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Join The Windows Feedback Program and grab some free apps

Are you 18 years of age or older and living in the United States ? Are you the owner of the computer and use either Windows XP or Windows Vista as your main operating system ? Then you might apply to join the Windows Feedback Program which will supply you with a free Microsoft application of your choice if your application gets accepted.

analyze Eula

EULA Analyzer

Do you read EULAs thoroughly every time before you accept the End User License Agreement or do you just scroll down to the bottom and click on accept without reading the agreement before ? I do the latter most of the time mostly because I do not have the time to read through it and probably not the knowledge of the terms used in the EULA which would lead to more investigation on my part.

restore accidentially closed programs

Open accidentally closed programs again

I think it happens to everyone every now and then. We try to close an application and another one pops up in that moment and we accidentally close this one that we did not want to close at all. This meant that we had to open this program again while clenching our fists to trying not to cry out loud about this goddamn incident.

Remove Evaluation Copy from Vista SP1

If you did update your version of Windows Vista with the latest release candidate of Service Pack 1 you might have noticed an annoying text in the lower right corner of your operating system stating Windows Vista (TM) Evaluation Copy. Build 6001 even if you are running a genuine version of Windows Vista.

skype plugin manager

What is skypePM.exe doing?

Whenever you start Skype, which loads the process Skype.exe, another process named skypePM.exe is loaded. SkypePM.exe is the Plugin Manager of Skype that is always loaded during the start of Skype even if you are not using a single plugin in Skype. This is not really efficient considering that this process uses 15+ Megabytes of RAM for doing nothing at all.

Windows Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals

The long awaited Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista is scheduled for a release later this week and Microsoft is doing its best to provide everyone, from the end user to the it professional, with information about the upcoming service pack 1. Five documents in total have been released that address specific user groups.

magic folder

Sort files in Vista easily with The Magic Folder

While surfing the net I tend to download a lot of stuff. Not because I enjoy cluttering my hard drive with thing's I'll never look at again, but for example to make […]

doc syncer

Sync Microsoft Documents with Google Docs automatically

Docsyncer was mentioned on the Digital Inspiration blog as a service that automatically synced Microsoft documents such as doc and xls with the Google Docs web service. This can be incredible helpful if you do use Microsoft Office and Google Docs. This could for instance be the case if you upload your Word or Excel documents to Google Docs to be able to work with them on a different computer.

file filter list

Add Filters to the Windows Common File Dialog

You might have cursed the developers of Notepad for instance if you ever tried to open a file in Notepad with a different extension than .txt. Notepad can only filter file lists for txt files or display all files. If you were looking for a php or htm file for instance you had to display all files in that folder and search for the file that you wanted to open.

Windows Vista SP1 will annoy Pirates

Microsoft revealed some changes to their Windows Genuine Advantage protection scheme for Windows Vista which determines if the copy of Windows Vista is legit. A non validated Windows Vista operating system would reduce its functionality after 30 days and make only security updates available for that system.

windows xp automatic login

Auto logon into Windows

Auto logon should not be configured if more than one user is working with a computer or if the computer is part of a local area network. A PC that is only used by one user could be configured to automatically log that user in when he boots his computer. I have auto logon enabled in Windows XP and really enjoy the faster boot speed.

create photo album

Create and Publish Photo Albums online

If you are looking for a quick way to create and publish a beautifully looking photo album you should take a look at Photo On Web. This software is ideal for those who want to create photo albums without having deeper knowledge of html and design. Users simply create a new album, add the photos that they want to see in it to it, choose a template from the 20 available that fits it nicely and click on publish to generate the photo album.


Disable the Windows Guest account correctly

The Windows XP guest account is not only used to allow guests to login to Windows XP but also to authenticate the computer in peer to peer networks. Disabling the XP guest account is therefor only advised if you do not use file sharing, printer sharing or Internet connection sharing. Please note that file sharing refers to the build in Windows XP functionality and not applications like Bittorrent or Emule.

Windows restarts or shows Bluescreen after installing new hardware

My friend experienced a problem after installing a new hardware device on his Windows XP operating system. Windows XP would restart immediately and he was puzzled why this was happening. A quick lookup in the Microsoft Knowledgebase revealed that this was a rather common problem that could appear after installing new hardware.

Display Notebook Battery Status

I find it hard to tell how much time I have left to work with my notebook when running on battery and always thought it would be nice to have an application that would display the notebook battery status somewhere on screen. BattStatt is a small software that displays the battery status in the system tray when hovering over the icon.

restart explorer.exe

Restart the Explorer when Windows hangs

This is a quick Windows tip that helps me from time to time when some windows in Microsoft Windows do not react anymore to user input and show that dreaded sand clock mouse cursor. This only works if Windows is still responsive. To shut down the Windows Explorer you need to hit Start > Shutdown (Turn off Computer on Windows XP) and click cancel on the shutdown dialog while holding the CTRL, Shift and ALT keys.

find text in files

Locate text in files

A friend of mine was telling me about a problem that he had with his website Love is a Game. A user posted a comment on Stumbleupon claiming that his website would contain a virus which his anti-virus software reported. He mentioned the name of the virus as well and a text string of a different domain. My though was that he had misinterpreted the warning and that it was a warning from another website and not from my friends website.

Use Returnil to create a Virtual System in Memory

One of the latest security trends is to use virtual systems to protect the computer from harm. The benefit of those systems is that changes are only temporary and undone after the next reboot which means that you always start with a fresh system. Most users do not want to use virtual systems because they seem complicated to setup and maintain.