GNOME Shell tips

So recently I discussed GNOME shell which gave a sneak peak at what GNOME 3 was going to look like (see my article "A sneak peek at GNOME 3"). Although there are […]

More cool gnome-shell tips and tricks

If you have been reading Ghacks within the last month, you know that I have become a big fan of what will eventually become GNOME 3. That replacement is currently under the […]

Manage your secure shell connections from the GNOME panel

I work with secure shell all the time. Day in and day out I am administering personal machines and client machines with the help of ssh. After a while opening up a […]

Ubuntu Homepage

Ubuntu GNOME merged into mainline Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been using the Unity environment developed by Caonical Ltd. since the netbook edition of Ubuntu 10.10, initially released on June 9, 2010. However, it has been decided that the Unity […]

A sneak peek at GNOME 3

Recently I did what every good technical writer does - spent a lot of time getting something working that has yet to be released in order to test it out and write […]

Get To Know Linux: Secure Shell

If you spend enough time with Linux at some point you are going to want (or need) to log on to a remote machine. And logging on to a remote machine is […]

learning the shell

Learning the Shell

If you happen to run a webserver that uses linux or happen to run linux as your operating system for the computer you work with you should know the basics of the shell. Sometimes you quickly have to find your way into the shell and a site like linuxcommand helps you alot doing so.

manjaro linux 20

Manjaro 20.0 Linux distribution has been released

Manjaro 20.0 codename Lysia has been released on April 27, 2020. The release is the second big Linux release in a short period of time (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released last week). […]


A look at Peek screen recorder for GNU/Linux

Have you ever found yourself wanting to record something on your screen for a few moments, to show someone else? I’m not talking videogame streaming or anything on that big of a […]

ubuntu 18.04 lts

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is out

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has been released. The new version of Ubuntu is available in Desktop, Server, Cloud and core variants, and it is a long-term support release which means that the Desktop, […]

GNOME SystemMonitor

Process Management in GNU/Linux for beginners

CTRL+Shift+ESC... END TASK END TASK END TASK............ Seem familiar? Yeah, Windows. Thankfully, it's pretty rare (at least in my experience) that GNU/Linux suffers from applications freezing or hanging. However, it does happen! […]

Ubuntu Unity Apperance Menu

A Look at Desktop Environments: UNITY

Unity, probably the most universally debated DE in the GNU/Linux community; despised by some, yet absolutely loved by others. Unity was created by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, for Ubuntu. It’s possible […]

LinuxMint Cinnamon Default

A Look at Desktop Environments: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another desktop environment that began as a fork of a previous environment, this time a fork of the GNOME Shell. The developers of Linux Mint from how I understand it, […]

opera for linux

Opera Software releases first Linux build of new Opera

When Opera Software announced that it would switch from its old trusted Presto engine to Chromium, it became clear quickly afterwards that many popular features of the old client would not be […]

Install and use Ubuntu Unity before it's released

Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu is dropping the GNOME desktop as the default and switching to it's own, in-house desktop. That desktop is the Unity desktop which was designed for the […]

Easy desktop notification system

Tired of having to get clever with your bash scripts so that you can be notified when something happens? What if you want instant notification on an event? Say you run a […]

What IS Linux (and what it should be)?

I do a lot of writing about Linux - for Ghacks and for other sites. One of the issues I come across often is how Linux is perceived and what it needs to […]

kali undercover windows 10

Latest Kali Linux features an Undercover Windows 10 theme

The latest version of the Linux distribution Kali Linux features a new "Undercover" theme that turns the interface into one that resembles Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Kali Linux is a security-focused […]

ubuntu 18.10

Ubuntu 18.10 released with new desktop theme

Canonical released a new version of the organization's Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution; Ubuntu 18.10, called Cosmic Cuttlefish, comes with a new community desktop theme, improved snap desktop integration, multi-cloud computing optimizations and other […]


Install Pamac in Arch Linux for a GUI like Manjaro

Arch Linux by default does not come with a GUI tool for updating packages or working with the AUR (Arch User Repository), and this is just fine for most Arch users. However, […]

Changing Your Linux Background Automatically

Compared to Windows and Apple, some people consider Linux distributions to be the most user-friendly, personally customizable operating systems available. They enable you to adjust and tweak pretty much anything you want […]

Create an ssh key with Seahorse

Seahorse is a very powerful tool for the creation and managing of various keys. Seahorse is the default keyring manager for the GNOME desktop. I have covered Seahorse here on Ghacks before […]

Kontact: How does it compare to the competition?

With all of this talk about KDE 4.5 lately, I thought I should take a moment to mention a tool that hasn't had much (or any) talk here on Ghacks. That tool […]

Batch rename in Linux with GPRename

Do you create or manage a LOT of files? Do you have image files taken from cameras that are all named IMG_XXX.JPG  (where XXX is a sequential number)? Do you stores of […]

Guake: Hide-able terminal goodness

As you well know, I am a big fan of the Linux command line. Because of this I use the terminal a lot. I am also a fan of Linux eye candy […]

Some cool Linux tips/tricks

It's Friday and that means we're all ready for the weekend. But that also means we're ready for some fun. Because of that I thought it would be fitting to do an […]

User and group administration in Ubuntu 9.10

Linux is a true multi-user environment. This means that more than one user can be logged on at the same time. Because of this many Linux administrators have to deal with the […]

Tweet from the command line with Twidge

For the longest time I refused to see the value in Twitter. Over the last six months I have changed my tune on that. Now I use Twitter primarily as a PR […]

Installing CentOS 7

CentOS has not received much attention here on Ghacks, so I thought I would remedy that by introducing this outstanding flavor of Linux not by way of a Live CD (CentOS does […]

Create, sign, and publish your PGP key with Seahorse

I have espoused encryption on Ghacks plenty of times. I find most users do not employ encryption, of any kind, which is somewhat surprising given the constant rate at which data is […]