Free Software reviews


Free Wallpaper Changer

I found the freeware wallpaper changer at one tip a day a great blog that posts a useful tip every day. The wallpaper changer changes the current wallpaper in an interval between 15 minutes and 24 hours. It already has six nice wallpapers to in an album and it is easy to add new ones to it. You do not have to configure the program at all, just add some more wallpapers, delete some and set the interval, that is all.

Manage your Tasks with Task Coach

The older I grow the more I have to rely on notes to remember due tasks. It is not that bad at the moment but I do seem to forget tasks more often than a few years back. A software like Task Coach comes in handy to aid me and everyone else who needs to write down certain tasks to remember them. Task Coach can be used as simple reminder of tasks to come (birthdays, events) or for business projects adding budgets and start, due and completion dates.


Beautify your desktop icons

It does not make much sense to have the prettiest background image if it is cluttered with shortcuts and other icons, especially the way windows handles them. Shortcuts come with an arrow in the icons and the background text that is displayed beneath the icons is not transparent. We are going to change this with a few short fixes.

steganos locknote

Steganos Locknote standalone text encrypter

Most solutions that encrypt files require the installation of encryption software which has to be started again if you want to decrypt the encrypted files. A quick and easy way to encrypt text files would be to use the free Steganos Locknote program which encrypts text files using the 256 AES algorithm.

file menu tools

Change Right-Click Options with FileMenu Tools

Windows reacts in a predefined way if you right-click a folder, file or blank space. It offers all kinds of actions such as Open, Delete, Add to archive and Send to which is a convenient way but I sometimes have the feeling that some commands are missing in that dialog. The freeware FileMenu Tools makes it easy to add new entries to the file menu by offering a set of predefined actions that can be enabled with a mouse click.

canto pod

Add Lyrics to your iPod

Would not it be nice to have lyrics for every song on your iPod to be able to sing along or look up some lines which were hard to understand. Canto Pod is a freeware application for Windows that makes it easy to add lyrics to most songs that you have on your iPod.

Donation Coder Nany Challenge

More than twenty applications have been released at the N.A.N.Y. Challenge website of donation coders. New Applications for a New Year is a collection of more than 20 freeware applications that do all kinds of useful things. I decided to list every application that was released and write a short paragraph about them to give you the perfect overview of everything that is available.

Art Rage play with paint

If you ever wanted to paint again the way you did when you were in Kindergarten then Art Rage is the right program for you. The free version is limited but sufficient for everyone who just wants to play around. I think it would especially be a very nice application for kids because they surely will enjoy the ease of use and ways of painting that art rage offers to them.

Stellarium your own free planetarium

Men has been looking to the stars from the beginning of the world and this tradition is still visible in our modern world, although for slightly changed reasons. After the download of Stellarium finishes (Windows, Mac and Linux version available) you may startup the application to take a first look at the stars. I took a look from Paris, not sure if this is the default for everyone though. The name of the stars that I was able to spot were shown in the 360° landscape.

Software for Starving Students

The name of this software distribution is probably a little bit out of line but the purpose is not. The goal is to reduce software costs for students but the compilation is also attractive to everyone else. The website offers a version of this distribution for Windows computers and for Macs. You may download it using the preferred method bittorrent to ease the load on the servers and reduce bandwidth costs.

Skype 3.0 final has been released

A new version of the communications suite Skype has been released today. Just head over to the Skype homepage and download the version for your operating system. Skype 3.0 introduces some new features and bugfixes, please take a look at the release notes if you are curious about them. The interface has seen some slight changes and some new features like public chat have been introduced.

video cache view

Extract Flash Files from Browser Cache

Whenever I want to save a flash file, like a game or animation that I have been playing / watching, I have to go to the cache folder of Firefox and search for a file with the right extension and size. This is a lot of work if you have either a large cache or want to extract many flash files at once.

The Sage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

I'm very happy about the fact that Firefox 2.0 has a build in (English) dictionary which helps me correct most of the mistakes I make while writing articles here at ghacks. The build in dictionary is great but lacks certain features and that is why I went on a hunt for a better dictionary. Look what I found in my net today: The Sage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus.

rocket dock

Rocketdock review

Did you ever want an shortcut bar for programs you tend to use allot?
There are a few different programs that do this, and rocketdock is one of them.

sharepod copy songs ipod

Copy songs from and to your ipod without itunes

I do love my iPod Nano. I carry it around all the time and listen to music when I go to work or visit friends. Sometimes I have some nice new tunes on my iPod and would love to copy them to my friends computer. (or a secondary computer that I own, notebook for instance) My friend has to install iTunes or a similar software that is able to recognize the songs on the iPod and copy them from the device.

test disk

Testdisk - A Free Data Recovery CD

Ever encountered a problem on your computer that made it impossible to access a partition or complete hard drive ? Or something that erased your Master Boot Record which meant that you were not able to boot your operating system as usual ? Something like this could happen if you try to install a new operating system to dual boot both systems for example. If you do not know what caused this and do not know tools that can fix this your only option is to install the operating system again.

Create your own Flipbooks from Avi files

Donationcoder - do you know the website ? Mouser is a regular here at ghacks and I had the pleasure to test some of his excellent applications before. Flipbook Printer is another great idea especially for birthdays, the holiday season or other occurrences where kids are around. It makes it possible to create flipbooks from avi files and is easy to manage.

cover retriever

Free Album Art Cover Downloader

Many portable media players and software players support album cover art which is displayed when a song is played from within the player. Most players unfortunately do not have a feature that automatically searches for and downloads album cover art for the album s that you have stored on your computer. One of the tools that can help you if you like to have album cover art displayed is Album Cover Art Downloader.