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Convert a file before downloading

Media Convert is a new online service which makes it possible to convert a lot of file formats before downloading the file to your computer. All you have to do is add an url and select the input format. Select the format that you want to convert the file to and click on convert. The only restriction is that the file has a maximum size of 150 megabytes, everything above that amount will not be processed.

There are so many supported file formats that it is impossible to name them all. I try to list the most important ones. It supports the most important text formats, such as doc, txt, pdf, rtf and Open Office, many zip formats such as zip, rar and cab. It supports 17 movie formats such as avi, mpg, mov and mp4 and more than 40 audio formats.

Monitor prices on Amazon with Price Watcher

Amazon offers a huge product catalogue on their different (country) websites which has one major problem and that is clarity. Navigating through the content can be really painful, especially if you only want to check the current price of several items that you would like to buy. One way to handle this would be to store all products as bookmarks and check them manually every day to see if the price was reduced. This is however not very practicable.

The free Amazon Price Watcher aids you in this task. It allows you to search many Amazon stores - including those for the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Canada) - using the Amazon Price Watcher interface. Just search for products in selected categories and save interesting results in a library. The library offers fast access to information such as price and availabilty including a price chart which displays the overall price trend.

Stop the Big Brother State

The Big Brother State is a short educational film created at the German university of Augsburg which tries to provide a different view of certain laws that are supposed to protect our freedom for the sake of our rights and privacy. Do we really need more observation at public places, trusted computing, biometric passports and network traffic monitoring. Who is able to tell that that no misuse will ever happen with the collected data ?


Scribd, a youtube for documents

It was only a matter of time until someone put youtube clones on the web that did not concentrate on movies but on other files such as documents. Scribd is one of the first sites that gives its users the opportunity to upload - or even bulk upload - many types of documents including pdf, txt and doc. Every single document can be downloaded in the same three formats even without being logged in, much similar to youtube.

Save internet radio!

Today i discovered a independent online radio station which has owners that see radio as an art form and not a platform to turn out a endless stream of advertisement and mediocre music.At the moment they pay around 10-12% of their income in royalties for the music they play, which seems very reasonable to me.But the "US Copyright Board" has made a decision about online radio which will mean the end of Radio Paradise and many other online radio stations.

This new regulation means the stations have to pay not 10-12% but as much as 125% of their income in royalties.
So if they don't have some huge advertisers behind them (which will lead to a music station with a lot of advertisement, thus leading to the opposite they want to the station to be) they will not be able to continue their work and passion.
If you want to read more about this issue visit Save our internet radio which is made by the owners of Radio Paradise and is a good source for more information.


A list of Free and Legal Torrent Sites

Most people don't ever think that it is possible that free and legal torrent websites exist, they automatically assume that torrents equal illegality. The list of then free and legal torrent sites proves this assumption wrong. NewTeeVee did a great job of compiling the list which is just a tiny fraction of the whole torrent scene. I still think that it is a good beginning to show others who do not know that much about bittorrent that there are indeed legal applications.

RIAA Boycott

I'm sick and tired. Sick and tired of the RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America, their methods, their pressure against their customers, their inability to cope with a new situation, their stubbornness and their greed. Instead of listening to their customers and possible customers they cling to their old ways of distribution and show an unbelievable ineffectiveness to cope with new technologies and ways of spreading music.

Comparison of Joost and Babelgum

Babelgum and Joost are two services that try to deliver tv content to your computer using peer to peer technology. Both services seem to have the same aim to make the transition from watching shows on your television to watching shows on the internet as fluent as possible. There is no configuration involved, all that is needed is the Bablegum or Joost client and a broadband connection to the internet.

Find high quality wallpapers on Wincustomize

I'm really fond of wallpapers and always looking for great sites that offer many of them. I do rotate them every 15 minutes on my Windows desktop which looks and feels great. Whenever I come upon a new wallpaper site that offers quality wallpapers without - to much - spam and ads I post it here at ghacks because I know that many of my readers also love wallpapers. The following site offers more than 8000 high quality wallpapers, the only bad thing about it is that it only displays eight of them per page.

1000 Wallpapers on a single page

Many wallpaper websites can be classified as spammy. They have to many ads, some use popups and other means of making a quick buck. Good wallpaper sites are therefor rare and deserve to be mentioned in an article. The over 1000 abstract wallpaper on a single page website offers what its page title suggests, a good way of viewing and downloading some or even all of the wallpapers offered on that page.

uTorrent 1.6.1 update fixes remote exploit

I'm so glad that I made the change from bitcomet to uTorrent some time ago because uTorrent is by far the most efficient bittorrent client that I could get my fingers on until now. I receive great speeds, it does not use many resources on my computer, heck the client is only 173 KB in size.

Protect your Wireless Lan

More and more users use wireless connections to connect to the Internet, many do receive a wireless lan router by default from their internet provider and forget to protect the router and the connection properly. Insecure Wireless routers are a main target not only of hackers but also of neighbours in the vicinity who like to waste your bandwidth instead of their own.

Run a local proxy server

I was so excited to write this article that I could not sleep well all night. Yesterday I have written an article that explained how you could setup a webserver on your computer and use it to display websites or share files with your friends. Today I'm going to show you how to use this webserver to host a local proxy server that you can access from anywhere on the net to surf sites that are blocked at your current location.

dropbox share link

An alternative to file hosts

File hosts are extremely useful if you need webspace to make the file available to a larger audience. On the other hand I never fully understood why someone would be using file hosts to share files with friends or business associates. The only two advantages that I can see are that no other programs are needed to download the files and that it is easy to use.

Fake Torrent Finder

Fake torrents are spread into the system by organizations for two reasons. The first and in my opinion dominant one is to unsettle the torrent users by lowering the rate of successful downloads. Nothing is more discouraging than downloading the latest blockbuster for days only to see that you downloaded only garbarge in that time. In addition to this the trackers that spread the fake torrents are recording every bit of information they can get their hands on.

Play your MP3 collection remotely

If you are using different computers to work with you might have experienced the problem that you can't listen to your mp3 collection on all of them. I have my mp3 files on my computer at home and not on my notebook for instance unless I would copy all the music to the hard drive of the notebook or find a online solution to store my mp3 files. (like mp3tunes)

Google Reader vs. Netvibes

I have been using Netvibes to subscribe to and read feeds from other websites and recently decided to give Google Reader a try to see if the hype that it created was justified at all. I really like the options to customize the feeds into different windows and tabs in netvibes, I added some on different subjects such as tech and software and can switch between those tabs for fast access. Drag and Drop is used to move feeds around which makes this feature very fast.

Bittorrent client Bitthief spies on users

Bitthief, as the name already implies, is a bittorrent client that leeches from the community without giving something back to it. It basically reminds me of those leecher mods for emule that have been popular a few years ago. Bitthief accomplishes this by reducing the upload speed to 0. The developer of Bitthief, the Distributed Computing Group at ETH Zurich puts it this way: