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How to delete the large hiberfil.sys file on Windows

If you did check your computer for huge files that wasted lots of disk space you might have come upon a file called hiberfil.sys sitting in your C: drive with a size anywhere between 512 Megabytes and 4 Gigabytes depending on the RAM in your computer. If you choose to go into Hibernation mode in Windows the operating system will save everything stored in RAM to your hard drive which results in this huge file hiberfil.sys

windows update restart prompt

How to block "Restart your computer to finish installing important updates"

While the automatic update function in Windows XP and Vista is a good way to keep your system up to date with the latest patches it has the nasty habit to nag the user after downloading the patches to the computer. I suppose everyone has received a message that asks the user if he wants to reboot now or reboot later in XP or the dialog box that asks you to restart your computer to finish installing important updates in Windows Vista.

Forum Offline Reader

I'm a regular at several webmaster forums where I tend to read up on the latest trends and techniques. While forums are great for exchanging and gaining knowledge they have one disadvantage and that is that one needs to be online to be able to read what has been written there.

xmplay stop internet radio

Set Global Shortcuts for your Music Player

I was looking for a way to turn on and off Internet Radio while in applications that were running in fullscreen. I think I mentioned that I'm playing Team Fortress 2 at the moment with a few Buddies of mine. We use Teamspeak to communicate while playing. It happens that I'm the only one in Teamspeak which is why I start Internet Radio and leave it running in the background while playing alone.

XP Keep Per User Display Settings

If you share a computer with several other users you might have noticed that it is not possible to set a differing screen resolution, refresh rate and color depth for each user. Windows XP forces each user to use the same resolution, refresh rate and color depth which is a great annoyance.

system information bios

Find out the which BIOS is installed on your PC

A friend of mine was recently asking me if I knew how to find out which BIOS was installed in his computer. He wanted to know for two reasons. The first was that he could not remember and was not able to figure out on his own. He did want to buy a better CPU and had to know which were supported by his motherboard and BIOS.


Updatestar: check if Software Updates are available

Updatestar seems to be the most comprehensive software to scan your system for installed applications and check whether updates for those found are available. I did try several similar applications like Secunia Personal Software Inspector in the past but was somewhat disappointed by the small amount of softwares that could be detected.


Tweak Vista to suppress UAC popups

UAC is the Windows Vista User Account Control. UAC is basically another way to protect the computer from the user, or the user from himself. Much like those 'Do you really want to delete this file ?' questions UAC asks the user to give an application additional privileges even if he is currently logged on as the administrator. So, it is basically asking the user the question 'Do you really want to execute the following application ?'.

start menu

Start Multiple Applications from the Start Menu

Clicking on Start, All Programs, the folder of the software that you want to start and finally the software is the normal way to start applications using the Windows start menu. Unfortunately though it closes every time you have started a software from it which means that you have to follow the same path again if you want to open another application from it.

Defraggler a defragmentation software

The makers of CCleaner and Recuva have created a new software called Defraggler which is a defragmentation software for Microsoft Windows 2000 up to Windows Vista. Defraggler introduces some new features that most - if not all - other defragmentation softwares are missing.

open office plugin

Writers Tools for Open Office

If you prefer Open Office over Microsoft Office you might find the following plugin for Open Office useful. The so called Writers Tools for Open Office are a set of new functions that are added as a new menu in the software.

Stealth Windows Update poses more problems than thought

I have been writing about the stealth update that Microsoft did two weeks ago. Files in Windows XP and Windows Vista were updated without the users consent silently in the background. After some users did find out about the secret update Microsoft tried to convince everyone that the update was used to update the update routine of Windows XP and Vista.

Driver Max 3.0

A new version of Driver Max has been released just recently.Driver Max is a software to backup all your Windows system drivers to be able to import them again at a later date. The user may select the drivers that he would like to backup in case it is only some of them that he would like to have a backup of.

Windows Steady State

Who needs Windows Vistas parental control if you have all the options in Windows XP as well if you download the Microsoft software Steady State which probably was not designed with parental control in mind but with user control in general on Windows XP systems. The major benefit of Steady State is that you can create user accounts, restrict those accounts plus define that all changes made with these accounts are undone after rebooting the system.

WAssociate repair file type associations

I have written about a way to manually repair file type associations in Windows by using two commands and the Windows command line. While this works in most cases and is certainly faster than using a software for the matter it has its limitations.

Weather Forecasts with Weather Watcher

If you would like to take a look at up to date weather forecasts and weather reports for your location you might want to take a look at the software Weather Watcher. Weather Watcher displays all the relevant information that you would expect. You can choose to display the weather forecast for one of the more than 77000 cities that are stored in the database.

Stream your Screen like an Overhead Projector

What do you normally do if you want to share your screen with someone else who is not sitting in the same room ? You could use a software like Screen Stream to stream the contents of your monitor to the other person so that he would be able to see your actions on his monitor.

How to fix broken file associations

Did you ever have the problem that you wanted to change the file association of a certain file type but were not able to ? The normal way of right-clicking the filetype, clicking on Properties, then on the Change button next to the Opens With entry and browsing to the executable did not work for me because the executable was not added as the default software.