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Welcome to the software and web development section here on Ghacks. We mostly cover web development related news here, for instance updates for the popular blogging platform Wordpress which we use, but also news about other development related topics of interest.

This includes general webmaster related information, for instance if Google, Bing or another company add, remove or modify features, how to articles that explain how you can do development related tasks – like migrating from one server to another – or how you can check your website’s reputation on the Internet.

All in all, this category is essential for webmasters, especially those using Wordpress as it informs them about all important news and changes.

android game development

The Beginner's Guide to Android Game Development by James Cho is a complete Android game development course for beginners who have little or no programming experience. Whenever I read a statement like that, I'm concerned that a book is too shallow or increases the pace suddenly so that beginners won't be able to follow unless […]

reddit domain results

I monitor several groups on Reddit that are of interest to me personally. What I like about Reddit is that you get tips and links posted by thousands of users who share interests with you. As a webmaster, Reddit is also important when a page on your website or your main domain name gets submitted […]

modify website developer tools

Most developers use a local development environment that replicates the live website. They use it to test any change made to the website before it is pushed to the live server. This can be an update, for instance a new version of WordPress, the installation of a new script or feature, or a change to […]

wordpress excerpts

WordPress creates a lot of pages on a website and the majority of them are created by pulling information from single articles that you create. There is the homepage that lists the most recent articles, categories and tags that sort them into different groups, date pages that sort them by date, and several other pages […]

wordpress move comments

I'm currently going through all aged posts here on Ghacks Technology News to update them whenever possible, or remove them from the blog if it does not make sense to do so. This is for instance the case for posts about giveaways on third-party websites. Since the giveaway is long over, it does not really […]

neowin-net-webpage-not-available is one of our partner websites, and it came as a surprise yesterday that the site went down completely. I first thought that this was just a fluke and tried connecting again in a different browser, but that did not work out as well. After some digging I found out that was indeed […]

yoast wordpress seo webmaster tools

Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin is a well designed plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs that takes care of several SEO related settings and preferences. It enables you to define how permalinks should look like, how titles and other meta information are displayed, allows for the creation of XML sitemaps, supports breadcrumbs, and can be used to […]

just writing distraction free wordpress

The default WordPress writing environment is not well suited for writing at all, in my opinion. You get a sidebar on the left, modules on the right, and a toolbar on top that displays items that you may never use in your life. In addition, you also have modules below the text area. While this […]


Google Analytics is a service by Google for webmasters who want to track the traffic, conversions and other metrics in regards to sites that they add to the service. The service highlights where visitors come from, what they do on the site, and how they leave it again among other things. Recently, Google has started […]