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What can I do if Bittorrent gets throttled or blocked

It is important to know what to do if your Internet Service Provider decides to throttle or block certain ports that are used by applications that use the Bittorrent protocol. Comcast recently started using an application called Sandvine which uses a new way to throttle or block traffic. Sandvine uses something that is called session management which basically limits the number of open connections on your computer without caring about ports and protocols for instance.

binreader stream usenet videos

Stream Videos from Usenet

When you normally download a video from the Usenet you do the following. You fire up your Newsreader, download the files, unpack them and watch the movie in your favorite movie player. NZB Player offers a different solution which is great especially for small nzb files that point to a video file directly. The player streams nzb files that you load into it from the Usenet directly which is nice for preview reasons and if you want to use a shortcut to view the video.

Why WGA and DRM will fail

We had two reports last week that gave us the reason why DRM and WGA will fail in the long run. The first story was about Google Video who sold videos with DRM and closed down their service leaving everyone who purchased those videos standing in the rain because it will not be possible to play those videos after Google Video shuts down.

Another virtual web desktop from Magix

After two previously mentioned services, I'd like to add another web desktop provider to the "list". A German company well-known for developing advanced audio and video editing software decided to offer their own "portable desktop" to those who register for free. I've tried it myself and I can honestly say it looks promising, although it's still a beta version. Magix's applications are very stylish and pleasant and this free service doesn't make any exception to that rule.

fix picture

Fixpicture Resize and Convert Images Online

I sometimes try to write articles at work and run into problems when I want to add images to the article and have to resize the images to make them fit into my website. We only have Microsoft Paint at work which is crap if you want to resize images and save them in a compressed format which means that I have to rely on online services to complete the task.

Google Earth adds the Sky

Google Earth is a interesting application not only for geographers but also for everyone else who is interested in the earth. All the addons that are available for it make it a great experience to learn more about the earth. The sky is the limit, that's what Google probably thought when they decided to add the Sky - that's the blue thingy above your head with all the shiny stars - to Google Earth.

Smart Image Resizing and Manipulation

It does not happen very often that I see a demonstration of a new technique and say something like "Wow, give it to me, NOW!" immediately after it finishes. This is one of the times that it actually happened. The real problem with images on websites is that they are more or less static. The webmaster selected a size for the image and this is the size that you see when you visit the page and it does not matter if you have a very small screen or a big one.

Beware of bogus Software Awards

I found this story at the Donation Coder blog and thought that I would pass it on because it is really worth to mention. A software author who submitted his softwares to various download sites before took a closer look at some of them only to find out that some download sites gave awards to every software in their catalog.

Google Bot has privileges, or, how to browse the Internet as Google's Bot

Last year I was describing a way to get into the website by disguising yourself as the Googlebot. Apparently a similar story makes its way around the Internet these days with a more detailed approach detailing the steps that you have to partake to be identified as Googlebot.

wikiw atchdog

Which organization is editing Wikipedia entries ?

A website like Wikipedia that offers every user the ability to edit most of the articles is definitely being manipulated by organizations, companies and individuals that try to push their agenda on this new battlefield. It is however not that easy to determine if an article has been altered by someone on behalf of an organization.

News Ticker Style RSS Feeds

I have been looking for a rss reader for quite some time that would display the latest feeds in a news ticker style known from television news channels such as CNN. I quickly found an interesting Czech freeware that would display all my rss feeds in a news ticker either at the top or at the bottom of my screen.

Check Sign up Availability of Private Torrent Sites

Many private torrent websites have a user limit in place which makes it impossible for new users to sign up unless an old user gets kicked out of the system, deletes his account or the admins raise the user limit. It is a tedious task to visit those sites daily to make sure that you can sign up eventually.

startpage google anonymous

Search Google Anonymously

Privacy should be a major concern for everyone on the Internet these days. You would be surprised what search engines such as Google know about you - well, not really about you unless you have a real name account with them and are logged in when performing searches.

Windows 7 Wallpaper

Windows 7, the new Microsoft operating system, is still at least three years away but that fact did not seem to bother Deviant Art member Long Z who created an unofficial but great looking Windows 7 wallpaper. Windows 7, which was codenamed Vienna before, is just another codename of course and we will most likely experience another name change in the future.

AIM Ad Hack

AIM, which is short for AOL Instant Messenger, is one of the popular Instant Messengers with more than 53 million active users. Only Jabber comes close to this numbers while other popular clients such as MSN have only half of that active user base. One big problem with AIM is the integration of advertisements and bundled software which is not needed to run AIM at all.

Some Fun on Sunday

I'm in the mood for some funny pictures and thought that it could be nice to create a series of threads every Sunday from now on. If you like the idea to read a post with links to funnny videos, pictures and audio files let me know.

Fichey Digital Microfiche

Fichey finally offers a new approach for the crowded web 2.0 community by giving everyone access to the back catalogue of popular social news and bookmarking websites such as Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon. This is just one approach of Fichey but the most important one.

Another great free wallpaper website

It has been a long time since I mentioned the last website that offered hundreds of wallpapers in various resolutions and I thought it would be nice to add another great site to the list. Wallpaperstock is a website with a large variety of wallpapers that are offered in several resolutions and categories.