Meridianlink breach

MeridianLink breach delivers the funniest moment cyberspace has ever seen

A notorious ransomware group known as ALPHV/BlackCat has taken extortion to a new level by filing a complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against one of their alleged victims, […]

Microsoft Copilot Studio

Microsoft Copilot Studio delivers an all-in-one experience

At Microsoft Ignite 2023, the tech giant has unveiled a suite of innovative features across its Copilot product line, together with the Microsoft Copilot Studio, marking a significant step forward in the […]

What is AMD FSR 3 and how to enable it

AMD FSR 3 delivers amazing graphics without breaking the bank

AMD and Nvidia's bitter rivalry has been going on for years, and in essence, both graphics card makers have one goal in mind: to offer gamers better graphics at a lower price. […]

visionOS: Striving for iOS-like triumph, can it deliver?

Apple recently revealed its latest operating system, visionOS, designed specifically for the upcoming Vision Pro headset. The tech giant emphasized that visionOS has been carefully developed to meet the requirements of spatial […]

Amazon is working on AI-mazing deliveries

E-commerce giant Amazon is making significant strides in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its delivery operations and optimize logistics. With a strong emphasis on improving customer satisfaction, the company is utilizing […]

apple mixed-reality headset delivery stage

Apple's mixed-reality headset is in "delivery stage"

Recent reports suggest that the upcoming Apple mixed-reality headset is in the "final sprint" and "delivery stage" weeks before WWDC 2023. This means that there won't be any surprises, and the new […]

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25247 recommended websites in the Start menu

Microsoft is turning Windows 11's Start Menu into an advertisement delivery system

The days of the classic Start Menu are numbered on Windows. Previously, the Start Menu was used by users to launch programs, access system tools and settings, and run searches. Now, with […]

windows feature experience pack

Microsoft will use Feature, Online and Web Experience Packs to deliver Windows features

Microsoft revealed this week how it plans to deliver content to Windows devices outside of the regular feature update and cumulative update process. Microsoft's Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems will […]

Delivery of optional non-security updates for Windows 10 and Server to resume in July

Microsoft paused the release of so-called "C" and "D" updates for Windows 10 and Windows Server in March 2020 because of the global pandemic caused by the Coronovirus. The company plans to […]


Microsoft improves Delivery Optimization for Windows Insiders

Microsoft released a new Windows Insider build just a moment ago that brings PCs running on the Fast Ring to Windows 10 Build 14915. The new version fixes a couple of issues […]

windows 10 update delivery optimization

Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization explained

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system ships with a feature that Microsoft calls (update) Delivery Optimization. The feature uses local network or Internet sources to deliver updates to machines running Windows 10. Basically, […]

deliveries android

Deliveries for Android tracks local and international postal packages for you

Its the time of the year where people start to send a lot of packages around. I'm not saying that this does not also happen at other times, but the Christmas season […]

cdn pull zone

Setting Up The Content Delivery Network MaxCDN In WordPress

Back in 2010 I started to use a content delivery network in WordPress to speed up the delivery of pages to users from all over the world. The basic issue without a […]

Share directories in Elive

What if I told you that you could share out directories, via Samba, without having to install a single package? You can in the new Elive 2.0 (which is based on the […]

access credentials

Setting Up A Content Delivery Network In WordPress

In order to improve connections for users from all over the world, Ghacks enabled a content delivery network (CDN) yesterday. A CDN basically stores files and information on mirror servers all around […]

How to configure Compiz in Elive

For those of you who are lucky enough to have the Elive distribution running on your desktop, you might have noticed there is no CCSM (Compiz Config  Settings Manager). At least not […]

Microsoft To Start Word Patch Delivery In The US

Microsoft recently lost a patent infringement case in the United States with the court's ruling in favor of software development company tiny i4i. Many websites and blogs proclaimed after the court's ruling […]

Upgrading Elive Compiz to latest Elive

Today was a day that offered me a few good surprises. On my editing schedule I have an assignment to cover virtual machines using KVM. But since KVM only works with CPUs […]

Install Postfix for reliable email delivery

With your Ubuntu LAMP Server up and running (see my previous article "Installing Ubuntu Server 9.04" and "How to: install a LAMP server") and you are ready to set it up as […]

Get Magazine Style RSS News Feeds Delivered To Your Inbox

RSS Feeds are probably the best way of receiving updates from favorite websites and services. They are however still more of a thing for the technical inclined Internet users and largely ignored […]

Android 14 QPR beta

What's new in Android 14 QPR beta?

Google's Android operating system has consistently evolved over the years, bringing new features and enhancements to the mobile platform. As part of this continuous improvement process, Google routinely releases Quarterly Platform Releases […]

Open extensions on Firefox for Android will be available from December 14

Open extensions on Firefox for Android will be available from December 14

Mozilla has announced that it will allow Open extensions on Firefox for Android from December 14. Users will finally be able to break free from Firefox's limited collection of extensions, and install […]

Huawei satellite internet

Huawei enters the satellite internet arena

The race to provide global internet access has taken a significant leap forward with Huawei's recent testing of its Starlink-like satellite internet service. The concept of satellite internet has been around for […]

Sam Altman returns to OpenAI

OpenAI's CEO Deja vu

OpenAI has announced the return of Sam Altman as its Chief Executive Officer. This revelation comes on the heels of Altman's abrupt dismissal from the AI startup just a week ago, a […]

Who is new Binance CEO Richard Teng

Who is new Binance CEO? Meet Richard Teng

After the Binance CEO announced his resignation, one of the most asked questions in the crypto world was "who is new Binance CEO". The replacement for the iconic face of crypto has […]

Atomic Stealer Malware is tricking Mac users with fake browser updates

Atomic Stealer Malware is tricking Mac users with fake browser updates

Atomic Stealer is a malware that has been plaguing Mac users for a while now. This time, attackers are tricking users in a more sophisticated manner, by pretending to offer browser updates. […]

google titan security key

Google launches updated Titan Security Key with FIDO2 support

Google announced the official launch of its latest Titan Security Key devices in select regions this week. Main improvements include support for FIDO2, which allows users to add compatible non-Google accounts to […]


NVIDIA H200 will elevate AI technologies to unimaginable heights

The NVIDIA H200 is a powerful new AI and high-performance computing (HPC) platform that offers significant advancements in performance, memory, and efficiency. Based on the NVIDIA Hopper architecture, the H200 is the […]

Amazon Games layoffs

Amazon Games is downsizing

In a recent memo to employees, Amazon Vice President of Games Christoph Hartmann announced significant changes to the company's gaming division, including the closure of its Crown channel on Twitch, the termination […]

Apple iOS 18 delayed

Apple to delay iOS 18, macOS 15, and watchOS 11 to focus on bug fixes

In a recent move that underscores its commitment to delivering a polished and stable software experience, Apple has temporarily halted the development of new features for its upcoming operating systems, including iOS […]

Windows 11 Pro upgrade dips to $25 for a limited time

With a fresher appearance, new productivity tools, and more built-in security protections, plus a brand-new 2023 update, Windows 11 Pro is the ultimate upgrade for your PC — now $24.97 through November 9. Microsoft recently […]

Discord makes file links temporary to fight abuse

Discord plans to introduce a fundamental change to the service's file hosting and linking functionality by the end of 2023. One of the main goals of the change is to limit abuse […]

Media Creation Tool won't offer Windows 11 2023 Update for a couple of weeks

Microsoft released the 2023 feature update for Windows 11 this week and it is already available via Windows Update and the Update Assistant. Windows users and administrators who prefer installation media can […]

The Windows 11 2023 Update is now available: how to get it

Microsoft announced the general availability of the 2023 feature update for its Windows operating system, the Windows 11 2023 Update, a moment ago. Also called Windows 11 version 23H2, it is the […]

Apple announces 24-inch iMac with M3 chip

Apple announces 24-inch iMac with M3 chip

Apple has announced a new 24-inch iMac powered by the latest Apple Silicon M3 Chip, at its Halloween-themed Scary Fast event. A refresh has been due since the 2021 iMac launched. Here's […]

Apple schedules Scary Fast event on October 30 to launch new Macs

Apple schedules "Scary Fast" event on October 30 to launch new Macs

Apple has sent out invites to users for an online event that has been scheduled for October 30. The "Scary Fast" event teases a new Mac product launch. The confirmation from Apple […]

Nvidia and AMD to make ARM PC chips in 2025

Nvidia and AMD to make ARM PC chips in 2025

Nvidia and AMD will enter the ARM-based PC chip market in 2025, a report claims. This could provide some competition for Intel and Apple. Currently, only one company makes ARM-based chips which […]

iMac and MacBook Pro supplies run short, hinting at new launches

iMac and MacBook Pro supplies run short, hinting at new launches

Apple has had a rough year with Mac sales, despite launching 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, a new Mac Mini, and a 15-inch MacBook Air M2. Something else that has puzzled users […]

Introducing the Stellar Duo: Stellar Converter for OST & Stellar Repair for Outlook

Email communication is integral to businesses, with Microsoft Outlook being one of the foremost platforms for this purpose. Given its critical role, any disruptions due to corrupted or inaccessible OST and PST […]

Best Meta Quest 3 mixed reality games

Best Meta Quest 3 mixed reality games

Meta Quest 3 is the latest and greatest in mixed reality technology, and it comes with a whole host of new features and capabilities. One of the most exciting of these is […]