Norton User Account Control

A few weeks ago I started thinking of who a company like Norton could overcome the image of producing heavyweight system slowing software products and one of the ideas that came to […]

Windows Vista Multi-User Language Interface Hacker

There are several reasons why someone would want to change the language of the Windows Vista installation. Could be that a laptop or computer was bought in another country that came with […]

Windows Extractor

Another interesting Windows software application came up in the Donation Coder forum the other day. A user was asking for an application to maximize part of a window or control to fullscreen […]

Windows Vista Take Ownership Extension

If you want to manipulate system files in Windows Vista you need to take ownership of them and assign the correct rights to the file so that it can be manipulated. Windows […]

Install Aero Cursor Scheme In Windows XP

You find many tutorials on the Internet about installing fonts that shipped with Windows Vista in Windows XP. There are literally hundreds of websites that explain how to change the look and […]

Windows Vista Theme Customization

Microsoft put a lot of effort into making Windows Vista a visually compelling operating system. The system still has the same Windows Vista theme protections in place that make it impossible to […]

The Extra Money For Windows Vista Ultimate Is Finally Paying Off

Microsoft made lots of promises at the time when Windows Vista was released concerning the extras that Windows Vista Ultimate users would get. Only a handful of extras have been released since […]

Vista Start Menu

Vista Start Menu is a software program for all Windows NT systems including Windows XP and Windows Vista that can replace the current start menu with a modified version. The software application […]

Windows 7 Wishlist

As you know by now, I’d be the first to defend Vista. I personally feel it is the best OS available at this point in time and I’ve spent the last 9 […]

Smart User Account Control A Rogue?

Would you trust a company that has published software programs in the past that were listed in adware and spyware databases like Site Advisor, Host Files, Emsisoft, Symantec or Malwarebytes? Would you […]

Default Vista Audio Changer

Windows Vista made things really complicated for users who are using several different audio outputs, for example headphones and speakers on the system. The problem is that Windows Vista can only support […]

WinFS, Was it Really so Good?

If you were in any way interested in Windows Longhorn then WinFS will not be an unfamiliar word to you. This technology was to be part of the revolutionary next OS and […]

Restore Files With Shadow Explorer

Windows Vista uses a service called Volume Shadow Copy Service which is turned on by default on all versions of Windows Vista. The service created shadow copies of files from time to […]

Windows XP WGA To Mimic That Of Windows Vista

Windows XP users who update their system through automatic updates or the Windows update service might be in for a surprise. Microsoft has upgraded the company's Windows Genuine Advantage software for Windows […]

multiple desktops

Multiple Desktops for XP and Vista

I’ve always loved the ease in which multiple desktops are accessible in Ubuntu (and other Linux OS’s as well I presume, I haven’t tried any) and find myself wishing for the same […]

Circle Dock

Circle Dock was another contribution to the Donation Coder Programming Challenge. It was an entry by Eric Wong who contributed not only this but another software program to the Challenge. Circle Dock […]

mojave experiment

The Mojave Experiment Website Is Up

Microsoft is trying to prove to the world that Windows Vista is not as bad as a large portion of the public and press is seeing it. The Mojave Experiment is just […]

system partitioning vista

System Partitioning with Vista

System Partitioning is a little scary, especially if your as stupid as me and don’t back your files up before you start. I have been using Ubuntu installed through Wubi, a very […]