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View Content of The Page cannot be displayed websites

Deleted websites is probably not the right catchy phrase that I should use. What I mean is that it happens sometimes that you find a search result in Google or follow a link from another website only to find out that nothing is found. Sometimes the information that has been could be essential. Fortunately for us there is a way to display the contents for most "The Page cannot be displayed" websites.

Receive Feed Updates in Skype, MSN, Google Talk or Email

Inezha is a new startup that offers a innovative way of receiving feed updates from your favorite websites. The feeds that you add to the service are delivered right to your Instant Messenger, Skype or Mail box which offers some practical uses. I have Skype enabled all the time usually which means it is more convenient to receive feed updates in Skype instead of opening Netvibes or Google Reader.


Create RSS Feeds for sites that have none

A reader was asking me how I managed to keep track of all those software releases and if I had a a special method that I would use. I do use several methods but one that is working very well and gives me an overview almost instantly is by RSS Feeds. Not all sites offer RSS feeds though but there is a way to create custom RSS feeds for those websites as well.

ZML is for movies what Allofmp3 was for music

The developers of the now defunct Allofmp3 website announced a new website called ZML - The Movie Library - that offers movies in three different versions for prices that will cause the concern of the MPAA. The lowest price for a full movie begins at $1.99 which is the version for iPods with a width of 320 pixels.

Transform Images into Vector Images

Using vector images has many advantages over using raster images. While raster images are based on pixels vector images are based on geometric figures which means that they can be scaled without making the image blurry or pixelated.

Six great Google Maps Mashups

Google Maps on its own is a wonderful application but mashups really make it one of a kind. Mashups are third party applications that use Google Maps and its API plus their own coding to create something new. I thought it would be nice to create a list of six great Google Maps mashups so that everyone who has not taken a closer look will have a good starting point and those who already know Google Maps and mashups might still find something they did not know about.

Fresh Up your Algebra Skills

I wish there were websites like Algebasics when I was in school, they would have been really helpful and supportive. Algebasics explains all things Algebra in a clean and understandable way. The sixteen main sections like The Basics, Linear Equations and Polynomials are all divided into several sheets that explain various concepts within the chapters.

detect yahoo messenger online status

Is your Yahoo buddy really offline?

Most Instant Messengers offer a function to hide your real status from your contacts and buddies by showing a faked offline status. People use it mainly to be able to work uninterrupted.

There is however a way to find out if your Yahoo contact or buddy is really offline or only faking that he is offline. It basically lets you detect if they use the invisible mode in Yahoo Messenger.

Create Foto Mosaics

You might have encountered foto mosaics before which show one picture that was build using many smaller pictures. I think that they look really nice if done correctly and with enough distinctive smaller pictures. One software that lets you create Foto Mosaics is called Foto Mosaik.

search mediafire

Search Mediafire for Files

I was specifically asked by a reader if it was possible to search Mediafire for files like videos, music and applications and you know I can't say no if one of my reader requests something. Mediafire is a file hosting site like Rapidshare and Megaupload with apparently no storage limitation and a file size limit of 100 Megabyte.

Solution for bug hunters

Not long ago, my system popped out a dialog saying "Error" in the title and offering two ways to go in form of two buttons below it - Yes and No. I was trying hard for a while to find out about the right answer but I never really did find it because I did not know what the error was all about. I suppose I've saved the world by choosing the right answer, the world didn't blow up after all... And now seriously :)

Matt Cutts confirms Google Punishment

The blogosphere was going crazy last week with rumors about the sudden Pagerank drops of several authority sites like Problogger or The Washington Post. Soon enough lots of theories made the round which ranged from being punished because of selling links to being in a blog network that would list all of its sites in the sidebar.

Looking for Animated Gifs? Try Giftube

There are two types of clones of successful website concepts on the web. The first copies the concept and publishes a similar website under a different name, the second copies part of the name and the concept over to another area. Giftube is trying the latter by being the 'Youtube' for Gifs, that is small animated graphics.

Yahoo Search Assist

Even if you do use Yahoo search regularly you might have missed the Yahoo Search Assist feature. To be honest, i had no desire to use Yahoo as a search engine until the recent actions of Google made me change my mind. Ankit, who recently commented on my blog wrote an interesting article about Yahoo Search Assist and I decided to give it a go.

Disable the Feedburner Redirect

Feedburner displayed a redirection link to my article instead of the direct link to the article on my blog. In case you are wondering: Feedburner is a service that blog owners can use to distribute their feed, get statistics and ensure maximum compatibility with most feedreaders out there.

flickr related tags browser

A great way to search Flickr

The so called Flickr Related Tag Browser offers an interesting and comfortable way to search Flickr using tags. The user enters a tag of his choice and the website compiles the relevant information and pictures from Flickr. 25 of the pictures are shown as tiny thumbnails which increase in size if the user moves the mouse over any of them.

Great Firewall of China test

Check if your website or feed is blocked in China

Some countries on earth are trying their best to keep their citizens from accessing the Internet freely out of fear that ideas of freedom and liberty would spread like wildfire throughout the country. China, notorious for blocking websites has started to realize that its citizens were able to read all those forbidden writings by simply accessing the feeds of those websites.

Send Text Messages to the Future

Textmemos is a service that lets the user type in text messages that he wants to have delivered at a certain date and time. All that needs to be done is to enter the cell phone number, the cell phone provider, the date, time and of course the message. As of now 38 different cell phone providers are supported by Textmemos most operating in the United States and Canada with only a handful European ones.