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Launchy 2.0

One of the most popular application launchers for Windows has been updated to version 2 yesterday and I think that this is an appropriate moment to see what has changed since my first review of Launchy which dates way back. First time users of Launchy who happen to not read the instructions might be a bit puzzled at first because even though Launchy is started after installing it it is not visible on the system.

file renamer

PFrank File Renamer

I have been looking for a flexible file rename for a very long time. I found some, tested some, wrote articles about them here at Ghacks but was never really satisfied. This has changed with the discovery of PFrank File Renamer. Stupid name ? Yes for sure although PFrank is an acronym for Peter's Flexible Renaming Kit.

windows hosts file

HostsMan: A Windows Hosts Manager

The Windows hosts file is one of the major files on the system that malicious scripts, trojans and spyware programs use to manipulate the host system to redirect website or IP requests. It could be used for instance to redirect the website of Google, Ebay or Amazon to a different server while the correct url would still be visible in the address bar.

let me type

Autocomplete for all applications

Autocomplete is being used in many browsers to offer the user suggestions of what he is going to type into the box giving him the opportunity to select one of the suggestions without having to type the full address. Mobile Phones have a similar function that suggests words when the users begins typing them in when writing a SMS for instance.

ebook to images

Convert eBooks into Images

Ebooks are normally supplied as txt, pdf, htm or lit documents that most mp3 players can't read by default. Most of the mp3 players however have the ability to display images as long as they are in the correct size. This is the principle that eBook to Images uses to create images from eBooks that can then be read in mp3 players.

pc helpware creation

Late-Night Remoting

Maybe some of you guys know that feeling: You've just come home after a long stressful day at work looking forward to an enjoyable evening of watching TV or reading the latest news on gHacks. But as soon as you switched on your TV/Computer, your phone rings. It is your sister (mother in law, father) and you remember the promise - that you gave in a moment of feeble-minded weakness - that you would help if they would face difficulties with their computer. This leaves you with two options: Tell them you aren't in the mood, which might come back to haunt you on the next family day, or give in to a extended session of "what's wrong with it?" on the phone.

3d screensaver

3D Screensaver with your pictures

My Pictures 3D is a 3D screensaver that offers virtual tours through different environments such as castles, exhibitions and a space station showing pictures that you have selected on the walls. This means that you can create a very unique screensaver by adding pictures of the last holiday or family meeting for instance which are then shown while walking through the halls.

blowfish advanced

Blowfish Advanced File Encryption and Security Tool

Blowfish Advanced manages to provide the user with several security and encryption features that I have not seen before in one utility. The first purpose of Blowfish Advanced is to encrypt - and decrypt - files offering eight different encryption algorithms, three data compression algorithms and keys with a length of up to 1024 bit.

microsoft word startup parameters

Microsoft Word Startup Parameters

Did you know that all editions of Microsoft Word support several startup parameters that can be helpful in more than one occasion? The easiest way to start Word with parameters would be to create a shortcut of the winword.exe, right-click the shortcut and select Properties from the menu and append the switches at the end of the Target line.

Read any ebook on your iPod

If you love to read but don't like taking millions of things with you you will be quite delighted to know that you can take your books with you on your iPod. […]

restore desktop icons

Restore Desktop Icons

Windows XP does not save the location of the icons on your desktop which means that a resolution change will change the location of the icons on your desktop as well, the bad thing about this is that Windows offers no way to restore desktop icons. That means that icon positions change whenever you install new drivers for your video card.


Easiest way to type accents

Keyboards have limited space and offer only a certain number of accents that can be typed normally. Those are normally the accents that are used in the country where that keyboard has been sold, all other accents however are not that easily accessible and users have to use keyboard shortcuts to write down those letters.

slipstream service pack 2

Building an USB Rescue Stick for Windows XP Part 2

This is the second part of the article that explains how to build an USB Rescue Stick for Windows XP. The first dealt with all the preparations while this one will deal with the creation of the bootable USB stick and the configuration of it.

analyze Eula

EULA Analyzer

Do you read EULAs thoroughly every time before you accept the End User License Agreement or do you just scroll down to the bottom and click on accept without reading the agreement before ? I do the latter most of the time mostly because I do not have the time to read through it and probably not the knowledge of the terms used in the EULA which would lead to more investigation on my part.

restore accidentially closed programs

Open accidentally closed programs again

I think it happens to everyone every now and then. We try to close an application and another one pops up in that moment and we accidentally close this one that we did not want to close at all. This meant that we had to open this program again while clenching our fists to trying not to cry out loud about this goddamn incident.

internet explorer password

Reveal Passwords behind asterisks in Internet Explorer

What was the password again for that website ? I bet you have asked that question numerous times, I know that I did. I'm not that good at remembering passwords and it happens that one slips under the radar and I have troubles remembering it. This is not such a huge problem in Firefox with its Password Manager that reveals all passwords that you have saved before but it could be on in Internet Explorer.

docx document

Ways to open Office .docx documents

How do I open .docx files was an article that I wrote some time ago. It explained how users that did not use Microsoft Office 2007 were able to open .docx documents that they downloaded or received from users who were using Office 2007. Some time has passed since writing the initial article and I thought it would be nice to take a look at more methods and programs that let users open. docx documents.

anti malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

If you ask computer users about the anti-spyware software that they have installed to protect their system they will most likely name Spybot Search and Destroy or Ad-Aware. Those are the most commonly used anti-spyware programs. Some would probably name Windows Defender from Microsoft or Spyware Terminator or some commercial products.