LastPass introduces Account Recovery on Mobile

LastPass launched a new feature in the mobile versions of the password manager LastPass today that allows customers to recover their account under certain circumstances. Password managers help users when it comes […]

lastpass price increase

LastPass increases price of Premium plan again

LastPass increased the price of the Premium plan of its password management service in February 2019; this time to $3 per month for a Premium plan, an increase by $1 per month. […]

lastpass firefox webextension

LastPass Beta for Firefox 57+ released

LastPass, creators of the password management service of the same name, have released a beta version of LastPass for Firefox that is compatible with Firefox 57 and newer versions of the web […]

lastpass free premium

LastPass jacks up premium pricing, removes Free features

LastPass announced yesterday that it decided to make changes to the company's personal lineup of password managing services. The company has offered a free and premium version of the password manager up […]

lastpass authenticator cloud backup

LastPass Authenticator's Cloud Backup option explained

LastPass Authenticator is a free application for Android and iOS devices that can generate two-factor authentication codes for you. The application is compatible with LastPass accounts, but works also with other services […]

android password managers

Security issues found in nine password managers for Android (LastPass, Dashlane..)

Security researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute found severe security issues in nine password managers for Android that they analyzed as part of their research. Password managers are a popular option when it […]

lastpass unlimited sync free

LastPass enables unlimited devices syncing for free users

LastPass announced today that all users of its password management solution are now able to sync data across all their devices for free. LastPass is a popular password management solution for desktop […]

lastpass authenticator

LastPass Authenticator makes 2FA easier

LastPass launched a new version of the company's Authenticator application for Android and iOS devices yesterday that makes the 2-factor authentication process easier. The new LastPass Authenticator app uses push-based delivery of […]

lastpass vulnerability

LastPass Remote Compromise vulnerability

LastPass has a bunch of critical problems of which at least one allows attackers to compromise the password manager remotely according to Google researcher Tavis Ormandy. LastPass is one of the most […]

lastpass authenticator

LastPass launches mobile Authenticator app

LastPass Authenticator is a new mobile application by the makers of LastPass for Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS devices to generate 2-factor authentication codes for the software and other programs. […]

lastpass notification

How to avoid the latest LastPass Phishing Attack

Sean Cassidy discovered recently that the popular password manager LastPass is vulnerable to a  phishing attack that takes advantage of the way messages are displayed to users of the service. The method […]

lastpass 4.0

LastPass 4.0 is out introducing big changes

The LastPass team has released the first big update of the popular online password manager since the acquisition of the company by LogMeIn. LastPass 4.0 has been released for all platforms the […]

LogMeIn acquires LastPass password manager

LastPass, the company behind the popular cloud-based password manager LastPass, just announced that it has been acquired by LogMeIn, a company known for products such as Hamachi, Cubby or its line of […]

blackhat europe

Researchers to reveal critical LastPass issues in November 2015

Password managers are great as they store a virtually unlimited number of important information, accounts, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. They keep you from having to memorize unique strong […]


LastPass Free now also available for mobile devices

LastPass, makers of the password management solution of the same name, announced that LastPass Free is now also available on mobile devices. The previous service allowed unlimited syncs between desktop devices, but […]

LastPass Hacked: what this means for you

Online security company LastPass published an announcement yesterday on the official company blog that it detected and blocked suspicious activity on the company network. According to the information posted on the blog, […]