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Driver Max 3.0

A new version of Driver Max has been released just recently.Driver Max is a software to backup all your Windows system drivers to be able to import them again at a later date. The user may select the drivers that he would like to backup in case it is only some of them that he would like to have a backup of.

Windows Steady State

Who needs Windows Vistas parental control if you have all the options in Windows XP as well if you download the Microsoft software Steady State which probably was not designed with parental control in mind but with user control in general on Windows XP systems. The major benefit of Steady State is that you can create user accounts, restrict those accounts plus define that all changes made with these accounts are undone after rebooting the system.

WAssociate repair file type associations

I have written about a way to manually repair file type associations in Windows by using two commands and the Windows command line. While this works in most cases and is certainly faster than using a software for the matter it has its limitations.

Weather Forecasts with Weather Watcher

If you would like to take a look at up to date weather forecasts and weather reports for your location you might want to take a look at the software Weather Watcher. Weather Watcher displays all the relevant information that you would expect. You can choose to display the weather forecast for one of the more than 77000 cities that are stored in the database.

Stream your Screen like an Overhead Projector

What do you normally do if you want to share your screen with someone else who is not sitting in the same room ? You could use a software like Screen Stream to stream the contents of your monitor to the other person so that he would be able to see your actions on his monitor.

How to fix broken file associations

Did you ever have the problem that you wanted to change the file association of a certain file type but were not able to ? The normal way of right-clicking the filetype, clicking on Properties, then on the Change button next to the Opens With entry and browsing to the executable did not work for me because the executable was not added as the default software.

Page Defrag

Page Defrag is a tiny 70 Kilobyte software that displays information about how fragmented your paging files and registry hives are. Defragmenters running in Windows have no way of defragmenting those paging files and registry hives which usually means that they get fragmented over time which can degrade system performance.

schedule software

Schedule Software Starts

I was looking for a way to start softwares at a given time of the week and found X-ecutor to be the perfect choice for that. X-ecutor actually gives you even more options that that. It allows you to start softwares at system start, shutdown and at a selected time or day.

Font Smoothing for LCD Displays

Font Smoothing is not optimized properly on your computer. I can say that because it holds true for almost any computer that is running Windows XP using a LCD display. Windows XP offers only two ways to smooth fonts which are both deeply hidden in the system.

Microsoft secretly updating Windows Files

We all know that Microsoft can update Windows Vista and Windows XP at will if automatic updates are enabled. Did you know that Microsoft can also update your operating system even if you disabled automatic updates ? Most users would probably deny that this is possible but it turns out to be true.

Enhance Windows file operations

Windows file operations are displayed in an basic window with no option to enhance them at all. This can be really tiresome if you copy hundreds of files only to realize that the operation was terminated somewhere in the middle. There is no possibility to resume transfers as well and no list showing all file operations including their status.

Delay Windows Startup to Speed Up Startup

Enter Startup Delayer. What this software does is to list all applications that are started when Windows starts. You can then delay the startup of applications that are not system critical. I would for instance instantly start my security applications but delay the start of lesser important programs such as Office, iTunes and other applications of that kind.

Add Registry Key Bookmarks

If you happen to work regularly with the registry of your Windows system you might have thought that it would be great to be able to open the most used registry keys using a bookmark like system. It's kinda funny that I never noticed until now that it is possible to add registry keys to the registry favorites.

Resource Friendly Spell Checker

Firefox, Word, Thunderbird and several other applications all have a build in spell checker that warns the user if a word that was written was not found in the dictionary file. There is however no general spell checker in Windows which means that users have to write their texts in softwares that have a spell checker and copy paste them into the software that has none. Or they could write their texts without spell checking.

Manage Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Windows does not handle Wallpapers for Dual Monitors very well. If you ever tried to use different wallpapers on each monitor or stretch a wallpaper across both you know what I mean. We - again - have to rely on third party softwares to add functionality to Windows.

File and Directory Monitoring

If you are looking for a sophisticated file and directory monitoring software that looks rather complex on first sight but offers a lot of possibilities if one works for a short time with Log Monitor. Directories or files that you add are monitored in intervals - even realtime is possible - that you specify and commands are executed if checks that are performed in that intervals return a positive value.

Free Software for your computer

Gili over at Connected Internet compiled a list of 15 applications that he calls the best free software for your computer. We all know that it can be quite difficulty to compile a list with the best because the best is nothing more than a personal judgment. I would agree that about half of the recommended softwares are must haves while the other half are nice to have but not really required.

Vista Explorer Breadcrumbs for Windows XP

Windows Vista does have some nice features that are a great addition but not enough to justify a purchase. That is why clever software coders stepped in and implemented those features for Windows XP. XP has the major advantage that it is a fairly stable system that is not as resource hungry as Windows Vista is.