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Welcome to the software and web development section here on Ghacks. We mostly cover web development related news here, for instance updates for the popular blogging platform Wordpress which we use, but also news about other development related topics of interest.

This includes general webmaster related information, for instance if Google, Bing or another company add, remove or modify features, how to articles that explain how you can do development related tasks – like migrating from one server to another – or how you can check your website’s reputation on the Internet.

All in all, this category is essential for webmasters, especially those using Wordpress as it informs them about all important news and changes.


Progate is a -- currently free- web service that teaches you various programming, scripting and other computer related skills. The service was established in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, and has been made available in English in October 2017. You need to sign up for an account to start using the service, but the email that […]

sonar web scanner

Microsoft's Edge development team launched a new open source website scanner called Sonar yesterday which tests websites for security and performance issues. Sonar is available as a web tool and command line tool; the web version of Sonar is easier to use though, as it requires just an URL to get started with the scan. […]

android studio 3.0

Google released a new version of the company's official development environment for Android, Android Studio 3.0, to the public yesterday. Android Studio 3.0 comes with three new features and updates to many existing ones. New app profiling tools, support for the Kotlin programming language, and new tools to speed up the development on the latest […]

siteverify link verification

SiteVerify is a free program for Windows to scan links and images to find out whether they are broken or work correctly. The application is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows starting with Windows XP. It supports both client and server versions, and requires the Microsoft .Net Framework. You can run the program right […]

java 9

Oracle has just released Java 9, the new version and latest update to the Java platform, featuring improvements across the board. The new release includes a long list of improvements and changes like modularization support, better performance, support for new standards and more. Oracle classifies Java 9 as a major release. The release notes highlight […]

codeplex shutting down

Microsoft announced yesterday that it will shut down its open-source project hosting website CodePlex on December 15, 2017. The company launched CodePlex in 2006 as a place to "share software". CodePlex enabled anyone to create and share projects. The site offered various tools for that, including a wiki software, source control based on Mercurial, Subversion, […]

guetzli optimize images

The following guide walks you through the steps of optimizing jpeg images using Google's new Guetzli compression algorithm. Google unveiled Guetzli some time ago, a JPEG encoder that promises up to 35% smaller file sizes than achievable with current methods. A 35% reduction would result in Ghacks saving hundreds of Megabytes of storage space, and […]

rgblind color blindness extension

Color blindness affects a large percentage of the population. Studies have shown that up to 8% of males and 0.5% of females of Northern European heritage are affected by red-green color blindness for instance. The ability to distinguish between colors gets worse with age as well. As a webmaster, you may want to make sure […]

wordpress editor

A large part of the Internet is powered by the content management system WordPress. While some call it a blogging platform, WordPress is more than that thanks to its extensibility. There are plugins that turn WordPress into a full featured eCommerce store, plugins that make it an art gallery, and plugins that create community sites […]

wordpress enumerate users

The most recent version of WordPress ships with new REST API capabilities which plugins, apps, services, or the WordPress core can utilize. The WordPress development team pushes new features to WordPress all the time. Many of those features improve the functionality of WordPress significantly. Every now and then though, features get added that are problematic […]

duckduckgo programming

The search engine DuckDuckGo is working on improving results for programming related search queries using its instant answers feature. If you are a programmer, especially when you are just starting out, you probably search for information and code examples regularly. Even if you learn using one of those "getting started" books, chance is high that […]

browser refresh

Browser Refresh is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that allows you to quickly refresh multiple web browsers with a single keystroke. Please note that refresh refers to loading open web pages anew, and not resetting the browser. Refresh is used in that context as well, but Refresh Browsers is only for reloading open […]

microsoft desktop app converter

Microsoft showcased its Desktop App Converter program some time ago to highlight how easy it is to convert some desktop programs to Universal Apps format. The main idea behind the tool was to make it easier for developers to turn legacy desktop programs for Windows into Store apps. Programs turned into apps this way would […]

https checker

HTTPS Checker is a free program for Windows that provides you with the means to scan all pages of a website for HTTPS related issues. Rolling out HTTPS on an established site has become a lot easier in recent time. While that is the case, it still very important to make sure that the implementation […]

windows apps development course

Microsoft's Windows 10 development for absolute beginners course hast just been published by the company to its Channel 9 website. The course is specifically designed for developers with little programming experience. While it is for absolute beginners, core concepts in C# are required according to Microsoft. The company recommends its free C# for Absolute Beginners […]

atom io welcome

I reviewed a third-party build of the text editor Atom for Windows back in 2014 and concluded that it was an excellent option for programmers thanks to the impressive set of features it shipped with. Today, Atom 1.0 has been released and with it an official version of the editor for the Windows operating system […]