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instagram save data

Save data on Instagram by changing preload settings

I have to admit that I never quite got the world's fascination with services like Instagram. While I do have an account, I only use it when I write about the service. […]

ftp rush server to server

Transfer files directly between servers with FTP Rush

If you need to copy files between two servers, you have a couple of options on how to do so. Many users may download the files from the originating server to the […]

new data collector set

How to measure actual hard drive usage on Windows

If you are using a computer with a Solid State Drive you may have wondered how long it will last. Solid State Drives, unlike regular platter-based hard drives, have limited write capabilities. […]

udemy blank page video not loading

Fix Udemy videos not loading

As you may know, I started taking courses on the Udemy website recently. They had a black Friday sale recently where you could get hundreds of courses for $10 each. When I […]


How to convert WebP images to other image formats

Depending on your web browser of choice, you may have encountered webp images before or not at all. The main reason for this is that the format is not supported by all […]

web content monitor

How to keep programs up to date without automatic updates

Automatic updates can be quite helpful at times. While some users prefer to download and install updates manually as it gives them more control over the process and options to test an […]

disable dropbox autostart

How to stop Dropbox permanently from autostarting on Windows

I run the excellent Autoruns regularly to block programs, services, drivers and whatnot from starting automatically on the system. While I do take good care of that usually during installation, there are […]

browsing history view

Export your browsing history before you delete it

Depending on how you access the Internet, information about the sites you visited in the past may be available in different locations locally and also remotely. Most web browsers keep track of […]


How to add custom filters to Chrome ad-blocking extension ┬ÁBlock

I have reviewed the Chrome extension ┬ÁBlock a couple of months ago here on Ghacks and liked it a lot as it offered the same level of advertisement and nuisance blocking that […]

uninstall nvidia geforce experience

Why are nvbackend.exe and nvstreamsvc.exe running in the background?

Video card driver packages ship with a truckload of programs and drivers of which only some are required to operate the card at maximum performance. When it comes to Nvidia cards, it […]

ebay save searches

Save eBay searches for fast future access

I'm currently researching video game listings on eBay for a new project that I'm writing a project plan for right now. The searches that I run are targeted and use several of […]

taskbar buttons

Modify the Windows taskbar to show icons for each program instance individually

Microsoft changed the way the taskbar works in Windows 7. Among the many changes were options to pin programs and files to the taskbar to improve their accessibility on the system. Part […]

screenshot showing PUP detections

How to deal with Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)

If you are running a modern security suite, chance is that you may have received notifications about so-called PUP or PUA on the PC. Companies use their own definition and list of […]

chromes internet activity

How to analyze a program's Internet connections in a minute

There are times where you want to monitor if a program connects to the Internet. Maybe you have just downloaded it and want to check if it connects to servers on the […]

disable camera

How to disable the webcam on a Windows PC

Many mobile computers have webcams built-in nowadays so that users can use it for communication. Webcams can be used to video chat for instance using programs such as Skype. While that is […]

avg browser configuration tool

AVG's Browser Configuration Tool undoes browser changes by AVG software

Nowadays whenever you install a security software on your Windows operating system or another software there is always the chance that third-party software is installed along with it. These offers don't have […]

disable cloud sign-in office 2013

How to remove cloud features from Office 2013

If you are using Microsoft's most recent desktop version of Office, Office 2013, you may have noticed that the company has integrated several cloud features in it. You can sign in to […]

rip music options

How to rip audio CDs with Windows Media Player

If you are using Windows Media Player as your default audio and video player on Windows, or do not have a third-party CD ripping program at hand, you may use the program […]