Free Software reviews


Print Multiple Document Types at once

Print Conductor is a small software for Microsoft Windows that can print multiple documents in a batch process which is invaluable if you happen to work with a lot of different file times throughout the day. The tool supports 16 file types including pdf, doc, txt, xls, ppt and dwg which means that probably the most common file extensions in offices are supported.

Type Text with your Mouse to increase security

Keyloggers record anything that you type and where you type it on your PC in a log and transfer those logs to the person - better thief - who did install the keylogger on your computer. He can then find out all the urls you visited, the passwords that you entered on those websites and what you did there as well.

Display Notebook Battery Status

I find it hard to tell how much time I have left to work with my notebook when running on battery and always thought it would be nice to have an application that would display the notebook battery status somewhere on screen. BattStatt is a small software that displays the battery status in the system tray when hovering over the icon.

textmaker viewer

Document viewers: one to rule 'em all

Now seriously. Have you ever received a document (a clean one) with an extension you never heard of and didn't even know what application you were supposed to use to open it? That's not a problem any more due to applications and online services that can understand varied file formats and display the contents of those files for you. Of course, you can't edit such files with viewers because their only purpose is to display the contents of the document. But hey, better that nothing, ain't it...

Tiny secure IRC client Talkative IRC

I have been using IRC quite a lot a few years ago and even then thought that software like MIRC was not ideal for beginners. It was not that easy to setup and had the charm of a Windows 95 application written all over it. I did switch to Chatzilla eventually which offered IRC access in Firefox which was great for a quick connect to IRC.

font frenzy

Become a master of fonts

Stuffing your system with tons of fancy fonts may not be the best idea because, as you probably know, the number of installed fonts can rapidly change the speed at which your system loads. Your system may have become slower without you even knowing it because many applications do install their own fonts that they (do not) need which adds to the size of your fonts folder.

Use Returnil to create a Virtual System in Memory

One of the latest security trends is to use virtual systems to protect the computer from harm. The benefit of those systems is that changes are only temporary and undone after the next reboot which means that you always start with a fresh system. Most users do not want to use virtual systems because they seem complicated to setup and maintain.

Send Print jobs over the Internet

I do not like printers that much, they always seem to run out of ink, have paper problems or do not react when needed. Setting up a printer in a local area network can be frustrating as well but this could be - thanks to Printer Anywhere - a thing of the past. Printer Anywhere makes it easy to send a print job to another computer that is also running Printer Anywhere.

Prevent that unknown executables are started on Windows

Windows does not offer a way to prevent users from accessing executable files. While NTFS does offer a rights-system it is only valid of NTFS hard drives and does not come into effect if a user plugs in a USB drive, CD or floppy disk. Most computers get infected nowadays by executing email attachments followed by file downloads and Windows security holes.

check disk

Replace Scan Disk with Check Disk

Scan Disk is the Windows tool that scans a hard drive for errors and bad sectors. The software is not really comfortable to use, it is for instance not possible to make the tool scan all hard drives at once. Check Disk is a Scan Disk replacement that offers a more comfortable way of checking your hard drives for errors.

Create Folder Drives

When you open My Computer you see floppy disk drives, hard drives and DVD drives. Lots of space is wasted in that window and you have to click several times to reach the location that you wanted to. If you do have folders on your hard drives that you use over and over again you might want to consider creating folder drives which would make them appear as drives in My Computer.

export to pdf office

Use Microsoft Word to save PDF Documents

Microsoft has introduced so called add-ins in Microsoft Office and Word which are first-party or third-party applications that extend the functionality of the software. One add-in in particular is being a great asset for me personally, it is called the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS and works with eight Office programs including Microsoft Word 2007 and Excel 2007.

Visualize Wlans on a Map

Wlandscape is a Java application that displays the Wlans in a specified area on a street map making it so much easier to identify possible hotspots that can be used to access the Internet. The software needs some batch file editing before it can be used, nothing serious though.

Thumbwin: minimize windows to thumbnails

Thumbwin was mentioned by a few readers in my Bring Order to your Desktop and Taskbar article which described a software called Minimize which allowed the user to display minimized windows as thumbnails. Thumbwin is apparently a software of choice for some of my readers and that is good enough for me to take a look at it and review it here at Ghacks.

Bring Order to your Desktop and Taskbar

Every window that gets minimized is placed in the taskbar which holds a limited amount of windows and starts to group windows of the same process together to save space. MiniMize is a software that brings order into that chaos. Instead of minimizing windows to the taskbar it displays them as thumbnails on your desktop.

Resizing images with seam carving technology

Rruben send me a link to an interesting software called Resizor which is an image resizer that utilizes the newly introduced seam carving technology to create impressive results. Instead of modifying the dimensions the same percentage throughout the image it analyzes areas that are less important and removes or adds to those with priority.

mouse windows customization

Configure Window and Mouse behavior with Pitaschio

I seldom come upon a software that is small and packed with so many useful features that should have been integrated in Windows in the first place. What I really do not understand is that Microsoft does not seem to look at those applications and put the most thought after functionality into their next Windows.

Create Global Folder Bookmarks

This is going to blow you away. What do you normally do when you save a file or want to open a file in a specific folder on your hard drive ? You click your way through the folder structure of your operating system until you finally reach the desired folder. This is a thing of the past because we can use bookmarked folders to reach those folders instantly.