What's In A Name: Will Windows 8 Be The Name Of The Next Windows?

Microsoft is keeping tight lipped about the name of the next windows. Many users assume that it will be named Windows 8. Others use the name because it is convenient at the […]

windows 8 roaming

Windows 8 To Include User Account Roaming

Would not it be nice if you could just log on to any computer with Windows installed and directly work with your custom settings and preferences? This is apparently becoming reality with […]

windows 8 hybrid boot

Windows 8 Gets Hybrid Boot

You probably know what hibernation is, right? Instead of shutting down the operating system you can use hibernation to save the content of the RAM to the hard drive to speed up […]

Must Microsoft Offer a Direct Upgrade Path from XP to Windows 8?

Microsoft came under heavy fire with the launch of Windows 7 for not offering a direct migration path from XP. The older operating system, which is now ten years old, is something Microsoft […]

windows aero auto colorization

Windows 8 Aero Automatic Window Colorization

I like simple colors when it comes to the user interface in Windows. I do not need transparency, fancy color schemes, shadows and other effects. That's why I use the Aero Basic […]

Does it really matter if we don't upgrade our PCs anymore?

There are all manner of images, screenshots and leaked details coming out now about Windows 8 and we already know a lot about what Microsoft want this product to be.  We know […]

windows 8 modern reader

Windows 8 Modern Reader, A Built-In PDF Reader?

The Firefox web browser will be getting a built-in PDF reader, and so will Windows 8. A built-in PDF reader in Windows faces challenges that similar readers in browsers usually do not […]

windows 8 explorer

Yuck! Windows 8 Explorer Gets Ribbon Interface

I have to admit that I do not like the ribbon interface that much. You can see it in action in Microsoft's latest versions of Office or Windows 7 applications like Paint […]

windows 8 taskbar

Windows 8 Screenshots Leak, Show New Features

Several Windows 8 screenshots have leaked in the past, but they never revealed any new features of the upcoming Microsoft operating system. Some may have shown minor user interface changes, like the […]

fast booting a computing device

Windows 8 Direct Experience Mode

We do not know an awful lot about Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8. Heck, we do not even know if it will be named Windows 8 (Update: it was named Windows […]

Windows 8 will NOT be out January 7th 2013... Here's Why

It's been reported by MicrosoftFeed that Windows 8 will be out on retail shelves on 7th January 2013.  NeoWin have said that "None of this information is verified or is confirmed but is […]