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Run Compiz with Xfce4

So you're enjoy the series on Xfce4. What's more, you're enjoying Xfce4 itself! It's a fantastic desktop environment that should get far more attention than it does. And because Xfce 4 is […]

Add 3D, Compiz-like tabs to Firefox

If you've read me long enough, you know I like my eye candy. And one of my favorite bits of eye candy is Compiz (check out all the Compiz-related content here on […]

How to configure Compiz in Elive

For those of you who are lucky enough to have the Elive distribution running on your desktop, you might have noticed there is no CCSM (Compiz Config ¬†Settings Manager). At least not […]

Configure KDE 4 to work with Compiz

If you read my most recent article ("Upgrading to KDE 4.3.5 and should you") you will have noticed two things: 1) I am behind by one release on my KDE updates ;-) […]

Multiple wallpapers in Compiz

Used to be, with GNOME it was simple to have multiple wallpapers configured so that each desktop would have its own wallpaper. But then Compiz came along and monkeyed with that option. […]

Upgrading Elive Compiz to latest Elive

Today was a day that offered me a few good surprises. On my editing schedule I have an assignment to cover virtual machines using KVM. But since KVM only works with CPUs […]

Get some serious transparency in GNOME and Compiz

As I have said repeated, I like eye candy. One of the aspects of eye candy I like more than any other is transparency. With the right Linux desktop there is almost […]

Configuring the appearance of the Compiz Cube

A while ago I covered "Enabling the Cube in Compiz" where I illustrated how simple it was to get the Cube working in the Compiz 3D desktop. That article did not go […]

Enabling the Cube in Compiz

If you've ever seen Compiz in action I'm sure you were impressed. If you don't know what Compiz is, it's a 3D composite window manager for the Linux operating system that really […]

Desktop Behavior KDE

Add eyecandy to KDE5 Plasma

In a previous article, I talked about theming KDE, and how powerful the environment is. I remember using Ubuntu back when an application called Compiz existed, with the Emerald theme engine. Those […]

Active Edge Screen Actions in KDE 4.6

Being Linux fans, you all know that Linux offers a lot of ways to manage the desktop. One of the best ways that Linux offers for keeping your desktop organized is multiple […]

Working with Ecomorph in Bodhi Linux

I have been giving Bodhi Linux a lot of love lately. You can see my articles here ("Adding Visual Effects on Bodhi Linux" and "Bodhi Linux: Enlightened Ubuntu"). One of the main […]

KDE 4.5 Window tiling

You've probably seen the advertisements for Windows 7 and the tiling windows feature. Believe it or not the very first tiling window manager was Siemens's RTL (created in 1988). After that came […]

Working with KDE desktop effects

So you've followed the latest series on KDE 4.5 (see Ghacks KDE 4.5 content) and you are now using the spectacular latest release from the KDE team. You want to use Compiz, […]

Even more GNOME keyboard shortcuts

Well all strive to make our desktop as efficient as possible. Whether you're a coder who wants nothing more than to never remove your fingers from the keyboard, or if you're a […]

Let Cairo-Dock be your Linux desktop dock

I've covered a number of desktop enhancements here on Ghacks. You've see my coverage of Avant Window Navigator (see my article "Avant Window Navigator: OS X-like dock on Linux") as well as […]

A requested Linux theming tutorial

Recently I had a request to illustrate how I managed to get a particular theme working in GNOME. The article referenced was my article on "What will Ubuntu 10.04 bring to the […]

Linux Games: Chromium B.S.U.

It's been a long time since I offered up a nice Linux game for the Ghacks audience. So I thought, today I will introduce them to one of my favorite Linux time […]