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MySpace Login Page

In this day and age, very few people have not heard of Myspace. Myspace is a social networking website. MySpace users create their own webpages and then in turn, invite "friends" who […]

Save Printer Ink With Printliminator Bookmarklet

Printing out articles or other information on a website has usually the effect that a lot of elements are included in the print out that are not necessarily needed. This waste of […]

Opera Widgets For Desktop

The Opera developers have taken a different road than most web browser manufacturers when it comes to add-ons for their web browser. The main difference is that Opera Widgets are running in […]

Bing Federated Search Connector For Windows 7

Federated search is one of the new features of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. The feature integrates the option to search external data sources from within Windows Explorer in the same way […]

Top 5 Security Plugins For Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer

Which browser is the most secure web browser? That's a question that is hard to answer, and Internet users usually mention the web browser that they use when asked the question. There […]

TrendProtect Warns Internet Explorers About Dangerous Websites

TrendProtect is a Web of Trust like web browser plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer (and soon Firefox) from security developers Trend Micro. The plugin for Internet Explorer will scan and rate the […]

Auto Repair Internet Explorer With Fix IE Utility

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still one of the most popular - or shall we say widely used - web browsers for computers running the Windows operating systems. Two of the main reasons […]

Friendster Login

Friendster is an old social networking service that was established in 2002. It quickly grew to become one of the most popular networks even though the owners decided to decline buyout offers […]

MySpace Login Help and Troubleshooting

MySpace is without doubt one of the most popular social networking websites on the Internet even though some say it has been in decline ever since Facebook took off. MySpace login problems […]

Super Creepy Cyborg Insects Will Soon Spy On You

Pentagon has been working on a special type of technology that would turn bugs in to something that would really live up to the multiple meanings of bug. Okay, I will give […]

Twitter Account Suspended? Be Careful What You Post

You might have already read about it in the news elsewhere: The Twitter account of security researcher Mikko H. Hyppönen of F-Secure got suspended without warning two days ago. Mikko tried to […]

Bing Maps 3D

Bing Maps, which was formerly known as Virtual Earth, is Microsoft's answer to Google Maps. The maps service is directly available on the Bing homepage and offers a 2D mode by default. […]

Seamonkey 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Available

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Those are the five most popular web browsers on the Internet. If you would ask users to mention two more most would probably have […]

Create A Windows Search Shortcut

Users who want to perform a search in Windows usually do so from the Windows start menu where the search link (Windows XP) or search form (Windows Vista and Windows 7) is […]

Yahoo Meme Opens Registrations For Anyone

We reviewed Yahoo Meme a while ago here at Ghacks and gave out several invites to Yahoo's Twitter-like service. The service was in private beta back then which meant that only users […]

Google Starts Educating The Masses About Web Browsers

You might remember the survey that Google conducted in New York a while back asking random people passing by what a web browser is. It was not that surprising, at least for […]

Perform Plain Google Searches Without Video, Image And News Results

If you perform a Google search nowadays you get mixed search results. Google not only displays the first ten pages that is has in its index for the entered keyword but also […]

Xoopit To Become Yahoo Mail Exclusive

Xoopit, a company that was bought by Yahoo not long ago, developed email indexing and photo sharing technologies that have since then be integrated into Yahoo Mail. Gmail users, among others, were […]