A walk around KDE 4.5

Recently I did an introductory "walk around" GNOME (see "A walk around the GNOME desktop") which offered the new users to Linux a look from the ground level at one of the […]

Solutions for KDE 4.5 glitches

I thought I would re-visit one of my favorite topics of late, KDE 4.5. The SC has been out long enough now for some of the smaller issues to pop up and […]

KDE 4.5 Window tiling

You've probably seen the advertisements for Windows 7 and the tiling windows feature. Believe it or not the very first tiling window manager was Siemens's RTL (created in 1988). After that came […]

Make use of the KDE 4.5 Clipboard

Klipper is the KDE 4.5 clipboard and it is not your average clipboard tool. Unlike most operating system clipboards, Klippy gives the user quick and easy access to not just the last […]

The KDE 4.5 Notification Area

With KDE 4.5 came a lot of updates and changes. From the bottom to the top, nothing was immune from an update or two. One tool that received a nice overhaul is […]

The KDE 4.5 Semantic Desktop

My last article I spoke about the new KDE Activities features Search and Launch Containment Activity (see my article "Using the KDE 4.5 Search and Launch Containment Activity"). This is the first […]

Using the KDE 4.5 Search and Launch Containment Activity

In my last post ("KDE Desktop Activities explained") I set out to help you understand just what KDE Desktop Activities are. This new feature simply wants to make your desktop experience as […]

Update KDE to 4.5 and experience true improvement

For the longest time I have shrugged off KDE 4 because of poor performance. But since 4.4 I have noticed a rather vast leap of the improvement chasm. Now, 4.5 is out […]

KDE releases final bugfix version of 4.5

If you are a user of KDE then big things are happening in your world. The development team has released the SC (Software Compilation) version of 4.5 which means this is the […]

Desktop Behavior KDE

Add eyecandy to KDE5 Plasma

In a previous article, I talked about theming KDE, and how powerful the environment is. I remember using Ubuntu back when an application called Compiz existed, with the Emerald theme engine. Those […]

Linux Mint KDE

A look at Linux Mint 18.3 KDE – The Last KDE Linux Mint

I wrote an article a while ago about how KDE was being removed as an official flavour of Linux Mint past 18.3, and so I thought perhaps a quick review of 18.3 […]

Add desktop icons to KDE and GNOME

Although I am one to prefer a clutter-free, minimalist desktop, I know the majority of users prefer a much more standard, fast-access type of desktop. This means icons. Not the kind of […]

Working with KDE desktop effects

So you've followed the latest series on KDE 4.5 (see Ghacks KDE 4.5 content) and you are now using the spectacular latest release from the KDE team. You want to use Compiz, […]

Two cool KDE Plasmoids

It's time to head off to that wonderful land of KDE where the desktop only gets better and better with each release. In fact, a new release should be out now - […]

Review: openSUSE 11.4

I have to admit, over the years I haven't given openSUSE enough love or credit for being the outstanding Linux distribution is it. With that said, I wanted to give some attention […]

Kontact: How does it compare to the competition?

With all of this talk about KDE 4.5 lately, I thought I should take a moment to mention a tool that hasn't had much (or any) talk here on Ghacks. That tool […]

Absolutely beautiful desktop with PClinuxOS E17 edition

I have been a fan of Enlightenment for a long, long time. It's one of the most elegant desktops available today. But not only is it elegant looking, it's a joy to […]