Windows Updates

Do you have a Windows operating system and wondering if there are Windows updates for your computer? We highlight new releases, what they do, where you can find them, and how to download them. We’ll also discuss why you need them on your device.


Microsoft, Adobe Ready Security Updates

It is the second Tuesday of the month again and this means security patch day at Microsoft and Adobe. Adobe has just released a security bulletin for Adobe Reader and Acrobat that […]


Microsoft Patch Day August 2011 Overview

Microsoft yesterday evening released this month's security patches for their software products. The 13 security bulletins fix security related issues in Microsoft products such as the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, the […]

font rendering update windows

Microsoft Updates Core System Fonts To Fix Blurred Fonts Issues In Windows

Internet Explorer and Firefox users have criticized the font rendering under recent versions of Windows in the past. Some Firefox users for instance began to notice a difference after the Firefox 4 […]

Microsoft Security Patches for July 2011

It is the second Tuesday of the month which means it is patch day over at Microsoft. The Redmond based company has released a total of four security bulletins that month. One […]

windows updates june 2011

Microsoft Patch Day June 2011 Overview

Microsoft has released a total of 16 security bulletins on this month's patch day. Patch day refers to the second Tuesday of each month on which Microsoft will release security patches. This […]

windows update

Microsoft April 2011 Patch Day Overview

Yesterday's monthly patch day was a big one, with 17 bulletins fixing a total of 64 security issues in Microsoft products. Affected applications include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. If […]

windows certificates

Microsoft Updates Windows To Block Fraudulent Digital Certificates

If you follow this blog closely you may have noticed that several browser developers have pushed security updates in the past week (see Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Security Updates for instance) that […]

windows offline update

WSUS Windows Offline Update, Updated

The easiest way to update the Windows operating system, regardless of the version and edition used, is to use Microsoft's Windows Update service. It takes a few clicks to select the updates […]

windows 7 sp1 installation

Windows 7 SP1, All You Need To Know, And Do

The first service pack for Microsoft's operating system Windows 7, known as Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1, is just around the corner for all users of the operating […]

Download IE9 Blocker Toolkit To Prevent Automatic Internet Explorer 9 Distribution

A final release of Microsoft's newest Internet browser Internet Explorer 9 is just around the corner. Microsoft plans to deliver the browser as an important update via Windows Update which are set […]


Microsoft Windows Autorun Updates Restricts Functionality

One of the updates of yesterday's patch day slipped through my grasps, mainly because I'm running Windows 7 and the update was not for that operating system. Ghacks reader Ilev let me […]

windows update

Microsoft Security Bulletin Overview February 2011

Microsoft has just enabled downloads for today's security patches on Windows Update. Today's Patch Day brings 12 security bulletins that fix vulnerabilities of various severity affecting the Microsoft Windows operating system, Internet […]

Microsoft, Adobe Post February 2011 Patch Day Information

Patch Tuesday is coming up and Microsoft has released an advanced notification about the upcoming security patches. Patch Tuesday refers to the second Tuesday of each month on which security patches are […]

windows update

How To Configure Windows Update

I have covered all the basics and then some in our Windows Update overview which I published a few days ago here at Ghacks. What I did not mention in the article […]

microsoft download center

Microsoft Windows Update Overview, All You Need To Know

Windows Update is a free computer service provided by Microsoft that provides Operating System (OS) patches and service packs to computers running the many versions of Microsoft Windows. These updates are either […]

deployment priority

Microsoft Security Bulletin December 2010

Microsoft has released the last set of planned security bulletins for the year 2010 yesterday. A total of 17 security bulletins have been released that patch vulnerabilities in Microsoft products like the […]

Microsoft Releases Out Of Band Security Patch

Microsoft today released a new out of band security bulletin addressing a vulnerability in ASP.NET that affects all versions of the Microsoft .Net Framework when used on Windows Server operating systems, or […]

windows 7 performance update

Windows 7 Graphics Platform Performance Update

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that provides functionality and performance improvements for the graphics platform. Neither the Knowledge Base article, nor the Microsoft download […]

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Corruption HotFix

Microsoft has released a hotfix for a serious issue in Windows 7 that is affecting users with hard drives that have a larger storage capacity than 2 Terabytes. While that may only […]

windows update

How To Block Specific Updates In Windows Update

It is usually not necessary to block updates in Windows Update, Microsoft's integrated updating tool for Windows operating systems. Windows Update notifies the user of new updates by displaying a notification in […]

windows update

Microsoft, Adobe, Release Massive Amount Of Security Patches

Today is the second Tuesday of the month and that means it is Microsoft Patch Day. Microsoft is keeping a tight schedule when it comes to security patches. If they are not […]

Windows 7 Backward Compatibility Update

Microsoft has released an update to the backward compatibility feature in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that promises to increase the backwards compatibility of the operating systems. The update is […]

stop windows update service

Disable Restart After Windows Update

Windows Update is an essential Windows service that will by default automatically download and install updates. This ensures that Windows users are always getting the latest security updates whenever they are released […]

windows update

Microsoft Security Updates June 2010

Microsoft has released security updates for their operating systems and applications. The June 2010 patch day consists of 10 security bulletins that fix a total of 34 30 different security vulnerabilities. The […]

internet explorer update

Internet Explorer Update How To

Chance is that you have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed if you are a Windows user. It is there even if you do not use it. What makes things worse for many is […]


Microsoft Security Updates April 2010

Microsoft has just added the security updates for April 2010 to Windows Update so that all Windows user can download and install them on their operating system automatically. A total of eleven […]

AutoPatcher Adds Windows 7 Support

AutoPatcher was one of the first software based services that enabled users of Windows to download all service packs and patches for the operating system and Microsoft Office. The service had been […]

Windows Browser Choice Screen Will Cause Confusion In Europe

If you have followed the news you know that Microsoft is going to introduce the browser choice screen, often also called browser ballot screen, to European users from March 2010 on. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Addresses Windows Restart Issues

Reports by Windows users suggest that at least one of the installed security updates of this month's Patch Day have caused restart issues on systems running the Windows operating system. A recent […]

Microsoft Security Updates February 2010

Microsoft has released a total of 14 security updates on yesterday's patch day. The updates are, as usual, for several Microsoft software products including the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. […]

Fixing Windows Update Error 0x80072ee2

A friend's computer running Windows 7 had been recently infected with the rootkit TDSS which resulted in redirects in all web browsers to affiliate sites. The problem is commonly known as Google […]

Microsoft and Adobe January 2010 Patch Day

Microsoft and Adobe have released their regular security updates today. Microsoft has only released one patch that applies to most of its operating system. The patch fixes a vulnerability in the embedded […]

Microsoft Security Essentials Updater

Microsoft's new and free security software Microsoft Security Essentials received some great reviews since its first release as a beta version earlier this year. The final version of the antivirus program was […]

Microsoft Security Updates November 2009

Microsoft has released six security bulletins today as part of their monthly Tuesday patch day. The six bulletins fix a total of 15 security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. The […]

DirectX 11 For Windows Vista Released

Unlike Microsoft's previous try to make Windows Vista more attractive to gamers by bundling DirectX 10 exclusively with the operating system the company from Redmond decided that it was time to change […]

Autopatcher Released

The Autopatcher development team has released a new version of their popular system updater. The program is a downloader and installer for Windows operating system and software patches. It can therefor be […]

Microsoft Security Updates October 2009 Online

Microsoft has published all security patches for today's Patch Day a few minutes ago. The patches are available via Windows Update, Microsoft Update and the individual security bulletins that describe the nature […]

Expect A Massive Patch Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a day that could force many system administrators into overtime as both Microsoft and Adobe plan to release security patches for several of their products. Microsoft alone plans to release […]

Microsoft Security Patches September 2009

Microsoft has released the security patches for September 2009 which fix browser and web based attacks in various Microsoft programs and operating systems. All security patches have a critical or important security […]

Internet Recovery Kit

Rizone’s Internet Recovery Kit is a fully portable Windows repair software program that addresses two issues that Windows users might experience while working with the operating system. The first issue is a […]



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