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microsoft word

Set Transparent Color for Images in Microsoft Word

I once had to add a image into a Word document that had a black background which looked awful when printing the document. Microsoft Word comes with a few basic possibilities to alter graphics that are added which includes changing colors of the image and defining a transparent color for the image.

reset windows firewall

Reset the Windows Firewall

If you have discovered a Virus or Trojan on your system you are advised to reset (or check) the settings of your firewall to make sure that no backdoor has been created that allows the hacker to log into your computer easily again even if the Virus or Trojan has been removed.

join images with xnview

Join Images Together with XnView

The majority of computer users are probably using GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or Paint.Net when it comes to the editing images on their systems. Sometimes though those programs are overkill and there are […]

CD or DVD Drive Slow? Change it from PIO to DMA Mode

When you burn a CD or DVD in Windows, your DVD burner usually uses the DMA (Direct Memory Access) mode. Basically, this allows you to transfer large chunks of data onto your […]

Itunes Error 69 when syncing iPod

I have been experiencing the Error 69 in iTunes lately when syncing iPod. The full error message read "Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)" which is not really that helpful if you ask me. I figured that this was some kind of transfer problem and decided to investigate it further.

HTML source code

Change the Source Viewer in IE, Firefox and Opera

The default source viewer for all browsers mentioned in the title is not optimal and sometimes posing more problems than solving them. Mozilla Firefox is displaying the source in a new stripped down Firefox window, the Internet Explorer is using Notepad and Opera is displaying it in a new Opera tab.

pdf file open in browser

Fix PDF Document Display Problems in Browsers

I'm not sure what is causing it but I do know that a lot of users have difficulties opening PDF files in browsers. In my former tech related job I had to find a way to find out why those pdf documents were not shown in the Browser correctly and how it would be possible to fix this issue and make them display correctly.

video library locations

Stop Folders from being monitored in WMP 11

Windows Media Player 11 is constantly monitoring several folders in the My Documents folder structure for media changes. If you do not use WMP 11 as your main media player you might be wasting resources caused by this monitoring. By default the My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folders are monitored and new files are automatically added to the Windows Media Player 11 library.

skype single contact messaging history cleaner

Clear the Chat History of one contact in Skype

Did you know that the default setting for the Skype Chat History is forever ? That means, every chat with every contact is still visible using the View Chat History right-click menu option. This could be a privacy related issue if someone else has access to your computer.

Clear Temporary Files during System Shutdown

Windows does not automatically delete temporary files during system shutdown. This means that deleted files in the trashbin and temporary files like those in the Internet Cache are still accessible after a restart of the system. System cleaners like CCleaner or Disk Cleaner are able to delete those files but I would like to show a way how many of them can be deleted by using a Windows system tool.

Bin, Cue, Img and Iso files explained

Bin and Cue, Img and Iso files are CD and DVD formats that store all the information of the CD or DVD. Users come across them on many occasions such as Linux distributions, Open Source software distributed on CDs and of course when downloading files from P2P networks, ftp, irc or the Usenet.

How to avoid saving spaceball.gif at Flickr

Some images at Flickr are weakly protected with an image overlay called spaceball.gif. Whenever you right-click the image to save it you do save spaceball.gif instead which is a 1x1 pixel image showing nothing at all. The same happens if you try to drag the image to your desktop or hard drive.

internet explorer favorites

Edit Internet Explorer 7 Favorites in Fullscreen

I do not like the way all major browsers display and let you manage the bookmarks and favorites. Internet Explorer 7 displays the favorites either in a sidebar or a tiny window and it becomes really annoying if you have to edit a lot of favorites from time to time. I do add a lot of websites to the favorites at work because that is the only computer that I'm forced to use the Internet Explorer.

The best way to create pdf documents

I have been using two methods to create pdf documents lately and made the decision to stick with one of them after evaluating both of them. Creating pdf documents is not something that I have to do on a daily basis but it was always a rather complicated process because I did not want to purchase a professional version of Adobe Acrobat only to create a handful of documents each year.

Speed up Open Office

My biggest complaint that I have when using Open Office is the speed of the application. It loads terribly slow for instance and it only topped by the time GIMP needs to startup. Way to slow to edit a document quickly in my opinion. The guys at Zolved found a way to speed up Open Office by editing a few settings in the software's settings.

extract multiple archives

How to extract multiple independent rar files

Extracting multiple independent rar files did take some time in the past until I found out how to do this with just a few clicks of the mouse. The rar files should be in the same directory for this method. Just mark all rar files, right-click the marked area and select to uninstall all files in this location.

Par2 Files Explained

Par2 Files are common on the Usenet today.They are not that common on the Internet in general and I can't think of a location where I encountered them except for the Usenet. Par2 Files can be used to repair broken archives. That is the basic explanation of course, the technical is a little bit more complicated. Lets use a example to make it clearer. Let us assume that you have downloaded a number of rar files (.rar, r01, r02 and so on) that can be unpacked to create the file test.avi which has a size of 700 Megabytes.

vlc set video wallpaper

Video Wallpapers for all Windows Vista editions

Vista Ultimate has a feature called Dreamscene that can be downloaded as a preview version including a Dreamscene content package which was released just a few days ago. Dreamscene makes it possible to use Videos as wallpapers in Windows Vista. The Dreamscene content package added four new videos that could be used as wallpapers in Windows Vista but you can also use other videos to use as a wallpaper.