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extract icons

Extract Icons from Applications

The question on how to keep an icon from a previous application came up in my article about Imagine, a nice fast image viewer and a reader suggested the Nirsoft software Icons Extract to grab the icon from the old program and put it in a place where you can use it for the new application as well.

repair autoplay

Autoplay Cleanup and Removal

When you right-click a CD, DVD or removable drive and select Properties from the menu you find a Autoplay tab there that displays applications for certain media that are put into the drive. An action like playing or opening can be selected or that the user will be prompted every time a media of that type is inserted.

fast image viewer imagine

Imagine a fast image viewer

Just when I thought I tried them all I find another promising image viewer called Imagine deeply hidden on the Internet. Imagine is a fast image viewer, it opens and displays images faster than any image viewer that I have tested so far, at least that's my personal opinion on the matter.

thinking rock

ThinkingRock - Desktop GTD

When it comes to GTD I'm pretty picky about what I use. I do enjoy the simplicity of online applications like Simple GTD, but if I have a lot of very elaborate […]

Test Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium for 6 months

Giveaways, more giveaways and even more giveaways. Seems we can expect more free software giveaways this year. It's Avira again with a promotion to test the AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium for six months with no obligations whatsoever. All you have to do is fill out a small form and they will send you a working serial number that is valid for the next six months.

Download songs with ourTunes

I guess ourTunes is a very popular application in Universities and IT departments. It basically lets you download songs from other peoples iTunes if they are in the same network and share their itunes library. I'm not in a network and don't use iTunes at all so I can't test how effective this method is compared to using ftp, network browsing or local copies but I guess some will like it because it is easy to use.

knot desktop notes

Knot Desktop Notes

I'm looking for a software that offers an easy way to write down notes on my desktop. I do not need a fancy tool with lots of options, just something basic that is available immediately. I used to write down notes in text documents but my desktop soon got cluttered with lots of text documents containing notes and it was obviously not the perfect method.

procx process manager

What is connecting to the Internet

If you want to find out which programs have established an Internet connection on your system you can use the software Procx for that. Procx is a process and module manager much […]


WinLibre, your open source software library

I was thinking on rounding up some of the net's best freeware apps and putting them into one easily installable pack. As these things go, it seems like some clever people have […]

revo uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller Program Uninstaller

A new version of Revo Uninstaller was released this week and I decided to install it again to check on the progress of the application. Revo Uninstaller is a program uninstaller that has several interesting features that I mentioned only briefly in my last article which was published a while ago. It's main task is a replacement for the Windows uninstaller which is slow and careless when it comes to uninstalling applications.

xp desktop icons

Small Desktop Icons

Windows has no option to change the large desktop icons to small ones like the option that is available for folder icons. I was searching for a software called SetShellView which a friend recommended and I found out that this software was only working in Windows 2000. It allowed the user to change the large desktop icons to small icons and even to list views.

multimon taskbar screenshot

Multi-monitor Taskbar

I think we can all agree on the fact that multi-monitor support in Windows is not what it could be and that Microsoft does not seem to put lots of efforts into changing this status any time soon. We have to rely on third party tools to add the functions and features that we demand from a multi-monitor environment and Multi-monitor taskbar is one of those applications.


Akelpad a lightweight Notepad alternative

Notepad is fast and that is probably the only good thing that I can say about the software that ships with Windows. It has a file size limitation and a lot of other limitations as well. Many users prefer to use so called Notepad replacements that do not have the limitations and I would like to introduce one that is called Akelpad.

apache server

Install Wikipedia Locally

I theoretically mentioned the fact that it was possible, and in fact quite easy, to install Wikipedia locally which has several advantages but also one disadvantage. Advantages should be clear; You do not need a net connection to access the Wikipedia contents, you can distribute the solution to as many computers as you want and you can make it available in a local area network.

panorma screensaver

Panaroma Screensavers

WPanorama is a standalone program and screensaver that is able to display (scrolling) panoramas on your computer screen. The images scroll either horizontally or display several images if orientated vertically. Using the software is not complicated at all. Just download and install it and run it afterwards.

bandwidth monitor

Bandwidth Monitor

Not every user has the luxury of a Internet flatrate and I personally know a few who are still using time or data related accounts. I experienced this as well when I used my mobile phone to connect to the Internet during a holiday. Every byte counts sometimes and it is always a good idea to monitor the bandwidth that you are using in that time.

music collection

Music Info displays statistical information about your music collection

If you want a breakdown of the music that you favor you can use a software called WTF!? Music Info which analyzes a directory that contains music and displays a chart sorting the music by genre, artist or year. The application was designed for the Donation Coder Nany 2008 challenge and you can find additional software on the official website.

CBR Files

I recently came across a download that included several cbr files and I had to put my memory to the test to remember how I would be able to view them. CBR files are Comic Book Archive files that also come as cbz and cbt files. They are actually archives, like rar, zip or tar, that have been renamed to cbr. This has the advantage that a comic book can be distributed in one file that includes all the pages as images.