Free Software reviews

Browsing History

Almost every web browser is storing browsing history information by default. This includes opened websites, downloaded files, form data or bookmarks that have been saved. All of these information can be used […]

Is Your PC Capable of Playing Blu-Ray Movies?

Practically any modern computer with an optical disc drive is capable of playing DVD movies. But what about Blu-Ray movies? The playback of high definition video formats require more processing power and […]

Video Converter

Windows users definitely do not have a shortage of video converters at their disposal. That's great on the one hand but it could make the selection process difficulty. The video converter applications […]

35 New Donation Coder Applications

New Apps for the New Year (NANY) is the motto of the Nany Challenge over at Donation Coder. It's already the second year of the challenge and lots of new software programs […]

Aero Peek For XP And Vista

Aero Peek is one of the new features that gets introduced in the new Microsoft operating system Windows 7 that is poised to come out later this year. Aero Peek actually refers […]

Resize Windows

Windows can be resized with the mouse, why would anyone need a software program to perform the operation? That's probably the first question that comes to mind when looking at Move Me, […]

index.dat analyzer


A recent analysis of index.dat files on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 test system revealed hundreds of entries. Index.dat files are hidden files that contain information about visited urls, cookies and […]

Panic Button

A Panic Button or Boss Key is a software program that will hide certain visible elements on the computer screen when it is pressed. The software applications usually hide windows and programs […]

Windows 7 Like Taskbar In Windows XP

You may have heard about the improvements that Microsoft has made to the taskbar in the Windows 7 operating system. The company has improved it quite a bit which in turn changes […]

Google's Browser Security Handbook

Google has publicly released a Browser Security Handbook on Google Code. The handbook "is meant to provide web application developers, browser engineers, and information security researchers with a one-stop reference to key […]

Disk Space Analyzer

Free Disk Analyzer is a free software program for computers running Microsoft Windows that will display information about the computer's storage devices. The interface looks like a pretty Windows Explorer clone concentrating […]

Windows Task Manager Extension

While the Windows Task Manager does provide basic information about the performance of a computer system it fails short in numerous ways. Essential data like Windows services or open connections in the […]

Free Calendars To Print

Why buy a calendar for $10 or more if you can get free calendars to print out online? A search for free calendars to print displays lots of websites that offer free […]

private browsing mode

Private Browsing Not So Private After All

The last year or so has been filled with announcements about private browsing, a new option implemented in modern web browsers to improve the privacy of users that are browsing the Internet. […]

Windows Startup Speed Benchmark

The startup speed of an operating system usually receives more attention than it deserves. Only a few users are booting their systems more than a few times per day while most users […]

Vista Services Optimizer

Vista Services Optimizer is a free Windows Vista software program for computers running the Microsoft Vista operating system. It can be used to diagnose and tune the Services configuration of the system […]

Reminder Software

There are basically three ways to keep track of events in the future. Some people are able to keep track of everything in their head while others rely on conventional or electronic […]

Avi Fixer

It happens from time to time that avi video files are corrupted. This is usually noticed during playback. Some problems that can occur are freezing or distorted images which is usually caused […]