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Stardoll Play around with Paper Dolls

The Stardoll is definitely a great playground for children between the age of 7 and 16 but also suitable for everyone else who likes to dress and play around with paper dolls. The site offers two main areas. The first can be accessed without registering to Stardollls. You can pick a celebrity, e.g. Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue or Heidi Klum and use a wardrobe to to outfit them. If you take Johnny you could dress him with the same clothes that he was wearing in The Pirates of the Caribbean or with a multitude of other clothes.

giganews accelerator

Giganews Accelerator Review

The world's best Usenet provider Giganews has managed it once again to set another milestone by creating a software called Giganews Accelerator which uses header download compression to download the headers of the newsgroup up to 10 times faster. Header downloads are the most annoying part when it comes to using the Usenet. It sometimes takes longer to download the headers of a popular newsgroup than to download a 700 Megabytes file with my 16 Mbit connection.

eBay Lastminute Auctions

I think it has become incredible hard to find bargains these days on eBay and I reduced the time I spend on eBay a lot over the last two years. Actually, I'm only visiting eBay when I know what I'm looking for and can't find it at a local retailer or online shop. The Lastminute Auction service might make me spend more time again on eBay though. It lists auctions that are running out in an hour or less and have a maximum price of $1. Various categories like computer, business and books make it easy to navigate the website and find what you are looking for. It is also nice to just look around and see if you can find something interesting. a Meebo alternative

Like Meebo offers any users the possibility to connect to various instant messengers using a simple web interface. lets you connect to the following four popular instant messengers: AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Google Talk. The free service that offers is free and easy to use. Just enter your username and password and select the service that you want to log in to. It is possible to sign on into more than one account at a time. By using the Link Accounts feature you can link those accounts which would have the results that once you log into one account all other accounts will be available as well without logging into them separately.

querycat faq search

Querycat a FAQ Database

Frequently Asked Questions are a good way of reducing support inquiries at business sites or for reducing the tenth post about a similar topic in a popular forum. FAQ's are a great way of answering questions from users before they have been asked.The developers of Querycat decided to create a database of FAQ entries from all over the Internet and make it searchable at their homepage. They claim to have more than four million FAQ entries in their ever growing database.

Manipulating Digg is one of the most important social news sites on the Internet. It is not completely user driven but comes close to that. Every registered user may submit as many links to interesting articles and websites as he likes. Those links - with a title and short description - stay in the upcoming stories section for no more than 24 hours. Every user may also vote on as many links to stories as he likes which is seen as a indicator for a stories popularity. The more votes the more users voted in favor of the story.

Jumpcut online video editing and publishing

Most video editing programs are rather complex and it takes a while until one is able to work with the video editing software without the fear of doing something wrong or missing a crucial step in the editing process. This is a huge problem for amateurs who would like to cut a video that they created without having to learn a complex software. There is however a possibility for them. Jumpcut is a online video editing website that lets you upload videos from your computer and edit them online on their website.

Sync files between computers with Auto Ftp

I found the reference to Auto Ftp 2 at the Donation Coder blog. The free software can be used to copy or synchronize files between one local and multiple remote computers. You configure so called sessions in Auto Ftp 2 that have certain variables set such as local and remote path, the operations that should commence and the login details for the remote computer. Everything is looking pretty straight forward and I would like to explain only some of the options available.

Save Unlimited Websites as Images

There are several reasons why someone would want to save websites as images. I'm mainly thinking about saving them for documentation purposes such as presentations or for displaying changes in a website over time similar to what does with their snapshots of websites. The major advantage of Webswoon over other products that are capable of creating a screenshot of a website is that Webswoon may process an unlimited number of websites that have been added to the queue and that it is highly configurable.

NiN upload some of their songs to the Piratebay

NiN - Nine Inch Nails - added a new announcement on their website stating: "As a reward for stealing Year Zero, We've prepared the next batch of multitrack audio files for you to download". Beneath the announcement are links to three of their songs, Capital G, My Violent Heart and Me, I'm not in Garageband / Logic Format for the Macintosh and a generic format for other applications. The interesting aspect of the generic format is that the links are actually torrent files that point to the Piratebay.

Running a Bittorrent client from a web server

Running a Bittorrent client from a web server is a good way for sites like Jamendo to seed the torrents that they offer on their sites. This is also an excellent opportunity for authors of Open-Source and Freeware applications to cut their bandwidth costs by sharing the bandwidth with the users who are downloading the software. If you run a bittorent client from a web server you are plattform independent which means that you can access the client from every computer with Internet access - even from work or school to add new torrents to the queue, check the current downloads or administrate the client.

The rotating house - a geeks dream

I have seen lots of weird gadgets in the past but this one tops them all. A house that can be rotated by 360° around a central core that contains all the plumbing and connections to the house ? Sounds a little bit futuristic don't you think ? You could apparently rotate the house in correlation with the moving sun for instance. It is also nice to get a fresh view out of the window by simply rotating the house a little bit. Take a look at the pictures..

Never Publish your Phone Number on the Internet

Kids, let that be a lesson to all of you who are thinking about doing the same thing. A 20 year old unemployed man named Ryan Fitzgerald who is still living with his father had some time at his disposal and decided to help people who needed to talk to someone by publishing his phone number on the popular video portal Youtube. He received more than 5000 calls and text messages after uploading his video on Friday saying that he would be there for everyone who wanted to contact him.

Segatoys Homestar Home Planetarium

I should probably create a new category called Gadgets for Geeks or something like that for this Home Planetarium. It is a Japanese toy created by Segatoys. The device projects the night sky on the ceiling or a wall in your home. I know it is hard to imagine how this would look like but I guarantee you that it looks incredible if your room is darkened. Segatoys actually created several versions of the Home Planetarium which differ in functionality and price.

star wars character

Which Star Wars Personality are you?

I was very young when the first three Star Wars movies made their appearance in the cinemas of this world but was fascinated by the movies since then. This changed a little bit with the release of the last three movies which were a total disappointment in my opinion. Nevertheless I like Star Wars and everything that surrounds it. I'm not a die hard fan but someone who can watch the movies over and over again without getting bored.

how you say it

How to say it

If English is not your native language you might have encountered some words that you did not know how to pronounce correctly. How would you pronounce zealously or eligibility for instance if you never heard the words before ? Even in the English language family words are pronounced differently depending on the region of the speaker. A Scott pronounces word different than someone from San Francisco.

Youtube obeys fake takedown request

Youtube Sunday it seems. We all know that Youtube likes to cooperate with everyone who looks a bit like authority and takes down videos pretty fast. It does not always have to be copyright infringement, it can also be original works of art that some authorities like the Turkish or Thai government want removed from Youtube pressuring the site with a countrywide ban. (man I love the Turkish interpretation of Democracy and free speech)

Relakks makes a comeback

Relakks encrypts all traffic from your computer to the Internet by using a VPN connection which means that your real IP is not revealed on the Internet at all. The service had serious troubles in the beginning; users were unable to connect to Relakks at all, had slow connections and email support was terrible. Well, they apparently are making a comeback by emailing past users inviting them to freely test Relakks once again for seven days without charges.

I decided to try it out once again and was able to signup again with their service. You have to configure a new VPN connection in your operating system which is explained in the faq section of their website. Details are provided for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X. Even beginners should be able to create a VPN connection this way. You can now choose to automatically use Relakks whenever you connect to the Internet or manually activate the service, I decided to use it manually but it does not make a difference as long as the service is running.